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  • It may be animated, but it's a much more realistic take on collge than anything the CW or MTV offers now.

    Ah, Undergrads. One of my all time favorite shows. Centering on Parker "Nitz" Walsh and his high-school "clique" as they live thier freshmen year at college.

    I relate to this show as much as any on television. This show plays out alot like my early college days, and it makes me reminisant everytime I watch (Just graduated 2 years ago). I was alot likeNitz...my best friends...well, they were Rocko and Gimpy to a tee. I had my Jessie, Kimmy, Kruger, Brody, ect....but I digress. Most people whom are in or ever went to college are bound to find a situation, or a character in this show familiar at some point. The bad cafe food, the pressures, the confusion, bad campus activities, fratz, nerd games, girls following the stupid guy every other guy hates, how noone ever seems to go to class....yep, they're all here in a nice little 13 episode leaves you on a cliffhanger package.

    This show has quite a cult following, but was destined to fail on US television..originally on MTV, this show airing toward the end of thier animation days as they started to focus on more stupidity themed reality shows... "Jackass", "Punked", 'Pimp My Whatever" I'm looking your direction...then moved to Comedy Central where it only aired Sunday nights/Monday mornings at various times...usually 12, 12:30, or 1. Since then, it has faded away, only to be remembered in dvd form. I still believe that given a decent chance, this show could have ran much much longer (I'm partial to 5 years...as more 4 year college efforts turn out to be 5 in real life). It's a pity Adult Swim or another channel never picked this up and gave it a chance.
  • The story of 4 friends adaptating to college life. Lovable characters and great storylines make this one of my favorites.

    I wish they could have done all four years, but still I'm glad they made this show at all. The characters are somewhat stereotypical, but they are still interesting. Nitz is relatable because at times he feels out of place, and because he is just an average guy. He chases the girl of his dreams while she has different feelings towards him. (We've all been there) Rocko and Gimpy are caricatured Frat Boy and Nerd, respectively. Cal is just an idiot, but women seem to love him. Undergrads isn't the greatest show, but it has a certain charm to it, and has some truths about college life. Fun show that ended prematurely, and one of my personal favorites.

    It went the way of Clone High. Another great show that should still be on the air. There are so many bad shows on the air these days because to many of the good ones have been canceled. Sadly all us Clone High or Undergrads fans can do is type about how good it is and request that it be put back on the air. Whether this will happen or not, we'll see. It happend for Futurama and Family Guy, anythings possible. This show is a great additin to the animated comedy world. It should be play every night. Bring it back.
  • Good Show. The idea was already done, but still good.

    Si, me gusta el show, no es para nada uno de mis favoritos ni menos, pero está logrado, tiene sus momentos cómicos, buenos dibujos, pero tiene una idea ya usada en la genial "Secundaria de Clones", pero aun menos original que esta. (y es como ver una version animada de American Pie con el típico soundtrack punk-rock de fondo). Mi personaje favorito creo es el protagonista, Nitz, es con quien mas me identifico, Rocko es un idiota, pero sigue siendo gracioso, seria genial tener el levante de Cal y bueno, un personaje gracioso pero desagradable es el inadaptado Gimpy.

    El show está bien, si buscas una comedia colegial que si bien tiene sus momentos cae en los lugares mas comunes de este tipo de comedia.
  • good show they need to make some more seasons tho or at least 1 more season

    The episodes center around four high school friends who have moved on to college and are undergoing their freshman trials and tribulations. Rather than focus on academia, the show chooses to focus it's attention on dorm and social life, which, to some, is far more interesting anyway. Nitz is the central character, and he's also the most likeable, down-to-earth of the bunch. He spends his time attempting to win the heart of a girl who loves another. Rocko is the stereotypical jock/burnout/frat boy of the group, who spends too much time staring at the bottom of a bottle and communicating with the hallucinogenic manifestations such a pastime brings. Cal is Nitz's roommate and quite the ladies man, though one must wonder why. Gimpy is by far my favorite character, being the hermitic shut-in with the band of followers and an impressive infatuation with Star Wars (not to be confused with Star Trek). Then there's Kimmy, Nitz's star-crossed love interest, and Jesse, the girl who's always there to pick up the broken pieces.

    Together this group sets out in search of themselves amidst all the wonders of college life including parties, fake ID's, bars, prank week, the naked run, and a huge spring break bash, and in the end they'll discover that life still presents many lessons to be learned.

