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  • Episode 130
    Episode 130
    Episode 30
    "Bi-Gones" written by Tom Crehan & Steven S. DeKnight Before the INS man come over, Joan tells everyone that she had a job interview in San Diego. Samantha is shocked, and the INS comes over. They all lie about everything, and pass. Joan is about to leave, because it feels that Samantha didn't do anything for Joan, and look at all the stuff she did for Samantha. Samantha tells her that she loves her and don't go. Everyone ends up happy. "The Wrapper And The Rapper" written by Dina Marie Chapman Rhiannon dumps Ricky, after they go to a club and he hits on this girl. Rhiannon brings home Ollie (from the first episode, Great Continuity!) and well, Lea and Michael are surprised. Lea and Michael trouble is resolved, previously, they thought that she was pregant because the condom broke, and what seems like she was late, but isn't. But all the baby books that they was going through, they decide to keep it for future references, when Lea is really pregnant. "Four In The Van" written by Jeff Goode While at the look out point, Rory and Jana decides to have sex. But they don't have any protection, and seems like it's their first time. They go to the store, and Rory buys a lot (one of each) and it ends, as they go through the condoms, with Rory asking "are you ready?"moreless
  • Episode 129
    Episode 129
    Episode 29
    "Four In The Van" written by Jeff Goode Rory wants to please Jana, but while in make out point, they get caught by the police, thinking that Jana is going to get raped. "Bi-Gones" written by Tom Crehan The four guys move each others stuff in the others room, and Samantha and Jonathan snuggles close because they are really good friends, while Kirk and Joan, are not getting a long. But Joan and Kirk talks and they get along. "The Wrapper And The Rapper" written by Dina Marie Chapman While arguing with Rhiannon, It is revealed that while having sex with Michael, their condom breaks, and she preaches some more about it, and they talk about what if they had a baby.moreless
  • Episode 128
    Episode 128
    Episode 28
    "Four In The Van" written by Jeff Goode Rory gives a lot of thoughtful presents to Jana, but ends up getting ruined, when it doesn't go his way. He is very upset, and Jana tells him that she really likes them. Jana then hurries into the house, getting a few supplies, and they head over to a make out point. "The Wrapper And The Rapper" written by Tom Crehan & Steven S. DeKnight Lea preaches to Rhiannon about pregnancy, when she finds Ricky and her making out, because on what happen to her on the previous night about the condom breaking. "Bi-Gones" written by Tom Crehan & Steven S. DeKnight The guy from INS calls and Kirk answers the phone. He tells the guy that Samantha and Jonathan is on there honey moon, but aren't actually. Kirk and Joan test Jonathan and Samantha bout each other, and they also come up with the plan to move Samantha's things in Jonathan's place, making it look like a real marriage.moreless
  • Episode 127
    Episode 127
    Episode 27
    "Four In The Van" written by Jeff Goode While waiting for Jana, Rory gets surprised when Amy steps in his van, and asks how Jana kisses. Rory doesn't want to share it when Amy, and she kisses him, asking how she is. They then talk personal, and They share a secret about each other. Jana steps in, and Amy teases her about something. Rory then teases her (in a good way) that he is going to tell her boyfriend about something. Amy panics, and stops with the teasing. They proceed to go to the movies. "Bi-Gones" written by Tom Crehan & Steven S. DeKnight Joan is furious when she finds out that her lover, Samantha slept with Jonathan. She rushes over there, and confronts him. She then surprises Kirk that they went out over a year, and had sex. He tells them that this changes everything. "The Wrapper And The Rapper" written by Dina Marie Chapman, Tom Crehan & Steven S. DeKnight Lea's niece, Rhiannon is coming over to look over the college scene. But is shocked when Lea brought also home a struggling musician Ricky. Michael, Lea's boyfriend, while having sex, his condom breaks.moreless
  • Episode 126
    Episode 126
    Episode 26
