Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2010 on NBC

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  • Jumping right into it.

    Leo and Bill are back in this episode and the show has really kicked off well. The Blooms are both good spies and look good carrying out their assignments. Steven and Samantha are a convincing on screen married couple. They spend a lot of time together, they both own their business and work it together and are now doing their first assignment together. They still have the newlywed feel to their marriage, but you can see the irritation if them spending so much time together. Carlton referred to it as "Simultaneous yammering" and he was serous, but they get results. This show is awesome. This episode was about using your instincts and going buy the book. When Steven fixed the coffee machine he had learned form his experience of not reading the manual and not turning on the tracker. Samantha didn't understand why he didn't look at the instruction manual. Samantha used her instincts and knew which wire to cut to stop the explosion, at that point she realized what Steven was talking about and used her intuition. I'm ready for more.
  • Carlton asks the Blooms to find Dayita Nasir, a doctor that has recently been kidnapped.

    Yeah this show won't go past the first season. For a JJ show it's way off. The humor is lame and the it's written contradicts itself. It won't to be taken seriously and of course grab the spy/agent lovers out there but at the same time it's hard to take this show seriously or appreciate the "undercover activities" when it's so silly and filled with cheesy nonsense which is for an entirely different audience. Can't have both sorry.

    If this show is to survive it will HAVE TO get out of trying to be cheesy/silly and at the same time serious. The formula just doesn't work, in the end you'll just piss off both camps. In the end more than likely those who like the cheesy stuff will stick around but it won't be enough to keep the show around.

    They should've went with the more serious theme with some humor here and there instead of the silly stuff while trying to be serious under the theme of being "undercovers". Couldn't see even a fan loving this show giving it a 10. There's exceptional episodes from different shows that draw you in and have you reeling at the end but no way was this one of them.
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