Season 1 Episode 10

Identity Crisis

Aired Unknown Jul 22, 2001 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • Nitz gets a tattoo of a very tiny N on his right forearm as part of his attempt to create a new identity.

    • As Cal walks through the campus grounds to ponder why he is hated, ' Eye in the Sky ' by the Alan Parsons Project can be heard playing.

    • Headline on paper Rocko is holding : ' Naked Oaf Ruins Lesbian Rally.'

    • (The title of Rocko's book)
      "Things Cal Does That Make Me Want to Kill Him Dead Dead Dead Dead DEAD!"

    • In this episode, when Nitz looks out the window for Cal/Tree Guy, they show that he lives on the third floor. But in Rivalries, when he looks out the window because of the music, they show that he lives on the second floor.

  • Quotes

    • Nitz: Rocko's just a violent, drunken and porn loving guy.

    • Jessie: Hey Nitz, wanna grab some grub?

    • Cal: Wow, I've touched the lives of so many people, guy. I'm like Roma Downey.

    • Cal: (Reading an article on the "I hate Cal" newsgroup) "If I were Cal, I'd cover myself with honey and feed myself to those angry red ants they got in Bolivia".

    • Rocko: ( still dressed as a hot dog ) Well, it's become clear I have to go convince girls to pour mustard on me.

    • Cal: I don't know what to do. Should I be the old me and be liked by all the ladies or be the new me and be liked by everone else?
      Rocko: ( dressed as hot dog ) And I'm descending further and further into madness.

    • Rocko: Gimpy, I don't know what to do! Now that Cal's not a wad anymore, I don't hate him and nothing makes sense! Like right now, I was thinking about eating this sock puppet because that makes about as much sense as me liking Cal! (shoves sock puppet in mouth)

    • Rocko - Ok Cal, everytime you do something I don't like i'm going to use this book to help you.
      cal ( reading title of book ) - " negative stimuli psychology " sounds fun guy *slurps* what should we do next guy * slurps* do you think it'll work best buddy Rocko guy *slups* ( Rocko smacks Cal across the face with book ) Oh I mean do you think it'll work best buddy Rocko guy, guy?
      Rocko ( smacks cal again ) - Stop saying guy!
      Cal - Oh okay, what should *slurp* we do now *slurp* Rocko, best buddy-
      Rocko ( smacks Cal again ) Don't slurp either! ( continues to smack Cal )

    • Nitz: Gimpy, I need to ask you a question.
      Gimpy: Star Wars?
      Nitz: Huh?
      Gimpy: A Star Wars question?
      Nitz: No.. actually.. yes...gimpy...Star Wars guy.
      Gimpy: Star Wars. (signs out)

    • Gimpy: (about the "I Hate Cal" website) ....after a quick search on this site, the word 'annoying' came up 12,000 times. The phrase ' stole my girlfriend ' came up a stunning 45,000 times. And the phrase 'drooling moron' came up....
      (IM screen winks out)
      (phone rings)
      Cal: (answering phone) Hello?
      Gimpy: My computer just crashed.

    • Cal: Hey guy, do you know anybody who can tell me all the things that are wrong with me?
      Rocko: Cal, I've been waiting for this day for a long long time. I hate you Cal, I hate you so much, so very very much.
      Cal: Guy, do you know anybody or not?

    • Gimpy:Star Wars.

    • Mump:(dressed up and acting like Kimmy)Oh Nitz, its me Kimmy Burton, the love of your life, please come out of you room and make sweet love to me.
      Nitz:No Mump.
      Gimpy:Damn it.

    • Gimpy:Damn it, those home alone movies were all a lie.

  • Notes

    • At the beginning of this episode Kruger compares Nitz to Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk was the first openly gay City Supervisor, a position equivalent to a city councillor or alderman, in San Francisco. He and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone were murdered on Nov. 27, 1978 by former City Supervisor Dan White.

    • The "I Hate Cal" News group is an actual site at the Undergrads website.

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