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  • Philly Pretzel Factory

    I recorded the episode about the Philly Pretzel Factory. I think that CEO was the MOST generous Boss out of all of them that I have seen. He truly changed the people's lives.

    What a wonderful company and person!
  • Wow...it's about time the CEO's of the world find out what it's like on the front lines of their companies!!

    I've watched several episodes now and I'm so happy to see the CEO's of major companies learning what it's like as an everyday employee of their company. It's tough for us hourly employees to put our best foot forward everyday for companies that implement terms like cutbacks and down-sizing on regular basis. We are expected to take on more responsibilities and tasks all the time without being rewarded for it. Sometime we feel that the CEO's don't care about us and treat us as expendable commodities. For an example: I have been a waiter/bartender in the hospitality industry in Florida for 15 years now and have only gotten a raise when the state raises the minimum hourly rate, which isn't as often as the standard of living gets raised. Also, forget medical benefits. I have yet to work for a restaurant that cares enough about the welfare of its employees to offer any health benefits. We in the hospitality industry here in Florida make up 80% of Florida's job market and yet, I haven't been able to afford to see a doctor or dentist in over a decade. Things definitely need to change and this show is at the least starting to open the eyes of the CEO millionaires.
  • Every Boss should become an Undercover Boss!

    Although I've had a few reservations about this show, as far as the set up, and follow through, I do enjoy watching.

    Why I like this show:

    1. It is fun to get a brief behind the scenes look at companies / businesses most of us probably take for granted.

    2. Seeing a bigwig, go through the paces of a "regular" day to day job can be quite entertaining.

    3. It is nice, hearing a boss express appreciation for his/her employees and seeing average people rewarded in some (usually meaningful) way for the work that they do, everyday.

    What I hope is that the companies that participate, truly work towards bettering the work conditions of their employees, and follow through on the promises they make.
  • Would you give your life history to a stranger

    This show is SO fake. I don't know anyone who would open up there life and circumstances to a total stranger and new employee. It's SO OBVIOUS. Give it up. I would rate it a 0 but this site doesn't offer that option.

  • What?

    My opinion is that there is no Boss going to give some jackleg min. wager $30000.00 or a trip to an amusement park. Whats up with this fake unreal show?
  • Reality TV That Leaves You Feeling Good & Hopeful!

    So many reality shows are just fluff, anger & silliness. This show was not at all what I was expecting,

    Just another reality show. This show teaches so many things, among them humbleness, thankfulness,

    tears of joy & hope for the future! It is such a good show, that each episode leaves me thinking, that episode was my favorite, until you watch the next episode, Then I'm saying,Maybe that's my favorite? I've come to the conclusion that the whole show is, My Favorite. Watch a couple episodes & I'm thinking it will be your favorite too!
  • Gee, what matters now? How about health care companies, like the monster Dialysis company, FMC?

    Nomination for Ron Kuerbitz, Chief Executive Officer Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA)

    Look at and consider a show in Shelby Township, Michigan...

    Terrible cooperate office/upper management

    Clinical Manager/Director of Nursing (Former Employee), manyland June 6, 2013

    Cons: nurses, and managers are not getting their breaks. unsafe working conditions.

    This is the leading Dialysis company. As we all know with bundle and condition of coverage, many policies had changed to correlate the condition of coverage. Upper management and cooperate office they fail to understand that patient population life expectancy has changed too. That have been said, it means our nurses on the clinical area, are seeing patients who are older, sicker and have multiple co-morbid conditions than ever before. People who are in upper management when held low position long time ago, this were very different. Patient education was not reinforced as it is today, no epogen was given, no foot checks, patients assessment pre and post were different, kt/v, hgb , Bicarb, missed tx,pt's death,ect . Nurses did not use there stethoscope to evaluate patients. Many changes have take place, and many rules have been reinforced since the condition of coverage. State need to look into a nurse patient ratio for dialysis nurses. With today economy MBA's are using nurses and technician to work on unsafe conditions, and expect the best results. Less work was done for the safe amount of time, where now their are so many tasks involved with less time and more stress. The company does not care about how the work is done. As far as it is done... TAP... I understand productivity is the major part of today economy, however nurses can not do what they are asked to do on the time they taking care of very sick patients. TAP for state who have the ratio of 5:1, 4:1, and 3:1 is the same... how crazy is that. Cooperate office is aware of this, and the answer is," you guys who are doing 3:1 ratio, you have set up for a failure before you turn the light on in am to start up your this is one of TAP people in cooperate office lectures. Something has to give, which is patient care... which the company pretend to care about. It will be nice for cooperate to listen to the employee's who are working on the front line, or make a visit to different clinics to see how the work is safely done. Try to have undercover boss to see how clinical area unsafely run, or how managers, SW, RD, Technicians, are running with their heads cut off... Clinical documentation is poor/missed, or omitted because of rushing to complete the task and get out of the clock. What is happen Every week there is a new task to be completed... Web they fail to understand is patient care is in jeopardy... Company making enough profits to make changes to create safe working conditions. less