    "He Ain't Gay, He's My Brother" written by Rick Bitzelberger, Tom Crehan, Steven S. DeKnight & Graham Flashner Joel finds out that Ned is lying about having a girlfriend, and they both figure out that each other is gay. They then come up with a fun plan to play with the brothers' mind so that they could come out to each other. When the brothers come back, They find Ned and Joel talking about tattoos, because Joel is a tattoo artist. Ned is thinking of getting a heart on his ass, and shows the brother his ass. Brick questions about the heart, and Joel interrupts him saying that Andy has a tattoo on his ass. He also reveals that's how they met. Brick questions about his tattoo, and brushes it off. Ned fakes on going forward with the tattoo, and Joel offers them a deal, a 2 for 1. But the thing is that Joel doesn't have enough red dye, so Ned accompanies him to get it from his car, but they actually are listening to the brothers and how they act. They then return, and Brick talks about leaving, because eariler, Andy asked him to. Ned and Joel panics, and Ned confesses his love to Joel. They then kiss, and Andy calls it wrong, Ned questions about love, and Brick steps in saying that he is suppose to be loving someone else, and Joel steps in kissing Andy. Brick questions Andy, Ned tells him that he is just kissing his boyfriend and he kisses him. They all break out of the kiss, and the brothers star at each other, telling each other "YOU'RE GAY!?!"; Joel and Ned decides to have some tea, while the brothers work it out. Brick and Andy reveal to each other about their early stages on being gay. [This segment ends] "Bi-Gones" written by Dina Marie Chapman Dean's sister, Samantha is getting married to her gay friend named Jonathan so he could stay in the country. Dean is having trouble with Claire, and he hits on Joan, Samantha's bridesmaid. They then kiss, and Samantha walks in on them, and is furious. Claire then steps in is very furious. Claire tells him that he is her boyfriend! And Dean is appalled that it was her first use of saying boyfriend. Samantha talks to Joan about it, and they end up kissing. Jonathan is also there, and Kirk, which is presumably his best man, end up kissing Jonathan. Samantha and Joan goes to their side of the house, while Kirk and Jonathan does the same. "Plus One" written by Graham Flashner Cootie crashes Dee's car, and ends up in the jail. Dee, Jackie, and Cootie work out each others differences so they all could be happy. [This segment ends]moreless
  • Episode 125
    Episode 125
    Episode 25
    "Asian Sensation" (And "Z Date") written by Jennifer Johnson & Neil Landau Liz comes out to Yumi, and explains that she is ranked #1 slut of the whole school. Liz wants love for a change. Yumi then explains that Liz has a perfect guy right in her and she isn't doing anything about it. Liz sticks up for Z, and herself, when Stacey catches Z over there again. Liz breaks out of the Fearsum Foursum group, and Liz proceeds to go out with Z, and becomes Yumi's maid of honor. [This segment ends. Ending it's 22 episode character connection.] "He Ain't Gay, He's My Brother" written by Rick Bitzelber, Steven S. DeKnight & Graham Flashner Joel talks to Ned and Brick, and Ned makes all these remarks that they could be gay, but Joel doesn't get the remarks. Andy comes home, and Joel encourages him to come out. While Ned is out, Andy talks with Brick, and tries to come out. Brick doesn't want to listen, and presumably what is felt is that. it is wrong, but they say it in other words. Andy retreats to his room, and tells Joel it's no use, and that he will ask them to leave tomorrow. Ned then comes back, and Brick wants to see him happy because they are a couple, and this episode ends as Brick and Ned kiss. "Plus One" written by Graham Flashner Jackie feels that Cootie is using Dee because he is becoming a rising star. Jackie explains that who is Cootie dealing with is bad people. Cootie tells Dee to choose, and Dee chooses Jackie.moreless
  • Episode 124
    Episode 124
    Episode 24
    "Asian Sensation" (And "Z Date") written by Jennifer Johnson & Neil Landau Yumi asks Liz to be her maid of honor, but Liz tells her now. Yumi then explains that Liz's friend is stopping her, and who is the puppet here. Stacey leaves, and Yumi and Jack reemerges and Z comes in with a black eye. Z explains that he heard some guys talking trash about Liz, and he defended her honor. Yumi and Jack leaves seeing that Liz and Z need time alone. Z surprises Liz with champane and that's when Stacey walks in. Liz quickly throws her drink on Z. Z asks her about the moments they shared together, and Liz calls in nothing (infront of Stacey). Z then leaves, and Stacey tells her well done. Liz then feels bad on what she done, and looks like she is going to cry. "He Ain't Gay, He's My Brother" written by