    With so many of the animated cartoon shows aired today geared towards younger age groups, it's rather refreshing to see a show that the college age group can identify with. Unfortunately, it seems as though many great television shows are cancelled far too early on, and therefore never get the chances they deserve. This show will be sorely missed. Luckily, though, the first and only season is available on DVD for our viewing pleasure. If you a enjoy Daria, Beavis and Butthead, or even South Park (though there is slightly less bathroom humor present in this show than in those later two mentioned), then give Undergrads a try as well. The thirteen episodes presented herein are well worth the money.
  • 4 long-time friends adapt to life in college. Each with their own sterotypical quirks.

    Nitz Walsh is a joe average college guy trying to get thru his first year of college while his 3 best friends Gimpy (sterotypical computer geek), rocko (sterotypical jock/jerk), & Cal (sterotypical ladies guy) all help & hinder his everyday ventures on the capus of his college.

    Nitz relies on his found found friend & eventually warming up to, love interest, Jessie to give him some generally sensible advice & help in the face of his generally well meaning, but incompetent friends.

    The show deals with tonnes of college things such as dealing with financial aid struggles, the freshamn 15, frats & other topics. It is in my mind the BEST 1 year cartoon ever made. recently I have learned through the creator of the show Pete Williams myspace account that he is trying to get a 2nd season created. Hes got partial funding from a Canadian distributor who is willing to cover 1/2 the costs, but he hasnt been able to yet secure anyone in the U.S. for the other 1/2 yet, even though he has had his fans bombard a couple different stations with "bring back undergrads" letters.

    If there is a second season ever, it will have a LOT to live up to, as the first seasonw as beyond a doubt A+ material.
  • Screw Week Nitz realizes that if Kimmy doesn't come back next year that he'll have no reason to come either and then Jesse gets pissed off at him because she really likes him, meanwhile Rocko, Gimpy, and Cal try to decide where to live during the s

    This show is one of the funnist shows in history of anmation television. I love the Star Trek vs Star Wars fued in the show. The shows jokes are really original and comical. Unfortunately MTV cancelled the show for low ratings which was there fault because they put the show on at the worst time possible when no one would watch it. I think this show is one of the closest shows to perfect that I've ever seen, and I hope that they bring it back.
  • A good, short lived cartoon.

    I remember watching some of this on MTV when it first aired and enjoyed it. I didn't full appreciate it until I saw the reruns years later on Comedy Central.

    The show did have it's faults however. A large reliance on Star Wars jokes probably hurt the show with the casual viewers. With a little more variety in the references, maybe it would have lasted atleast to two seasons.
  • One of the funniest cartoons you will ever see in your entire life.

    Four entirely different guys -- Nitz, your everyday slacker; Gimpy, the computer nerd; Rocko, the slob; and Cal, the dim ladies' man -- who have known each other since diaper days going through their first year of college together. Why NOT watch it? Why DIDN'T you watch it? Fools.

    Undergrads was another "witty-but-short-lived, program that somehow only lasted a couple episodes/didn't make it to its second season"-show. Like "Clerks," but funnier. If only this show lasted longer, it would've gotten more recognition and stayed on air. It would have been among the ranks of "Family Guy." Damn you, MTV.
  • Another animation series that didn't make it as far as it should have!

    Undergrads was a brilliant animated series that aired on Canada's cartoon network Teletoon. The series followed 4 guys in their first year at community college. The series had great Star Wars references and funny plotlines that each of the very different characters got themselves into. The show unfortunately only aired for 13 episodes in it's first season before being cancelled. It really sucks too, cause season 1 had a good cliffhanger that made you want to know what would happen next year. This is definately a series I would've loved to have followed longer... :(
  • masterpiece before my eyes

    Gimpy is the best character in animated nerd history ever. i like that he had minions, and that he was a big star wars fan. this show really spoke to me, and i thought that it was always original and great. watch this show just for the sake of watching gimpy!
  • Why this show have been cancelled? It's one of the best shows ever...

    Why this show have been cancelled? It's one of the best shows ever, I'm from Mexico, Adult Swim was Open 2 months ago, and when I saw this show I was completely amazed, but I feel bad, because this show have been cancelled, only 13 episodes, the characters are really fun and clever. This show every time is better. I love this show---
  • Can't take the Star Wars references.

    My friend loves this show and has the dvd. I can't figure out why. I mean, he understands good stuff like the Adult Swim former lineup and Comedy Central's work. If you took out the two big flaws, Undergrads would still be a comedy that's only occasionally funny. Only when Rocko insults women ("Hey, wanna have sex, in exchange for sex?") does it approach humor. And there are flaws.

