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how would I suggest ...

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    [1]Nov 2, 2012
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    How would I go about suggesting undercover boss for the company I work for we are a huge company across America and internationly I work for tj maxx in phoenix az and I believe in your show I would like for the ceo to come wrk what we wrk watch how managment treats us wich is kinda poorly for all the work that me and my fellow coworkers do if you can reply back to my email wich is mamitabby@gmail.com I appreciate your time and have wonderful holidays and god bless


    Tabbatha Olson

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    As an editor, and since you're posting in Ask the Editors, my answer would be to:

    a) post in the Undercover Boss forum.

    b) contact CBS. TV.com is merely a subsidiary of CBS and CNET.

    c) PM a staff member like etong87, as there is no editor here (other than maybe the Undercover Boss editor) who can answer your question.
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