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    Tanika June 13, 2013

    This is Wordy the read! Glad to see a CM comment that truly understands what RNs do on the front lines in the facility!! Can't believe any CM with morals would want to stay with this company. I could never be a CM with this work people like dogs and don't care about their Unto Others! Keep this in mind as you are reading this to set the tone: Our unit has 90ish some patients total with no charge RN, high acuity of lot of w/c patients w/lots of co-morbids. 24 stations (first large unit=poor, rushed care), two full shifts, M-Sat clinic, starting time 6 am to 3:30 to 4 pm. Sometimes if we are "down in patients" our CM makes us decide which RN goes home of the outstanding work there is to do. There is always work left for the next day, so the RN starting out the next day is already behind the 8-ball because she not only has to finish up the work from the previous day but try to address the issues on her shift also. Two RNs work daily on the floor. We do a third check on all the patients . goals, Rx, bath, pass meds, pass protein supplements because they won't let the PCTs administer them, address acute problems with pts (and this may be quick or time-consuming), then sit down at ecube to check orders, lab alerts, update med checks and this is done monthly (in which our Medical Director always complains aren't done, but we can only be as good as the pts compliance with this in bringing their meds Also, we have quite a few nursing home pts and it takes time to review their MARs and make changes to ecube. We monitor PT/INRs, Dilantin/Dig levels, Vanco troughs, Gent troughs, and any other levels they want monitored (we do the PT/INRS, Dig/Dilantin levels as a courtesy! The cardiologist/neurologist will do it but we just do it because we're nice!..... isn't that we don't have ENOUGH TO DO!) ( I really think the Medical Director doesn't get the drift of all we do Then there are about 17 CIAs to work on for the month (with 3 RNs because one RN quit) in addition to a copious amount of foot checks because this is a large unit and 90% are diabetic. This is only "some" of the paperwork that we have to do! Also, 5-6 chart audits per month. We also do monthly medical justifications paperwork, access flow monitoring paperwork with appts scheduled at our access center for acute problems with access or poor access flow outcomes, in addition to completing the referral paperwork for that and faxing it. New patient education which we are to sign off saying we discussed cath care, infection control, emergency take-off, diet, etc with the patient which gets done haphazard because we don't have time. We also do scheduling for CTs having to do pre-authorizations at times with those. With no charge RN, we have to check on hospital discharges daily and obtain new orders from physicians or when the patient comes back they can't be put on the machine, sign consents with new admits and get them settled in. Schedule pts for blood transfusions at the local hospital (we have a few that are chronic Plus, get antibiotics hung at the correct time on the patients during their course of treatment during all the chaos and interruptions. We also pass Midodrine if it is ordered on patients mid-treatment, so we have to remember that also. Also, if a PCT yells at you which happens a lot if you don't have experienced staff, we have to be at their whim. They also yell out at you during changeover to "call the taxi, call the nursing home", etc. for the pt to be picked up. (They are stressed out too!) We have to correct problems with validation from the day before which sometimes aren't an "easy fix" and take some thought. At the end of the day we have to reschedule pt labs that weren't obtained from the PCTs for some reason, peel off stickers from the tubes and re-label them, that is, if our Zebra printer is working. And in a large unit, around MB time, there can be at least a dozen pres/post BUNs to reschedule/re-label and this is an ongoing thing until near the end of the month. We are constantly rescheduling labs/re-labeling tubes for no shows or missed d/t hospitalizations. Also, keep logs updated daily . water, temp logs, infection blood culture logs, rounding tool, hospitalization log, missed treatment log, extra treatment log, med expiration log-monthly, In addition, assist the PCTs on the floor during changeover by setting up machines, washing chairs, taking the pts to the BR, weighing assist patient d/t prolonged bleeding. All this and getting "nurse phone calls" ranging anywhere from "what time does my mom get off!" to "I am not coming in for dialysis today" to "I am from another local clinic and having problems what should I do?" to "I have an order to use an access, should I fax it or send it with the patient?" to "Could you fax HD orders with Hep B profile results to the hospital?" to I" want to discuss my mom's meds" to personal phone calls for the staff. We also do transplant referrals now because our social worker no longer does them. We also do potassium bath adjustments on every patient once monthly labs have been resulted as our medical director has established an algorithm for this and we also adjust biweekly per algorithm. Potassium bath adjustments are VERY, VERY time-consuming in itself on this many patients. It is VERY..... VERY difficult to get all of the paperwork done with everything that is required of the RN. All of this paperwork is very time consuming and with no charge RN what ends up happening is: First and foremost..... 1. The pts don't get the care they deserve! 2 .The quality of the paperwork and documentation is very poor because it is rushed, then our manager is critiquing it and asking why this, this and this wasn't done! 3. Poor morale, negativity, backbiting and high turnover because when the nurses sit down to actually do paperwork they must not "be busy" so they can take a patient to the BR that just happens to have to go. 4. Errors with orders, bath changes, antibiotic/trough order entrys, etc. because we get sooo many interruptions on the floor when we are trying to concentrate that it's not funny! I have to physically clock out and leave the building if I want an uninterrupted break, otherwise I get called to the floor all the time and never get an interrupted lunch! When is this company gonna wake up! Can't have a charge RN until we have at least 100 patients and maintain that amt for a while But instead of management understanding these things, they just push,,,,,push,,,,,,push...... and "it better be done and done with quality so you can get out the door!" Well, it will be done NOT with quality! We definitely need to do Undercover Boss! I would love to just keep pushing work at the ! ... and on and on it goes...
  • Never thought this show would touch me so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I watch this show every week, from the first time it has come on. I look at this show and it makes me cry every time at the endings to think their are such wonderful companies and businesses out that that really care and feel for their employees'. I being a very ill person, have lost my job a month ago due to my illness due to missing too many days, I am now paying 600.00 a month for COBRA just so I have it because I am in possible need of another surgery and my prescriptions on my own would cost me close to 1500.00 or more a month. It is hard with one income, but I am fighting to do what I must do to find another job hopefully one I can do out of my home on days when I am feeling sicker I can stay home and work there. Of course I have had no luck thus far. This show has really made an impression on me that their are people out there who owns businesses who really care for their employees. HOORAY for them. Dedication is a great payoff for someone who cares. Again, I LOVE THE SHOW>>>>
  • sarasotafl, PUBLIX's market

