Undercover Boss

Season 4 Episode 3

Cinnabon Inc.

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2012 on CBS

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  • Disappointed in Alabama

    While I love undercover boss, I was so disappointed that the single black woman named "Moka" only got $10,000 towards her 3 daughters education, whereas the married white grandmother named "Linda" got $10,000 with every $1.00 added by Linda to be doubly matched by Kat Cole was a little unfair. Then there's Miquel who gets a whole franchise for free???? Cinnabon, yall dropped the ball on this one and I'm disapointed. That sent a message that I'm not sure you meant to send. I'm just saying.
  • Cinnabon in Virginia.

    The beautiful black woman named "Moka" is gorgeous. She's the one with the three daughters working for Cinnabon in Virginia. I wanna meet her. She is so beautiful, attractive, and gorgeous you just don't know. If you guys who are reading this, tell the CEO of Cinnabon that DJ Scorpio that's me. A mixtape DJ and CEO of DJS Records/Island Def Jam France wants to meet and greet Moka from Virginia. OMG Moka is so gorgeous on TV! Please CBS pass this to the CEO of Cinnabon. Thank you. Peace. And God bless you.

    DJ Scorpio

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Cinnabon

    I have been a fan of undercover boss since the very first episode. But not until the Cinnabon episode did I feel the urge to sit down and leave my thoughts. It was when Kat Cole said something about figureing out a way to get the damaged items to someone that was in need. I have often wondered why companys make a policy of throwing things away when there are so many needy and hungry people. Most of whom would not care if the box was mashed. I appauld you Miss Cole for mentioning that on your show and I pray that many more companys in the food service take your lead.. YOU ROCK...