Rick Bitzelber & Steven S. DeKnight Andy's brother, Brick will be in town, and Brick's friend Ned, tag a long, because they are both in the navy and decides to visit. Andy panics, and he puts away everything that seems gay. Joel is skeptical about this, and he figures out that Andy didn't came out of his family. Brick seems to be a real ladies man, and asks a lot of quesions on the girl he's been talking about to his parents. Andy tells him a weird story, and well, it's time for bed. Brick is surprise that Andy's friend Joel is sleeping over too. Andy then explains that he is just letting him crash here; Andy and Joel goes to bed, and Andy asks Joel if they could play straight roles. Joel isn't to happy about it, and Andy tries to kiss him, but Joel says as he played into his straight role, "I'm not into guys remember?" "Plus One" written by Graham Flashner Cootie and Dee have conflicts when Dee figures out that Cootie is sort of using him.moreless
  • Episode 123
    Episode 123
    Episode 23
    The Porn That Went Bump In The Night" written by Rick Bitzelberger & Steven S. DeKnight Andy is sick of Joel and that he is still clinging on to his ex-boyfriend. Joel then calls Tommy, Joel's ex, to pick up his things, like letters, tapes, magazines, showing that he really loves Andy and is getting rid of them for good. Andy wants to pick a fight with Tommy because Joel was very down when he broke up with him, and Tommy reveals that he knew that Joel needed better, and that's why he dumped him. Joel and Andy make up, and they proceed to make out. The phone rings, and the machine picks it up. It's Andy's brother, and he tells him that he is stopping by to visit, and he better show his girlfriend that he's been talking about to his parents. [This segment ends, continues with Andy's brother Brick, next episode.] "Asian Sensation" (and "Z Date") written by Jennifer Johnson & Neil Landau Liz is falling for Z, and she makes out with him, until he has to go. Tina catchs them also before he leaves, and reveals that Jack, Tina and Liz's brother are coming home. Stacey then stops by telling Liz, Phase 2 of her punishment. Jack then come home revealing his fiancé, Yumi, a girl from Japan. Liz and Stacey make an impression that they hate her, while Tina treats Yumi as her real sister. Liz and Stacey are shocked that they are getting married, and must be the "Asian Sensation" when Liz's brother went to Japan. "Plus One" written by Graham Flashner Jackie and Dee's tension between them happens. They happen to kiss when they discuss Dee's basketball game.moreless
  • Episode 122
    Episode 122
    Episode 22
    "Z Date" written by Jennifer Johnson, & Neil Landau Liz's punishment is here, and she asks Z to the dance. She starts to fall for Z, but Tina tells Z the truth about the whole punishment. He tells Liz of them that he knew, and just wanted to get laid, because she is ranked #1 slut on the football teams list, which everyone seems to know about. Liz cools down, and finds out that Z is really cool, and they exchange underwear, mainly Liz needs some proof, and well, Z is just horny. "The Porn That Went Bump In The Night" written by Rick Bitzelberger & Steven S. DeKnight The intevention is on, and three friends of Andy and Joel, confronts Joel on his straight porn fetish. Andy gets upset, andleaves. He then returns and it is revealed that Joel was getting off to the guys, not the girls. Their friends leave and while looking at the porn, Andy notices that one of the guys, have a tattoo on his buns, and Andy figures it out. Joel was getting off to his ex-boyfriend. "Plus One" written by Graham Flashner Dee is a just a rising basketball star, and obstacles of lust is just one of his problems.moreless
  • Episode 121
    Episode 121
    Episode 21
    "I Know What You Did Last Hummer" written by Jennifer Johnson & Neil Landau Tina finally shows Kyle her surprise, and he is shocked when she learned it from Jared, his best friend. Jared walks in and Kyle tackles him. Liz then walks in, and Tina confronts Liz, about the whole lolli-lick thing. Liz tells Tina that she was just lying, and mad because she broke up with Vincent. Kyle then confronts Jared, only to find out that Tina was "practicing" with carrots. Kyle then forgives Jared, and they both leave. Tina teases Liz that she is now a pro on what she does. [This segment ends, spinoffs with Z, from episode 5, and Liz's brother.] "Twice A Virgin" written by Rick Bitzelberger & Neil Landau Dean writes a poem for Claire, saying how sorry he is, and she trusts him now. Claire and Dean do a ritual to make then virgins again, because Dean wants to have sex. This segment ends as they end up kissing in the corner, and Emma telling a girl, that she helped put them together. "The Porn That Went Bump In The Night" written by Rick Bitzelberger & Steven S. DeKnight Andy finds a stack of straight porn under the bed after having sex with his partner, Joel. He confronts Joel about it, and just says it is just a habbit. They then fight about it, and Joel leaves. Andy then talks to Greg about it, and Greg tells him that they should an intervention.moreless
