Undercover Boss

Season 4 Episode 14

Retro Fitness

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2013 on CBS

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  • Worse Employee Ever! But the worse was the statement at show's end that she's working caring for the elderly! YIKES!

    Don't remember the second girl's name that the CEO worked undercover with but she had one of those awful, abusive personalities with just incredibly nasty behaviour to everyone exacerbated by an "I'm never wrong" attitude. And even with her being shown footage of her awful behaviour she had the nerve to tell the franchise owner that what was being said about her by the CEO wasn't true!! She was such a narcissist that she can't accept her own lousy behaviour so won't ever be able to correct it. (At least that nasty bozo in the Boston Market Rest. episode knew what a creep he'd been and seemed to show some remorse for his behaviour and

    But the absolute worse news was to see during the synopsis at the end of the show that this awful person is now working at a care facility for the elderly where you know she will be all kinds of abusive to people, many of whom may not even be able to tell anyone due to the effects of strokes or Alzheimer's Disease! I hope that company is approached by Undercover Boss so they can do a follow up edition focusing on that nasty human being! This time maybe they can get her a prison sentence cause I am sure she will be doing the kinds of things to those poor seniors that will warrant prison time!! If nothing else, I sure hope whoever runs that senior care center saw this episode of Undercover Boss and recognizes this employee and thus keeps an eye on her!!