    Realy love your show and Kudos to the producer. Really would like to see Publix under the thumb, since the owner Mr. Jenkins has passed Soooo many changes, and NOT all for the best. Would like to see you all get one of the childen that owen the Bussiness to go under cover and see how Publix has changed. am sure they really are not aware of how the workers are treated now days. And NO i d not work for Publix. But People that are devoted to all the changes and never miss a day, still are treated lke dirt with not even a nickel raise in two years. Thank you for listing and so hope you ask the faimly that now owens Publix's to go under covrer in the busy stores here in sarasota. We are 50 mile from lakeland corporate office. Keep up the awsome work you all are dose give hope to us less forunate.
  • For Tilted Kilt

    I watch this show last night for the 1st time ever. I watched the Tilted Kilt episode. My friend said he always watches this show so as we chatted I too watched. For the owner of this establishment I must say you appear to me a very kind and caring man . I watched the show and fell in love with James and the other lady whose Dad is ill and she has an autistic child and another child. Mr. Owner of Tilted Kilt I for one am so pleased to have taken the time to watch this episode. I can not tell you what my heart feels because well the simplest way to explain is to have you climb in my heart and just feel yet I think you already do know. You know the young employee with the jokes ... you handle that in such a manner that LOOK this young lady went an got her EDUCATION completed from YOUR example and your words of encouragement... I am so honored to have seen this all of it Mr. Tilted Kilt ( sorry I 4got ur name) Thank you for helping them all I cried when I saw what happened with the way you were moved to help n encourage these people. Long live James -his triplets -wife n 10 year old son I believe he was . OHH Mr. KIlt can I do something for you? I mean something on a smaller scale ? I mean like lunch here in Colorado should you come here with your wife and or children or just you yet no funny bussiness - I must have your word on that or no lunch deals.ok?
  • Great show

    Great show, each one has a message we bosses need to hear. We get caught up in the day to day issues running our companies, but we overlook the folks who back us up. No matter how much we make, the reason we do what we do. Caught up trying to fend off the economy is a big job, in my company I took no pay for 2 years as we when through tough times. This show has touched me in many ways, for that all I can say is thank you!
  • wonderful show ceo undercover

    i just luv to watch undercover boss it is amazing that ceo's most of the time do not know what there employees are going through. but it makes me cry to see how they reward the employees after the undercover boss is over wow. wish undercover would visit mcdonalds in fajardo puerto rico so they could discover how some employees are treated just because they are young and sometimes the manager does not like them.

