Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Jun 08, 2001 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • Nitz's fake ID shows him as being Han Solo from New York.

    • While Nitz eventually learns to drink so as to "not look like a jerk in front of Kimmy," Jesse's and Cal's original insistence that Nitz has to drink while in a bar is quite wrong. Many bars will provide free non-alcoholic beverages, respecting the rights of any designated drivers that may be on the premises.

  • Quotes

    • Rocko: (Sees Nitz with a sign that says "Will puke for booze) Nitz. How did you end up like this?
      Nitz: It was you Rocko, okay? I learned it from you.

    • Rocko: Ugh, you drink this crap. What is it?
      Nitz: Water...
      Rocko: Wah-ter?

    • Asian: Run Beerzilla.

    • (Nitz stares into the bar, seeing Kimmy hugging two guys)
      Nitz: She's ... a drunken hug fiend! And I can't do anything but watch.
      Homeless Man: Please stop talking to yourself, you're scaring me. I AM ELECTRIC JESUS!

    • (In Rocko's sobriety induced dream )
      Bartender: Here's that giant bottle of whiskey the president wanted you to drink, Rocko!
      Rocko: Uh-uh, sober!
      Bartender #2: Rocko, yho have to drink this giant martini or I'll be eaten by wolves!
      Rocko: Uh-uh, sober!
      (Bartender get's attacked by wolves)
      (Small Asian man offers Rocko a bowl of noodles)
      Rocko: Mm-mm soba!

    • Rocko: ( in church, still in diaper ) Bobby Whiskey, I renounce you, in front of God and everybody. From this day on, I will never drink again!
      (image of Bobby Whiskey appears at the alter)
      Bobby Whiskey: No, Rocko! Why hast though forsaken me?!
      ( Rocko falls backwards )
      Priest: C'mon now, laddie. Let's be getting you some pants, that's a good boy. ( takes a shot from flask and offers it to Rocko)

    • Rocko: (entering bar) The giant imaginary bottle of whiskey is with me.

    • Rocko: What are you?
      Bobby Whiskey: I'm Bobby Whiskey Rocko, and if you hang with me, you'll become funnier, smarter, and more handsomer, not that you need it. Damn, you're awesome.
      Rocko: Well, that's the nicest thing a beer induced hallucination has said to me, let us be chums.
      Bobby Whiskey: Ahhh yeah.

    • Rocko: Ugh. You drink this crap? What is it?
      Nitz: Water.
      Rocko: Wah tur?

    • Gimpy: (giving Nitz a fake I.D.) Remember, young Padawan. With great power, comes great responsibility. Heh-heh, Spider-Man.

    • Rocko: Ugh! Bobby?
      Prisoner: Shaddup! I'm-a-gonna make you MY bitch! (sniffs Rocko's adult diaper) Ewwwww! Stinky!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Nitz: I learned it from you.

      This line was taken from a famous drug PSA, where a father finds a box of drugs in his son's room and when asked who taught him to do the drugs, the son looks at his dad and says the line.

    • Gimpy: With great power, comes great responsibility. Heh-heh, Spider-Man.
      This is the lesson that Marvel Comics hero Spider-Man learned the hard way when he let a burglar run past him and didn't do anything, who would later murder his Uncle Ben.

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