  • Episode 120
    Episode 120
    Episode 20
    "I Know What You Did Last Hummer" written by Jennifer Johnson Jared comes over after Tina, tells him that she needs help on the "oral" report and she reveals that the help she needs on the oral report is actually help on giving oral. Jared is skeptical, but still tells her. Gwen then stops by because she wants to learn to, and he teaches them the tricks of the trades. Tina then calls Kyle telling him that she has a surprise for him tomorrow. "Three In The Van" written by Jeff Goode Rory and Jana talks in his van, in a place what could be best described as a make out point. They end up making out, and while making out. In the process of taking Jana's bra off, he has trouble and accidentally hits her back. She tries to explain how to take it off, but it's no use. She tells him to close his eyes because she has a surprise. He closes his eyes, and she puts the bra on him. He then opens his eyes, and is horrified what he has on. He tries to take it off, but doesn't. Jana laughs at him, and he asks her, what's funny. She then reveals that what he was trying to take off, it already off, and is not enjoying the show. [This segment continues on Episode 127, taking a 6 episode break in between.] "Twice A Virgin" written by Rick Bitzelberger & Neil Landau Claire finds out that Dean slept with Kiki, before they had sex, and she is really upset. Dean tries to reason with her, and tells her that it's Emma's fault. Claire tells Dean don't blame other people, and he takes the blame. She doesn't want to see or talk to him anymore.moreless
  • Episode 119
    Episode 119
    Episode 19
    "Twice A Virgin" written by Rick Bitzelberger & Neil Landau Dean's big One Eight is today, and Kiki knocks on his door, where she gives him a baloon, and herself. It is also revealed that Kiki is just a tease, and she needs to uphold an image of her being kinky. They have sex, and she leaves. There is another knock on the door, and covered in sweat, he answers it. Thinking it's Kiki, he jokes, "couldn't keep away." Only it's not Kiki, but Claire. She then offers herself, and they have sex. Then another knock on his door, and it's Emma! She asks how it went, only to surprised that he did both girls. "I Know What You Did Last Hummer" written by Jennifer Johnson Tina is threatened by Liz, when she thinks Liz gave Kyle a blow job. She confronts Liz about it, and she tells her it did happen. She asks her friend, Gwen, if she could borrow her dress, making her look like Liz, in order to please Kyle. She tries to give him a blow job, but he denies what happened. She wants to please Kyle, so she asks Kyle's friend, Jared, if he can help her on her "oral" report.sa "Three In The Van" written by Jeff Goode While circling Jana's block, he stops in front of her house, wanting to get back together, saying sorry on what happened. Only to find Jana's sister, Amy in his van. Amy starts to talk about on how Jana talks about him, and asks if she is sexy. He doesn't want to talk about it, and Amy asks if Rory finds her sexy. Still, He doesn't want to talk about it, and Amy's sister teases him by pretending to take off her shirt, and he bolts out. She then honks on the horn, and Jana emerges from their home, asking Rory why he is here. He tells her that he is sorry, and want to make up, where she accepts.moreless
  • Episode 118
    Episode 118
    Episode 18