  • Cinnabon Inc.

    I loved the episode. I just want Miguel to know that he has been told the biggest lie of all time, that all men have been told generation after generation. A REAL MAN DOES CRY, MIGUEL. We women love to see a man with emotions. It's okay that you cried, it showed me a real man. Get that BIG LIE out of your head.
  • Great show which is real heart warming TV. Watching this show makes me glad to be a DIRECTV subscriber

    This episode shows what is required for setting up DIRECTV. Having lived in UK I had SKY satellite tv and they have a similar system except they also use call centers in India. Directv is a great company and has some great packages. Nice to see a call center in America. The episode also highlighted how important television is to people. Great show showing what happens behind the scenes.

    Excellent family entertainment-see "real life" workers training a new employee who turns out to be the CEO of the company and makes changes to all the lives he touched from the information they gathered while be uncover.
  • Does your boss do this?!

    I enjoy this show... being an entrepeneur, a business manager, a successful company is definitely not easy. This show takes you into a company's lifestyle and lets you experience challenges and success with employees as they school their managers or vice versa on the job. This show is a hit in my book... I learned what it takes to value your coworkers and what you need to know to keep ideas fresh in your company. Perfect show for business majors and supply chain management majors!
  • We will never see...

    We will never see anyone from Wal-Mart on here. They really despise their workforce!
  • family dollar crock of bull

    watched the show not how family dollar works i know have worked there for 6 years i feel the show is pre arranged and not spontanous i also feel undercover boss should go to other locations and see what really goes on underpaid workers and some very unhappy workers if they do not believe me look at family dollars face book page
  • Previews / Trailers

    I absolutely love your show. The only thing that bothers me is that during the show you constantly give previews of what's coming up. I would really like to be surprised at the end along with the employees. It just takes away from the whole show. Thanks :)
  • Retro Fitness

    Retro Fitness is one of the best episodes that I have ever seen. It rivals with American Idol & The Apprentice, because it rewards the winners and reprimands or fires the big losers. It was more realistic, because it showed that not all employees are to blame for bad morality in a company, and that management is not untouchable when they do not do their job right. I hope you will continue down this same path in the near future !
  • Challenge for the makers of Undercover Boss

    I have a challenge for the creators and honchos of Undercover Boss. They should get someone from the upper echelons of Family Dollar to do the show. Family Dollar was taken over by the son when his father retired. Now the stores are in turmoil because the son has a hobby of trying to make more money off the backs of the employees. The employees are having their hours slashed during the busiest part of the year. Holiday pay was sporadic, some stores received it while others didn't. They say don't stack the product too high, but there is no room to stack it at a safe height. It seems the new bosses have NO clue what they are doing. If Undercover boss get Family Dollar to do the show, i will eat my hat. If they come to eastern Ct. to do the show, I will eat a Family Dollar hat, with no salt nor pepper. but I know I'm safe due to the fact the bigiwgs at Family Dollar are chicken#*&@ and don't give a rats butt about the company.
  • This has become one of my new favorite shows. I don't have a lot of time to watch tv so I have to limit it to 3-4 shows.

    This one is a must watch for me. What an awesome concept...I have often thought that companies would be more effective and productive if they understood the struggles and obstacles that the employees have to endure to get their job done successfully.I am so impressed with these CEOs who have taken their time and effort to invest in their employees and ultimately the future of their company. Kudos to these daring men who value their companies and their employees.

