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  • Season 1
    • Underwater Universe
    • Fatal Pressure
      Episode 4
      The crushing weight of water generates the Underwater Universe's ultimate weapon: Pressure. It has banished humans from much of the world's oceans, only a handful have defied it head on and survived. The deeper man goes, the greater the power of water. The bends, exploding lungs, oxygen toxicity, nitrogen narcosis, and imploding submersibles... Is it possible for anything to survive the deepest place on earth some seven miles down? Answers will surprise. Plunge through five ocean zones, each deadlier than the last, to uncover the mysteries of "Fatal Pressure.moreless
    • 3/16/11
      The pull of the moon and spin of the earth generates mighty forces in the oceans that sweep relentlessly around the planet. Four of the Underwater Universe's most powerful tides and currents pose the greatest potential threat to mankind: the Gulf Stream, the extreme tides of England's Morecambe Bay, the killer rip currents of Kauai and finally--biggest of all, one that helped wipe out over 80 percent of all species some 251 million years ago, the Great Ocean Conveyor. How did an ocean current trigger the planet's most devastating mass extinction event? And could it happen again?moreless
    • 3/10/11
      Ocean predators have evolved to become our planet's most efficient killing machines. Underwater Universe takes an in-depth look at the five deadliest monsters of the sea.
    • 3/10/11
      The ocean depths generate three types of waves, each more potentially lethal than the last. Underwater Universe shows us the devastating effects of rogue, monster and tsunami waves.
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