    "Twice A Virgin" written by Rick Bitzelberger & Neil Landau Dean wants to have a forsure thing with Claire, so he calls her and weakly asks her to come over. With the help of Emma, he tells her that he wrote her a poem, and will be there in a hour, due to studying. Emma tries to help Dean write a poem, and he insults her about Mr. Fuzzy, and she leaves. Claire comes over, and he dodges every single way on reading the poem. He crumples the paper, and they talk about, you know, just stuff. One thing leades to sex, and it guarantees him for sex tomorrow on his 18th birthday, which he told Claire about. She gets up and reads the crumple which only has scribbles on it. She gets mad and leaves. "I Know What You Did Last Hummer" written by Jennifer Johnson Liz is mad at Tina when she tells her dad that Liz's friend, Vincent is here. The thing is, two years ago, her father caught them in the rec room, and well, he is no longer invited in there home. Liz presses on Vincent, saying that they will have sex on the beach, under the stars. He says he will comeback, and leaves. It's time to go, and Liz reveals that she cannot go because she is grounded. Hhe knows it's bad on what their doing because he is a college student and because she is a high school girl. He leaves, and She goes back into the house. Kyle shows up looking for Tina, and they starts to make out. Liz comes back, from their home, and tells Tina she has an important phone call from one of the teachers, and she rushes to the phone. That's when Liz and Kyle is alone, she asks him what he wants to do, and she gets on her knees... Tina comes back shocked, and asks what she did to Kyle. Liz sucks on a straw of the soda, and teases Tina on not telling her what she did. "Three In The Van" written by Jeff Goode Rory is being extra special to Doc because he feels that he needs to be treated special because he took Jana away from him. They go to a look out point, where Rory tries to say he's sorry, but Doc doesn't even know her real name. Doc thinks that Jana's name is Jennifer, because they call her Jen (or Jan actually). It revaels that Doc doesn't care, and Rory drops him to his home. He then passes by Jana's home, where he writes her a letter.moreless
  • Episode 117
    Episode 117
    Episode 17
    "If Words Could Kill" written by Jennifer Johnson, Graham Flashner, & Neil Landau The Fearsum Foursum lives out their rule, and they all do their punishments. They try to get Jonas, a hot jock, to be their date for an upcoming dance. They invite Jonah to the garage and they play truth or dare. Things go out of hand, and Debbie ends up with Jonas. [This segment ends, continues with Tina/Kyle, now deeper in a relationship.] "The Ex-Files" written by Dina Marie Chapman & Steven S. DeKnight Stan comes home early only to find Sally talking to a plumber dude, who was her ex-boyfriend in the second grade. Sally panics and tells him about the 8th month superstition. Then Stan reveals what he was going to tell her from the start. He had a job interview in L.A. (where she lives) and he got the job. Now they can live happily together. [This segment ends] "Twice a Virgin" written by Rick Bitzelberger & Neil Landau Dean likes Claire, and Emma tries to help him out. But in the process, Kiki finds Dean hot, and hits on him in whatever way she could. He shows no interest to Kiki because he vowed himself to be a virgin until he's 18th birthday (which is in three days) and Emma then finds out that Claire is a virgin like him. It would be the first time for the both of them.moreless
  • Episode 116
    Episode 116
    Episode 16
    "If Words Could Kill" written by Jennifer Johnson, Graham Flashner & Neil Landau It's revealed in Jeanine's diary that Melissa is the trader, and the decrown her. They then appoint Stacey, and she decides to punish everyone in the group (including herself) on what each other them did wrong. "The Ex-Files" written by Dina Marie Chapman & Steven S. DeKnight Sally and Dani orders dinner, and Sally asks ex #3 to come, but he doesn't. She has to settle with the delivery guy, and she asks him if he has a girlfriend. He thinks this a a come on, and Sally starts to talk to him about his relationship. He thinks he is going to have sex, but he was originally delivering food. He then thanks them for dinner, the food that he delivered, and leaves. "They Called It Puppet Love" written by Steven S. DeKnight. Emma is depressed, when everyone seem to hate her. Brian cheers her up with Mr. Fuzzy. Brian also reveals that her site has 400-something messages, that she didn't check (because she was depressed). Brian helps her get back into the mood, and she starts to make out with him, where he tells her he has to pee. After taking a few minutes to long, Emma checks Brian in the bathroom, only finding him entertaining Kiki. Emma gets upset, and says she wanted him to open up, and he did. But she didn't want him to open up to the whole world, and she feel she can no longer keep this relationship, so she breaks up with him. [This segment ends, spinoffs with Emma's friend, Dean.]moreless
  • Episode 115
    Episode 115