    They should consider sending other execs to other stores in order to get a better perspective to truly ascertain their company's status. Every segment of the market has different obstacles and challenges and they need to understand it first hand so that they can make a bigger impact.
  • will never stop and shop on this show

    they don't think about their employees
  • Website to nominate businesses

    I would love you to have spirit air lines on this show. It truly is the poorest run business in America! Add a web site to your site so we can nominate businesses!
  • We have an idea for Undercover Boss

    How do we get an idea to the Undercover Boss show? We have an idea that they may want to review.
  • Squaw Valley. Nice of the wife of the CEO

    Watching Undercover boss, Squaw Valley. Nice of the wife of the CEO to slam the workers that he might have to "dumb it down" when working with his employees. It's amazing week after week how out of touch mgt is with there employees. The wife needs a good slap of what working is really about instead of being some spoiled wife of a rich guy. To funny.
  • this show is awsome!

    I really like this show. It makes me think about my job at Taco Bell and how we really need the CEO to be undercover there. I just don't know how to find out how to get them to do the show and everything.
  • Chicago Cubs

    That was the worse episode that I have ever seen on TLC UNDERCOVER BOSS. What a bunch of cheap skates I think they could of done a better job expressing their gratitude for the employees. They did absolutely nothing for their employees..... Really swimming classes for an 8 year old, or 1000.00 for the hot dog man and letting him throw the ball. They sucked!!!!

    I saw prior episode of the Philadelphia pretzel and the CUB owners can take a class from that guy!!! DISGUSTING!!!!!!! A big boo for the Cub owners, they should of never been put on this show!!!!!!!

  • A Company and a Location for Review for Undercover Boss!

    needs someone to go on Undercover Boss at the North Las Vegas, NV warehouse.

    I've been there for 5 years; seeing it change from an Outbound/Inbound Facility, to a Customer Returns Center. Things are not good, management has no idea what we workers have to deal with. They make policies without even talking to "the people who do the jobs" , we know what works and what doesn't, and all they do is to find new ways to "write us up"!

    I have 2 Bachelor's Degrees, 2 minors and Massage Therapy School, management doesn't care; They don't care HOW LONG YOU HAVE WORKED FOR THE COMPANY", NO SENIORITY!

    I have trained dozens of people, and then, I watch them get the good jobs, increase in pay, and more responsibility. To have your manager tell you they will not support me getting a Processing Assistant Tier 3 position!! I'm stuck in processing HELL, I hear others talk about "how to cheat to get the best rates. I LIVE MY LIFE BY THE "RULES", WHILE EVERYONE ELSE CHEATS!


    No increase in pay for Cost of Living" I have reached the cap of pay, when:

    Rent goes up

    Utilities go up

    Food cost goes up

    Gas prices go up

    I thought that I had a way to move up; There is no one in Upper Management is not going to let that happen.

    EVER DAY FOR THE PAST YEAR I GO TO WORK TERRIFIED THAT I WILL BE LET GO! I NEED THIS JOB, I work hard everyday, I GET 3 BREAKS IN THE 10 HOUR SHIFT, 1ST BREAK 9:30AM, I GET TO GO TO THE BATHROOM; LUNCH AT 12:30 IS BATHROOM #2; THEN LAST BREAK AT 3:30 and the last BATHROOM BREAK!! I don't stop to walk around and talk to others. I'm there to work, to do a job, that I feel proud of doing.


    WHEN I STARTED 5 YEARS AGO, NO ONE IN MANAGEMENT IS STILL HERE 5 YEARS LATER. There is so much more about this company that needs a lot of help, we are not happy. makes millions from our blood, sweat and tears; BUT THEY DON'T CARE HOW MANY YEARS OF DEDICATION YOU HAVE PUT IN, HOW HARD YOU WORK-THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT RATE AND MAKING US GO FASTER AND FASTER!! Please help, the Holiday Season is approaching, time for more millions of dollars to be made-We can't complain, we are all expendable.
  • Phonies, all of them

    Another one of CBS' yeasty Reality TV shows once again proves the old adage, "The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions". Undercover Boss is a show about how CEO's of certain companies decide to be in disguise as a mere employee of their company just to see how things fare for them.

    This is by far, one of the flimsiest of premises for a Reality TV show. A rueful attempt for us to feel even the slightest concern on just how those bigwigs can relate to their wage slaves on an even keel.

    What a colossal waste of airtime.
  • Oriental Trading Company

    I just watched this company's Undercover Boss show and was appalled on how petty this CEO was at the end of the show. I know he can't please everyone , but giving the hardest, and most physical worker of his company which is a truck loader and gave him a lousy, lousy .25$ raise!!!!!!!!!! What planet does this CEO come from or maybe he just wanted to be cheap and condescending to the truck loaders who work for his company!!
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