Undercover Boss

Season 5 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2013 on CBS

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  • Worst boss on the show, will boycott that brand.

    Worst boss I've seen on this show. He doesn't care about his employees he just wanted to spy on them. He gave them cash because every other boss does.

    He's lazy and clearly didn't want to work, he just wanted to be on TV. His attitude was horrible (nothing to do with him being gay).

    As the other reviewer put it, the way he treated the 2nd employee was so disgraceful, he threw his little tantrum, that was so pathetic. He probably doesn't know what lupus is and how serious it is, he doesn't seem very smart. She was the one with the most needs yet he gave her the least (and he seemed "forced" to give her a little something).

    Will never shop at Loehmann's anymore.

    I watched as this CEO went undercover in Loehmann's and at first i felt he was right on the track with his thoughts & comments. Then he is sent to Washington, DC, where he has to work with a supervisor named, Right in the beginning, he says that he was at that store a year before and worked in the store & he DIDN'T want to hear nothing negative from anyone in that store. I believe he knew there were problems before he went in, so Keisha was screwed before she started. Yes she rushed the lack of training, but i see that all the time on this show. Where the CEO can't cut it and do what it takes, right away. I also felt he was EXTREMELY INSENSITIVE to her medical needs. It's not easy working in pain, with kidney failure. Also, knowing that you're dying with "Lupus!" Maybe,that was why she was rushing, yet trying to be her "BEST" for the cameras. Then when he gave her $10,000, i thought ok, maybe he cared a little. Then, he gave another employee, $100,000, just because they made a bad financial investment, that rocked the boat for me and i felt sad for Keisha. I live with a disease everyday, but not able to work. She has to work to take care of her family & medical bills, & burial. Loehmann's does not provide sick time. I REFUSE TO SHOP THERE NOW! Double standard that we see in this country. The elderly and the sick, and this is another example. Henry had his defensives up when he walked into that store!