    Episode 15
    "They Call It Puppet Love" (Emma/Brian) written by Steven S. DeKnight While in the bathroom, Emma tells Kiki, who saw their performance online, that she left the camera unpurpose. Back in Emma's dorm room, Brian constantly ask for Mr. Fuzzy, but Emma won't give it to him. Tiffany then knocks and asks for Emma's help, because she is the girl whose boyfriend has a food fetish, while having sex. She then tends to Tiffany's help, leaving Brian alone, making him messing up Emma's room. She returns, and is shocked. He constantly asks for it, and she gets fed up and gives it to him. He then calls her a liar, because she had all these excuses for Mr. Fuzzy. "If Words Could Kill" (Liz/Z, Tina/Kyle, Jared and a lot more) written by Jennifer Johnson, Graham Flashner & Neil Landau The Fearsum Foursum steals Jeanine (Tina friends' diary) and they reveal secrets about each other within the group. It appears that Tina tells Jeanine about the group, and declare her the trader. Tina is auditioning for the part of Juilet, and Melissa wants to grab it. They group leaves, and Liz reveals to Tina that she saved her butt on school gossip that was going to go around. "The Ex-Files" (Stan/Sally) written by Dina Marie Chapman & Tom Crehan Sally brings ex-boyfriend #2 who said that he will go on a trip on Fiji, and will give her a call back. Which he eventually didn't. Her roommate, Dani is pissed of the idea, and he shows up, and she calls him an "Ass" and goes into her room. Sally shows up, asking why they broke up, and it is revealed that they broke up because he was just doing what she wanted, and it's not her fault. He takes all the credit. Bring on ex-boyfriend #3!moreless
  • Episode 114
    Episode 114
    Episode 14
    "They Call It Puppet Love" (Emma/Brian) written by Steven S. DeKnight When Emma tries to access her site, it is down because it crashed. A friend, Tiffany, stopes by for help and Emma helps her. Mark stops by next, looking for Gina, and sees Brian talking to his dad. Brian helps Mark open up with Emma's sock puppet, and she catches them. She gets mad, and that's when Gina reveals that their is a post of Brian and Emma having sex, and that's the reason why her site crashed, because it had too many hits. "If Words Could Kill" (Liz, Tina, Stacey, Melissa, Debbie, and Jeanine) written by Jennifer Johnson, Graham Flashner & Neil Landau There is a leak in their group, and they want to find out who it is, so they play truth or dare. Tina spies on them the whole time, and Melissa dares Liz to french kiss Debbie. They do it and Tina is shocked. Tina makes a ruckus, and leaves. Liz dares Melissa but Jeanine then stops by because Tina forgot her shirt on the field, and leaves. The Fearsum Foursum vowes to find out the leak and leaves. Tina tells Liz that she is shocked, and she says that she saved her ass, because Liz knew it was Tina leaking the information. "The Ex-Files" (Stan/Sally) written by Dina Marie Chapman & Tom Crehan Sally interviews Jake, her ex and finds out what happened. It is revealed that Jake wasn't just ready to commit with her, and he says his goodbys and leaves. It's time for ex #2!moreless
  • Episode 113
    Episode 113
    Episode 13
    "They Call It Puppet Love" (Emma/Brian) written by Steven S. DeKnight Brian says sorry to Emma, and buys her a webcam. He surprises her by setting it up. He is ready to have sex, and Emma notices the puppet, Or Mr. Fuzzy, that's what Brian named him, and Emma says that he already broke and doesn't need the puppet. They get past Mr. Fuzzy, and he really wants to have sex, but Emma is scared. Brian then helps Emma through the puppet (she made two actually, one her and one her Brian, when he was affraid.) Brian helps Emma break through, and they proceeds to have sex. This episode ends, as the webcam shoots them having sex and sending it to everyone on the internet who is on Emma's sex therapy site. "Not Enough RAM" (Jake/Sarah) written by Graham Flashner & Neil Landau Sarah is all hyped, and calls Jake chicken. Jake then all hyped, and Sarah freaks. It is revealed that Sarah is not ready, and Jake talks to her, about he is ready. She is scared, but it ends all well, when they decide to get married, because they are faithful to each other. [Jake/Sarah segment ends, but spinoffs with Jake's ex, Sally, same episode.] "The Ex-Files" (Stan/Sally) written by Dina Marie Chapman & Tom Crehan Stan goes on a business trip, and tells his girlfriend Sally, he needs to tell her something before he leaves. The taxi arrives and he tells her that he is going to tell her when he comes back. Sarah is very paranoid, and comes up with the idea that Stan wants to break up with her. Armed with a chart, it is revealed that every ex-boyfriend of Sally, broke up with her before the 8th month. Her friend, Dani, tells her that maybe she needs to interview her ex-boyfriends. Sally then plans to do that.moreless
