Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2010 on NBC

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  • The Blooms show that they still have it and they're just getting started.

    This show is awesome and there tools are cool, I liked how they were able to get the finger prints of the wine glasses and the tranquilizer gun they used that required the sunglasses to see the invisible sight. Their wall climbing skills were skilled. That wall they scaled was flat with barely any place to grip on too.
    Before they found out that the code breaker was Mathias Faber and not a device Carlton threw them off the case and it got to Samantha, but not Steven. Steven told Samantha not to pay Carlton any attention and not to listen to him. To redeem their good name to go Dresden to get Mathias. We see the dynamic of marriage, the difference of working with you married partner versus a partner. Right on a 10.
  • Probably the best episode so far. They've been getting better as the theme begins to take shape, however, a question that needs to keep being picked at: Why bring back operatives that have been out of the game for 5 years?

    I think what JJ was going for with Undercovers is a husband/wife covert ops team that has to work together in the field. This episode helped expose that more so than the earlier ones. However, there has been one nagging question which hasn't been picked at yet: Why bring back operatives that have been out of the game for 5 years? Their handler clearly has a problem with as well he should. However, there has to be something about these two - besides knowing 10 different languages, scaling walls like Spider-Man, coolness of James Bond, and they're own Sycophant as an in-field agent - that made the Company demand they come back. The problem is, we haven't gotten to that part yet and when we do I think this show will really take off.

    The thing I did like about this episode is how they were dealing with working together, from finishing each other sentences while with their handler to arguing in the field about the best way to do a rescue: "You walked in the front door!" "I saved you! That's all that counts!"

    That's where JJ is going with this but the theme isn't quite there yet. I'm still going to keep watching because it is growing on me and seems to get better with each episode. Let's hope NBC gives it a chance to develop and they do, otherwise this is going to be their only season.