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  • Wow... SO bad

    After Gossip Girl ended, I was desperately searching for a new good TV series with people my age, for some interesting and funny stories and basically to just kill some time in a good way. I watched the first 5 episodes now.. Me and the BF just go WTF, why would you ever do this in that situation? all the time.. The plots seem very random. Everything is polished up to almost being annoyingly nice... Trivia as an evening-filling, omg we all must go, quit your fucking job activity? The baby just being conveniently out of the way whenever it fits? Lunchtime karaoke at a chemical company? Brodown? Really? The plots are not only totally cheesy, but also completely predicatable.. Do we need the Tequila guy asking for a threesome to sign the contract? The babymama meeting this totally handsome guy - who, YAY, is developing a stupid game that makes no sense, but that she, surprisingly, loves- but doubting it all and then redeciding she needs to stay with her guy, who is himself engulfed with that stupidoblonde chick? And the have lost count how many times he so far has just sat, with open mouth looking like the most stupid tool in town. I am a seriesjunkie, for sure, so I have seen a lot of stuff, but sorry, this is SO bad. Stopping watching this now, as I feel as if the authors of that series think Im stupid (and they must do if they think that that is going to entertain anyone above average intelligence)