  • Episode 112
    Episode 112
    Episode 12
    "Seeing Eye Dog" (Ross/Jenny) written by Dina Marie Chapman Their so called relationship goes to a bust, when Jenny reveals that she is working at a club, where Ross likes to go. He explains he doesn't want a relationship but wants to remain as friends. It ends as he presumably lets her stay their until she could find her own place. "They Call It Puppet Love" (Emma/Brian) written by Steven S. DeKnight Emma pushes, and they start to talk through the puppet, and she finds out more stuff about Brian and vice versa with Brian. He then isn't quite ready for sex yet, and still uses the puppet while they make out. She wants him to take it off, but he calls her a control freak. "Not Enough RAM" (Jake, Sarah) written by Graham Flashner & Neil Landau Steve helps move stuff for storage, and Sarah does an experiment, while she sees Jake over hearing them. She hits on him, and he hits on her back, making Jake very angry. Steve leaves, and Jake tells her what the hell was that about, and she tells that she was just testing his friend, and that he doesn't need friends like Steve. They make up, and she starts to have the cold feet now, when he is already.moreless
  • Episode 111
    Episode 111
    Episode 11
    "Seeing Eye Dog" (Ross/Jenny) written by Dina Marie Chapman It is reveal how Ross got blind, he explains how you know you are not suppose to look into the solar eclipse without those boxes, well he did, and it made him blind. No he is just joking, Bee sting, it was an allegric reaction. They start to get really close, and she reveals to Ross that she is moving back to Ohio, because L.A. didn't treat her very well, and she wanted to spend her last night with him. Both, After climaxing, she says that she might want to stay because of him, making him feel weird all over again. "They Call It Puppet Love" (Emma/Brian) written by Steven S. DeKnight Emma is Gina's new roommate is a sex therapist, and her boyfriend doesn't want to make out, but doesn't want to. Emma think he is gay and asks Evan to check him out. Evan comes to a conclusion that he is not gay. Emma decides to make Brian go get pizza, while she makes these sock puppets. He comes back, only to find Emma talking about the puppet and therapy through them (the puppet, speaking wise). "Not Enough RAM" (Jake, Sarah) written by Graham Flashner & Neil Landau Jake's sex drive is going down, and he and Sarah tries to do anything. She starts to read him a computer magazine, and it is said that radition might be the cause of this. Sarah gets a page, and has to go into work. She comes back only to find Jake, and his computers missing.moreless
  • Episode 110
    Episode 110
    Episode 10
    "Seeing Eye Dog" (Ross/Jenny) by Dina Marie Chapman Jenny psychs Ross out by telling him that he use his blindness because he needs to feel like the rest of the crowd, and that he is affraid or serious relationships. He explains, he could but doesn't want to. She then dares Ross to have the serious relationship, and he agrees. But their is still a catch, being in a serious relationship, also means that you don't have sex every second. "The Odd Couple" (Cliff/Evan) written by Graham Flashner While playing basketball, Evan hurts his back, and asks Cliff if he could rub some "heat" (pain reliever) on him, and that's when Emma, invites herself in scaring both of them, saying that she is looking for Mark (Presumably Mark From Episodes 4 - 5, Gina's Boyfriend) They don't know where he is and she leaves, curiously thinking what the two of them was doing. Cliff and Evan gives advice to each other before their dates (remember? Their "Serious" dates?) and everything goes well, but Nikki is still questionable. While discussing it in the bathroom, Emma knocks on their dorm room, only to find the both of them emerging from the bathroom, wearing only towels. Emma tells Cliff that she told Nikki he was gay, because of all the things she saw, and he hits on her, and tells her that he is not gay. She leaves shamefully, and quietly, after the thought of Cliff doing her. Cliff laughs, and discuss Evan that they should be roommates next year. [Cliff/Evan segment ends, spinoffs with the noisy girl, Emma in the next episode.] "Not Enough RAM" (Jake, Sarah) written by Graham Flashner & Neil Landau Jake is stuck on his computer, due to a big deadline, and Sarah gets upset when he doesn't want to have sex so she unplugs his computer in a mad rage. He yells at her, and feels bad right after and makes up with her.moreless
