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  • This was a great show!!

    My husband and I watched this show every week. We were very disappointed when it was canceled. I read that one guy who watched this show could relate to it because he was black, and of course the characters are also. We are white, and we loved it!! Does anyone know where we can see the re-runs of this show?
  • steven(boris kodjoe) and samatha(gugu mbatha-raw) bloom are pulled back into the spy world they thought they put behind them............think mr.and mrs.smith.


    steven and samatha put the spy world behind them to lead a normal married couple life.

    for some reason that youll have to watch and find out the blooms are pulled back into the spy world.

    the blooms work as a couple this time instead of working apart.

    the blooms find out alot about one another when they work as one and they each find out something they knew nothing about the other.they find this stuff out b/c they are working as 1 now and they each find out something about the other when they were a spy alone.its very intersting b/c the blooms are like seeing eachother in a different light for the first time and how they each handle the spy world.

    boris and gugu have great chemsitry which is nice.

    the acting is very good.

    the action scenes are super good and i love seeing boris and gugu do their own stunts its nice to see that.

    the characters are very well written,the plot and story is very decent and i love the places the blooms go to... thanks to jj abrams...

    the show is very decent and appealing to me b/c im black(even thought the main characters are like half black).the show is the first of its kind where the main characters are black especailly in an action show.(wish more blacks were in scifi shows b/c i love scifi)

    the only problem i had with the show was that the show didnt really find its tone.the writers couldnt decide if the show should be dark and myterious or light and comedic.so the show goes between those 2 things which can be annoying but i got over it.

    i like the show i just wished nbc would have gave it a chance.the show should have had more than 1 season.i thought the show was better fit for usa than nbc.