Undercover Boss

Friday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Feb 07, 2010 In Season


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    I can't believe how stupid this show is, A boss pretends to be an employee so him or her and a camera crew tell the employees that the new employee is taping a training video or another lie as bad and they doing the same crap over and over, after awhile most people would catch on to this so if a new employee with a camera crew came to their work they would say wait wait wait I dont believe this crap is real this is that stupid show undercover boss, I know most of these people are not that stupid they just are told to play along to get free stuff or they just want to be on TV, I know a guy that they pulled this crap at his work he had a camera crew with a new employee come there he started pointing out how this is bull crap and it was that stupid show and who that guy really is, the show told him just to play dumb, Comon people do you really think this crap is real if you watch this show and they came to your work and they did the same lie with a camera crew that you just seen on a stupid TV show over and over again wouldn't you know that it was bull crap and know it was just that stupid show or would you really be that stupid and fall for the crappy lie that they feed you even if its the same lie you just seen on that stupid show or would you just go along with it so you could be on TV like I'm sure alot of these people do or like my friend they just will tell you to play dumb so you don't spoil the story, Think about it people ask everybody you have ever known and ask them if they ever have had a new employee at their work and come in with a camera crew to do a training video or something that stupid go ahead ask anyone no one and I mean no one has ever had them had this happen but for some reason people believe this CRAP!!! on TV, If you really do believe this crap is real please send me a check made to cash or just send cash and I will sell you a brain I'll send you a fake plastic one but if you believe this show is real you wont know the difference anyway LOL I have an idea to prove how stupid this crap really is in the future if anyone has a so called new employee and they have a cam crew with them google your boss and hand them the pic and ask how stupid do you think we are then rip the stupid wig off maybe if enough people do this they will stop putting this crap on TV and pretending people are so stupid that they will fall for this crap anymore.
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