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  • Undressed is coming to DVD! at www.undressedtv.com you can get all the details! WOOOOO HOOOOOO.

    Finally. We've been waiting forever but its coming to DVD. At www.undressedtv.com you can get all the details to find out about Undressed coming to DVD.

    The whole series is coming which means we get the fun, tacky, hilarious, wild, craziness of it all. Actually, I'm totally excited. There will also be a bunch of different releases. You will be able to get a couple of different theme compilations.

    1) Totally Hetero
    2) Totally Gay
    3) The real thing - from front to back, each season and every episode therein.

    There is a mailing list too if you want to find out about the new seasons that are planned and the contest to create your own episodes!!!
  • Awesome series, that maybe the younger generation shouldn't see, but I would sure like to own..

    Please MTV needs to bring this show out on DVD to buy, I'm going crazy not being able to watch these anymore. I was too young too be allowed to watch when they came out and only caught a few episodes as I was growing up. Please bring the dvds soon. thanks
  • why dont they have like any of the seasons available to buy anywere?

    me n my friend used to watch it like all the time on weekends when we were in like 7th or 8th grade .. weird show but it was fun to watch and kind of addicting but a good show overall and it sucks they took it off but oh well i just dont understand why the seasons any of them are not available any where and noting is played anymore i thought i was the only one who remembered about it but i guess not .. weird im sick of typing but it has to be freakin 100 words
  • OMG!! Like it was totally on tonight on MTV. It through me for a loop b/c it hasn't been on for like ever. I hope they start playing them again during the insomniac hours. YAY!

    OMG!! Like it was totally on tonight on MTV. It through me for a loop b/c it hasn't been on for like ever. I hope they start playing them again during the insomniac hours. YAY!
    It would so totally suck if it was just a slip up kind of thing last night.. I so can not wait to see if they bring it back on. I really, really hope so. I remember watching this when I was in high school. And its so funny, b/c a few friends of mine's were just discussing it last week. I mean, like what are the odds. weird.
  • ...the mentality I had as an initial outsider to the series was what is this? A soap opera with a lot of sex? Why are they showing this on MTV? When the truth is...

    Though it lasted for quite sometime before being dropped altogether by MTV, Undressed ultimately was an underated, guilty pleasure. If you haven't seen it I wouldn't blame you. Heck I even begrudged it once. I think the mentality I had as an initial outsider to the series was what is this? A soap opera with a lot of sex? Why are they showing this on MTV? When the truth is nothing could be further than the truth. After I got over my initial biased against it I actually started watching it. And you know what I loved it. To the untrained eye this show comes across with the intiial impression of a hybrid cross betwixt a soap opera and porn when in reality you don't even get to see that stuff. No that's left to your imagination. What you do get to see is what leads to that stuff in 2 to 3 different relationships in a world of teens without any adults or supervision whatsoever. Its a fantasy soap opera that leans towards sex and relationships. Thats not to say its above the occasional fartjoke. And you do get to see some fartjokes from time to time. Alas guilty pleasure it may be this show isn't on the air any more. So what exactly did I like about this show that alluded to sex yet never showed any? Fart jokes aside what happened with in the relationships was pretty darn interesting. Each storyline dealt with a couple and their often odd funny yet quirky issues they had to deal with before they could do the deed. Then right before they'd do it we'd be introduced to yet another couple with their issues. It was not a straight up serious series. Infact it seldomly if ever returned to any prior couples it introduced you to unless their story arc had yet to be concluded with a sexual encounter of some sort(which you'd see the start of but not the actual act). Its combination of campyness and quirky humor along with allusions towards sex (without really showing any)but if you can stomach it stick around and you might like what you see.
  • Ohh how I loved Undressed

    Man this show was soooo good! i loved it! It was like porn but not porn. Lol. I miss it. I totally 4gotten all about it. MTV should totally re-air it. I hardly remember it since I was like 9 or 10 when it aired.Lol, yes I watched mtv at a young ass age. hahaha. I wanna watch another episode on it. Well overally, this show was good and i want it to come back!
  • The cheesiest yet most addicting show ever.

    Undressed was one of my guiltiest pleasures during High school and college for me. It featured over the top situations that every teen/twenty-something goes through. It was like an elementrary "how to" sex guide. Many of the scenes and stories matched what was going on during my life. I remember one episode that featured two very sexy twins. One was a lesbian and one was straight, and they did the olde switch-a-roo. Well the long and the short of the episode was that the lesbian taught the male counter-part how to go down. Eventhough, they didn't show much (it was MTV) but they explained it well, and well, its worked for me everytime since I saw that episode. So in closing "Undressed" really a how-to guide for high school/college sex.
  • No Surprises Here!

    This show is exactly what it's title says it is. It is about a bunch of people in their late teens early 20's having sex. It was one of the first shows to feature gay storylines right along with their straight counterparts. It's a great soap opera and one that I miss, I would love to see it come back or to see it come out on DVD!!
  • Teen sex soap opera.

    'Undressed' is what it is: A simple show that gives pre-teens and teens an entry level soap opera to cut their teeth on. It does deserve the credit of making positive gay role models active in plotlines that involve relationships and tolerance. There are some talented performances, and some very funny moments, so long as you're willing to wade through the mediocre.
  • miss

    I kinda miss this show it was something to watch late at nite ohh well...................................blah blah blah Miss it bring it back plz plz plz late nite crap is allways nice to watch better then as seen on tv type stuff bring it back bring it back now now now
  • To quote MTV on this: "Do you like TV that's 30 minutes LONG? ...And HARD to figure out?" Then Undressed is for you!

    Ah, Undressed. A calamity on modern television. One of the worst shows ever to hit the airwaves. Formulaic. Poorly written, poorly acted. A bad porn movie without the porn. All these things adequately describe the show known as "Undressed".

    ...And yet, there were over 300 episodes of this show, often conveniently played in 6-hour marathon blocks late at night when MTV had nothing better to play. So, why was this show as long-lasting as it was?

    Because it was like a train wreck. Once you got a glimpse of it, you couldn't look away. It's midnight, you're tired and suddenly you happen across Undressed. You want to sleep? Too bad, you're going to watch it until 4 AM. Enjoy!

    The situations in this show are brutally formulaic and stereotypical, ranging from "straight guy pretends to be gay to shower with girl", to "a guy and a girl/guy and a guy/girl and a girl find love for one another in a late night cram session", to "The guy who played Tommy from Power Rangers shows up for a few episodes". If you can't figure out exactly what's going to happen in each episode, or block of episodes, then there's probably something very wrong with you. Of course, this unbelievable predictability adds a sort of nostalgic humor to the series. It's hard to NOT look back at Undressed and think it was possibly one of the greatest pieces of humor that ever graced television.

    Undressed. It's not a "love it or hate it" show. It's a "love it AND hate it" show.
  • sexxci show *muahzz*

    Season 6 (Darko)
    Most episodes & gay storylines up to date. They filmed in Montreal, Canada. The introduction credits do not follow the typical brown background with the faces of each character; rather, it is more colorful, w/ pictures of bananas and certain hott scenes throughout the series i love this seriies morgan kelly and steph are in here
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