Undercover Boss

Friday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Feb 07, 2010 In Season


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  • UNDER COVER BOSS - NEW LOW!!! Bikini sports bar

    After watching the episode of Under Cover Boss, I know I will never patronize Bikinis bar and grill. This is a very LOW LOW for Under COVER BOSS. I love their programs but felt this is NOT what I expect to see when watching this program. Bikini's CEO is a sexist pig and I hope to that their establishments continue to loose business. To buy a girl bigger boobs if she does well in her job is just trashy TV and Trashy business. As a Male business manger I would consider this violation of sexual harassment laws for a manger to be buying a subordinate new boobs! And great accolades to the girl he fired for not showing it all on TV, she did the right thing walking out on the CEO and the show UNDER COVER BOSS. I'm sure she is doing a lot better where ever she lands, and if I could hire her I would she is a lot better person than the CEO ever will be!