    One main flaw is that I hate all the characters. All Nitz does is whine and moan but never tries to improve himself, like a Democrat. The unrequited-love subplot with Kimmy (who's a manipulative female dog) is pathetic to watch. Gimpy's a shut-in loser, Cal's success with women is a walking argument for misogynism, and Rocko is the best of the bunch because at least his priorities are in the right place. The show could have been far darker given all this, but instead we're supposed to laugh knowingly and excuse all these loser characters because they're "good guys." Jesse is by far the most relatable character because she's normal, although the show is absurd because in real life no attractive female would ever hang around people like Nitz.

    But problems identifying with characters isn't the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the constant referencing to the original Star Wars trilogy (and to some extent, prequels and Star Trek) movies. I mean, had this show gone on 2 more seasons, the cast would have completed the scripts to all 3 movies. I get it: you like Star Wars. Good for you, but repeating famous lines does not make you funny. And it's not just one line an episode, whole skits go on and on about them repeating lines verbatim, some episodes remake entire scenes visually as well. I just can't take it.

    The essence of Humor is originality, and pop culture references that are almost 3 decades old isn't going to cut it.
  • Personal Favorite.

    This had to be one of my favorite shows. Only recently have i liked it less since there are only 13 episodes. I have seen all of them atleast 7 times so after a while it gets repetitive. Nevertheless it was and always will be one of my favorite shows. I am so glad they put it on dvd, unfortunately only in The States so i had to get it on eBay. All the characters are well developped and are based on real life friends of the creator Pete Williams. I hope to be a top contributor of this show, in the meen time I want this show to be brought back and continued. The laughs would never end.

    Gimpy - "I am G-Prime!"
  • The best cartoon show I've seen.

    This show was great! I hate MTV for cancelling everything that shows promise. A terrific animated show about life in college. It showed what life was like for me when I was in school. I could see part of myself in almost every character. How can you go wrong with a comedy about college life?
    Nitz was so easy to relate to. His friends were a great cross-section of normal college students.
    Why do all of the good shows get cancelled? Is it a variation of only the good die young? Is this one hundreds words yet? No? Now it is.
  • why didnt i break foxs legs when i had the chance i wish they would bring this back then again fox cant even spell wish

    possibly the best show ever i love it but since its only on bravo and sometimes trouble now im gettin every episode on my computer party at my ip adress love the show why did they cancel why see because this show was canceled this proves there is no god
  • Fantastic.

    UnderGRADS (18+)

    This show has the perfect blend of real life college situations and ridiculous humor. The show is about new college students and their adventures trying to survive and find their places in life.

    The main characters are four friends who've known eachother forever. First up is Nitz, he's a quiet normal guy who's in love this girl Kimmy, even though they rarely speak. Cal is his roommate who's annoying, nice, absent minded, and for some reason extremely attractive to women. Rocko is their friend who goes to a community college in the same city, he enjoys beer, pornography, and punching Cal. Last there is Gimpy, he goes to Techerson Tech where he never leaves his room filled with his supercomputers. If he has a task that needs to be done he delegates it to one of his nerd minions. Nitz also makes a new friend on the first day, a girl named Jesse. Nitz figures Jesse is too cool to be hanging around with him, but for some reason she's always there for him when he needs help.

    The four each have their own objectives throughout the semester. Nitz has to try and get people to notice him, get Kimmy to fall in love with him, get a fake ID to try and impress Kimmy, battle the peer pressure on drinking, and deal with being a virgin. Cal must try to stop annoying Nitz before he leaves and find out why people hate him so much. Rocko wants to get into a fraternity and then basically drink and sleep with lots of women. Gimpy wants to rule the world but must win a game of Quake III for control of his group of Nerds.

    UnderGRADS is a near flawless representation of college life and how your friends can get on your nerves, but in the end they're still your friends. If you're a college student you're sure to love this show to death. UnderGRADS shows the struggles we all go through, sticking together even after the irritating things your friends have done, getting that special person to finally notice you & discovering who you are, but UnderGRADS does it in a way that is entertaining and hillarious. The characters are unforgettable and so is the show.

    From someone who rarely watches TV and abesolutley hates most of what is on TV, or could not care one way or the other, I was sad to hear there would not be any more episodes of UnderGRADS. It's a shame that awful shows like 'John Callahan's Quads' or 'The Oblongs' can be so bad yet get more than one season, yet UnderGRADS can be so good and get cancelled. Oh well.

