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  • Season 1
    • Ascent to the Upperworld: Chapter 12
      Tyrant Unga Khan reaches the surface in his metal tower and immediately picks on what looks like the U.S. Constitution. Crash goes mano-a-mano with Khan.
    • Flaming Death: Chapter 11
      The fortress of Sharad is rubble, but Crash Corrigan and his cohorts survive. The brainwashed Professor Norton gives up all of his technological secrets.
    • Atlantis Destroyed: Chapter 10
      The forces of dark lord Unga Khan again lay siege to the fortress of Sharad, this time with all his tools of destruction.
    • Death in the Air: Chapter 9
      Plans continue to shoot mad tyrant Unga Khan's home from the sea floor to the surface. Here's your best opportunity to see Lon Chaney Jr. in this serial.
    • Into the Metal Tower: Chapter 8
      Everyone's after priming powder, and Crash Corrigan is betrayed by his brainwashed friend Professor Norton. Stick around for the Mad Max moment.
    • The Submarine Trap: Chapter 7
      Crash Corrigan escapes Khan's metal tower on a tightrope with spunky, would-be sidekick Billy.
    • The Juggernaut Strikes: Chapter 6
      The softer side of megalomaniac Khan is revealed when he orders the mind of "energetic newspaper girl" Diana to be "merely transformed, so she doesn't interfere" with his plans.
    • Prisoner of Atlantis: Chapter 5
      Khan's armies blow an upbeat and jazzy retreat bugle; and a disguised Crash Corrigan goes with them.
    • Revenge of the Volkites: Chapter 4
      Nutty despot Unga Khan launches a full-scale attack on his Atlantean enemies, now led by Crash Corrigan in a rooster hat.
    • Arena of Death: Chapter 3
      It's all a big misunderstanding! Crash Corrigan escapes the Black Robes and flees to the White Robes. But he's wearing a stolen black robe, so he's jailed.
    • The Undersea City: Chapter 2
      Crash Corrigan (decathlon and Greco-Roman wrestling star) explores an undersea, yet very Utah-like, Atlantis. A tyrant is fighting "religious fanatics" in his bid to rule the world.
    • Beneath the Ocean Floor: Chapter 1
      The evil emperor of a sea-bottom kingdom wants to destroy the surface world using earthquake-generating doohickeys, spears, cruise missiles, art-deco tanks, horseback posses, subs, robots and funny hats. Very funny hats. Bonus: Spot Lon Chaney Jr.