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Season 1 Episode 13

Screw Week

Aired Unknown Aug 12, 2001 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

Screw Week
It's the final week of the year, commonly referred to a "screw week" Nitz deals with the fact that Kimmy might not be back next year, and therefore finds himself wondering if he should come back. Jessie deals with Nitz making a big deal out of Kimmy one to many times. Cal trains to be an R.A. next year. Rocko tries to find a place with a bar in the basement and roomates for next year. Gimpy realizes he must leave his room behind. Brody and Kruger study for finals.moreless

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  • This episode is the last episode aired for the series. With that being said, the show ends on a semi-cliffhanger.

    "Screw Week" concludes some storylines, and still leaves alot of opportunities to develop the characters even more. That is, if the show didn't get cancelled after one season. "The Click" starts moving there seperate ways, and the oblivious love triangle of Jesse, Nitz, and Kimmie has a breaking moment in this episode. It's a great episode to a great, but shortlived, series.
Richie Favalaro

Richie Favalaro

Mark the Drama Guy

Susan Dalton

Susan Dalton

Kimmy Burton

James Kee

James Kee

Craig the fraternity leader

Katie Griffin

Katie Griffin


Jene Yeo

Jene Yeo


Pete Williams (III)

Pete Williams (III)

Parker "Nitz" Walsh /Justin "Gimpy" Taylan / Cal Evans / Rocko Gambiani

James Kee

James Kee

Craig, the Alpha-Alpha Fraternity Leader

Guest Star

Josh A. Cagan

Josh A. Cagan

Rob Brody/Bobby Whiskey

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Creator Pete WIlliams couldn't decide if this was going to be the last episode.

    • Nitz and Kimmy finally kiss in this episode.

    • At one point, Rocko talks about the good times he had with fellow fraternity members Rheingold and Cagan. Rheingold and Cagan are two of the writers for the show.

    • We see the name-less stoner guy sleeping in a tree in this episode. He must have gotten this idea from the Cal (in the episode "Identity Crisis") who he called "Tree-Guy" and looked very intrigued at the idea of living in a tree.

    • In the episode "Room Mates", Nitz tries to woo Jesse who claims that she's not interested, but in this episode, she explains to him the reason she hung out with him all year is because she liked Nitz

    • Gimpy says he and his bed haven't been formaly introduced but in ' Traditions ', it shows him sleeping on his bed

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Nitz: Why is Kimmy crying? Why is Mark the drama guy's hand on her shoulder? Will Kimmy use Screw Week as an excuse to finally hook up with Mark?
      Jessie: The answers to these questions and more in the next exciting episode of "Who gives a rat's ass?"

    • Jessie: (looking at room wall) So many holes, so little toothpaste....

    • Rocko: Nobody's buying this place
      (steals for sale sign)
      Rocko: Stupid gnome!
      (steals gnome)
      Rocko: When in Rome...!
      (steals mailbox)

    • Jessie: You son of a bitch. You left me alone at the party and ditched me to hook up with Kimmy who was so drunk. Do think she's dating you now? That she's in love with you now?
      Nitz: I...
      Jessie: Shut up. God I can't believe I let you bitch and moan to me about everything. Not once, NOT once did you ever get the idea that I might have been doing it for a reason. Haven't you learned anything about ANYTHING?

  • NOTES (4)


    • Star Wars:
      Gimpy was quoting Star Wars....yet again. One quote was "With the blast shield down I can't see, how am i supposed to fight."

      Another Star wars allusion was Gimpy making a life-sized replica of the Death Star. The Death Star was a giant planet-like space station capable of destroying planets.