    The DVD is available for purchase off the net, I highly recommend it to everyone mature enough to handle the content but young enough to be able to relate to it.
  • The show is good at first but after you've seen each episode the show becomes very dull.

    They show isn't that bad a show. It has it's funny characters and decent plots but the episodes are only funny the first time around. Afterwards it gets dull and you feel like there's no point in watching the show anymore... they ended the season well enough, leading us to believe there would be a second season. Some of the jokes are really old and over-used and make you wonder why you even bother watching the show. But aside from all the down sides it's a pretty all around decent show. It's worth a shot... don't trust my word, watch it for yourself. But you can't say I didn't warn you.
  • I'm still disappointed by this shows cancellation. As you can tell by my username, this was one of my favorite shows.

    I cant believe this show got cancelled, it was one of the best cartoons I've ever watched. The characters and the storylines are something almost any student whether it be high school or college can relate to. Dealing with actual problems faced by students to just being downright hilarious, this show had basically everything.

    Even though the show only lasted one season, I still love watching the reruns. Even though most of the jokes I'll admit are childish and more often than not, very crude, it was still enough to get a good laugh. I hope sometime down the line they decide to revive the show for season 2 of the cliques college life.
  • Probably the best cartoon ever created.

    A hilarious cartoon about a group of 4 high school friends trying to cope with there first year in college. The show follows the lives of Nitz, an ordinary guy who spins his time obssessing of the love of his life trying to fit in and helping his friends work their way out of all types of situations, Cal a moron chick magnet, Gimpy a genius obsessed with his super computer and starwars, and Rocko who is a perverted alchoholic Jock. This show only lasted one season as the creator just wanted to created a version of his first year in university. I recomend that any check out some repeats of this show or even pick up the DVD, Its well worth it.
  • One of the finest cartoons to ever hit planet Earth...

    Undergrads is a highly original show that combines fantastic humour, realistic characters, and all the trials and tribulations that any college or university freshman has to deal with it.

    The beauty in Undergrads is how it portrays every aspect of campus life for what it is, as opposed to glorifying it like other shows or films. The dorm rooms are small, the meal hall food is disgusting, dealing with student loans is terrible, and there's a good chance one will get the Freshman 15. There is an extra appeal as it contains many aspects of geek culture such as downloading bootleg films, making emulators, and having all-night Risk parties.

    The voices of all four main characters are done by creator Pete Williams, who portrays incredible flexibility in doing so. Everyone can relate to the characters in some way, or know someone similar to them -- a cynic like Nitz, a techno-geek like Gimpy, an insecure drunk like Rocko, or...Cal. Each of the characters add something special to the show, and in particular, the character of Jessie can be praised for failing to be simply a stereotype.

    Completing the show is the fantastic soundtrack, utlizing many lesser-known songs that are more appropriate for the scene, as opposed to simply sticking in a more popular song. One of the most beautiful and bittersweet scenes in the history of television is found in Undergrads, in the final episode, in which Nitz climbs to the roof of his residence, watching the other students leave as "Overboard", by The Rosenbergs plays. It is particularly tragic, not only because of the context of the scene, but also because it would be the last episode made.

    Despite fan speculation and prayers, and hope instilled by the recent renewal of Family Guy, it is unlikely that new episodes of Undergrads will ever be made. The best one can do is to tape off episodes as they air now, download them, or buy the DVD, and treasure this great little show as it is.

  • Possibly my favourite cartoon EVER - tho being a student, it's no wonder this hilarious cartoon hits a chord!

    I'll assume everyone has read the descriptions about the show? Yea? Good!

    Well if you have ever been to, or are thinking of going to uni/college (depends if you're british or american i suppose) this is the cartoon for you!

    I reckon it almost perfectly depicts uni life as i've seen it as a student -

    Apparently doing NO work whatsoever? check...

    Money troubles? check...

    Stupid university traditions that you know you shouldn't take part in, but still do and love it anyway? check...

    Filling in the holes in your wall that you made while trying to play 'fireball' with toothpaste? check... (in a sense anyway)

    That fit male/female friend that you secretly fancy but can't bring yourself to actually ask out? check...

    That OTHER fit male/female friend that fancies you, but you piss off by talking about the other fit friend constantly? Well that hasn't happened to me, but i guess it's possible...

    Actually - that pretty much sums up the entire show - it's great anyway, but it's at it's best when you realise everything that happens to Nitz and the gang has happened to yourself over that last couple of years!

    Overall - a fantastic show, such a shame they couldn't get another series commissioned, and comes highly recommended by everyone i've known that's watched it!