MTV - Music Television (ended 2001)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Screw Week
      Screw Week
      Episode 13
      It's the final week of the year, commonly referred to a "screw week" Nitz deals with the fact that Kimmy might not be back next year, and therefore finds himself wondering if he should come back. Jessie deals with Nitz making a big deal out of Kimmy one to many times. Cal trains to be an R.A. next year. Rocko tries to find a place with a bar in the basement and roomates for next year. Gimpy realizes he must leave his room behind. Brody and Kruger study for finals.moreless
    • Risk
      Episode 12
      Nitz promises Kimmy he'll help her run the annual Spring Fling carnival, but then Nitz is guilt-tripped into an all night Risk game with the Click. Because of Nitz's absence, all hell breaks loose back on the State U. campus and Kimmy thinks she's ruined the Spring Fling. All hell breaks loose with the Click too. Trapped in the same tiny room playing a board game for 3 days straight causes them to say things to each other that are better left unsaid.moreless
    • Work Study
      Work Study
      Episode 11
      In order to pay off the bill he ran up on his Mom's credit card, Nitz takes a crappy work study job at the library. He no longer has time for his friends. Gimpy, Rocko, and Cal must find ways to help Nitz out of his financial bind: Gimpy sells stocks online, Rocko collects sperm for the sperm bank, women pay Cal for sex.moreless
    • Identity Crisis
      Identity Crisis
      Episode 10
      After returning from winter break, Nitz finds that noone remembers him. He then figures everyone else has an identity, and he wants one too. So, he goes on a quest to find the right one for him. Meanwhile, after finding the "I hate Cal" group, Cal wants a new identity too. Rocko teaches Cal to be more like him.moreless
    • Financial Aid
      Financial Aid
      Episode 9
      A misplaced financial aid check, along with Kimmy Burton, spur Nitz to spearhead a protest/concert against the bureaucracy of the financial aid office. Rocko turns his candy-ass, peace loving ROTC group into a lean mean, fighting machine. It all comes to a head when Rocko's ROTC group is asked to breakup Nitz and Kimmy's rally.moreless
    • Rivalries
      Episode 8
      It's the big rivalry week between State U. and Techerson tech. Nitz and Gimpy get into a trivia war, thanks partially to a jealous Mump. Rocko wants his school to have a rival, so he decides to start a rivalry wirh State U., by beating up their manatee mascot, who is actually Cal.moreless
    • Jerks
      Episode 7
      Nitz promises to give Kimmy a magnificent travel clock he doesn't have, before she leaves to study abroad. Rocko's crude behavior gets him thrown out of the frat so he spends the weekend at State U. Rocko forces Nitz to party with him, distracting Nitz from getting Kimmy her clock. Gimpy eliminates any semblance of order from his dorm hall by introducing Cal to Rita the RA.moreless
    • Room Mates
      Room Mates
      Episode 6
      After Cal annoys Nitz way too much, Nitz crashes with Jesse for a few days. Everything goes well until Nitz catches a glimpse of Jesse coming out of the shower. She really is a girl. With this new revelation, Nitz realizes he is attracted to Jesse and awkwardly attempts to woo her. Gimpy has an online love affair with Tabitha, until she breaks up with him and gives him a (computer) virus.moreless
    • Drunks
      Episode 5
      A rough night of drinking convinces Rocko to give up the booze, even despite the efforts of his alcohol-induced-hallucination-buddy, Bobby Whiskey. When Nitz is invited to hang out with Kimmy and her friends at a bar, he decides it's time to learn to drink. Gimpy provides the fake ID, but the newly sober Rocko refuses to help Nitz.moreless
    • New Friends
      New Friends
      Episode 4
      When the Click spaces out on his first birthday away from home, Nitz starts hanging with a new group of friends. Spud usurps Gimpy as "number one" of the Tekerson nerds. Gimpy, with the help of the Click, must retake the leader crown by winning a video game deathmatch against Spud and his crack team of gamers. But Gimpy has no help from Nitz, who has drifted away from the Click.moreless
    • Virgins
      Episode 3
      After The Duggler led floor meeting on sex, Nitz grows uptight about his virginal status. And then mistakenly believing Kimmy to be a slut, Nitz decides to be extra-virginal along with his scared-straight buddy Cal. Rocko's ex-girlfriend is coming to town and he searches desperately for a girl he can flaunt in front of her.moreless
    • Traditions
      Episode 2
      State U. tradition has it that the first snowfall of the year means running around the campus...naked. To participate, Nitz realizes that he must lose weight, and fast. To spite his tyrannical RA, Gimpy leads his bands of nerd minions through a series of practical jokes in honor of Tekerson Tech Traditions Week.moreless
    • Party
      Episode 1
      In an effort to impress his high school crush, Kimmy Burton, Nitz tries to pack as many first week college experiences into the 3.5 hours before the dorm mixer as is humanly possible. With a little help from Gimpy and his minions, a self-hazing Rocko manages to be accepted into the Alpha Alpha fraternity...moreless