  • Episode 109
    Episode 109
    Episode 9
    The Odd Couple (Cliff/Evan) written by Graham Flasher Cliff and Evan really start to get a long (in a gay/straight alliance thing) and Cliff respects Evan more, after finding him making out with a guy in their dorm room. After they are done, Cliff returns, only to find out that Evan just had sex with a guy that he just met by the soda machine. Cliff asks if he even knew the guys name! Nope. Only the swapping of their tongues was the best he got. Cliff then explains that Nikki rathers study than have sex, and Evan explains about how girls want to talk, and not just have sex always. They then make a pact, Cliff goes out (in a serious, not only sex way) with Nikki, and the same with Evan (in a serious, not only sex way) with Theo. Seeing Eye Dog (Ross/Jenny) written by Dina Marie Chapman Jenny is hurt when Ross brings home another girl named Lexi. Jenny disturbes them while he and Lexi are making out in the other room. Jenny interrupts them so much that Lexi is fed up and leaves. Jenny in a Cameron Diaz in Vanilla Sky way, asks why, and that they shared intimate sessions, and that she is not a slut. He then explains, since he is blind, he likes to explore other peoples bodies. She then whines about not having a place, and job (because he phone was burned down too!) and he decides, until she gets on her feet, she could stay with him. Unstripped (Kyle/Tina, Katie) written by Dina Marie Chapman It's dinner time! Kyle and Tina enjoy themselves (in Katie's Apartment). He is nervous and doesn't know what to talk about, and sees Katie in the next room, where she is listening on the phone, and asks her what they should talk about. She says just talk about what your friends talk about, which is a way not to talk about girls. He goes back out, and he casually talks about movies and television. It's desert time, and Kyle grabs a piece of chocolate cake, where Tina said no but Kyle being a gentlemen says if she wants she can have some of his. He goes up and grabs it. She moves her bag she brought off the couch and finds a condom, where she confronts Kyle, about it, and asks if the guys are in it too. He says no, and tries to get out of the situation, but that's when Katie comes to his rescue, and says it's hers, and that she is a lousy house keeper. She then brings them two together, and she leaves. Tina then asks Kyle how to play strip poker! [Kyle/Tina are now together, spinoffs with Liz and the Fearsum Foursum in Episode 114, taking a four episode break in between.]moreless
  • Episode 108
    Episode 108
    Episode 8
    The Odd Couple (Cliff/Evan) written by Graham Flasher Evan just met this guy, Theo, and Cliff walks in after a game of basketball. It seems that Theo and Cliff has something in common, Baseball, and it mixes the mood, making Theo leave. Evan is mad, because he didn't get laid, and Cliff calls it even! Evan takes offense saying that Cliff was digging Theo. Cliff denies it, because he is straight, and it drives Evan crazy. Evan gets some advice from a friend, and he tries to confess his undying love, since the first time they met, to see if he is really into boys. Evan leans in for a kiss, and Cliff gives a grin, and laughes because he doesn't fall for it. Seeing Eye Dog (Ross/Jenny) written by Dina Marie Chapman Ross brings home a girl, Jenny, who clings on to him. Ross isn't really into relationships, but Her apartment room burns down, and she asks if she could stay for the night. Ross agrees. Unstripped (Kyle/Tina, Katie) written by Dina Marie Chapman Katie returns home, finds her place a real big mess, and yells at Kyle. Kyle insults her, and she starts to go soft on him. She reveals with out Dave around, she can no longer pay for this place, so she decides to move. While cleaning up, he tells him what happened with the guys and Tina. Katie gives him advice, and he calls Tina. He tells her that he is sorry, and wants to have dinner tomorrow, where she agrees to.moreless
  • Episode 107
    Episode 107
    Episode 7
    "Strip Poker" (Kyle/Tina, Doc, Z, Jared, Liz) written by Tom Crehan It's strip poker night, and the guys are hyped except for Kyle who find this wrong, and is still in love with Tina. They guys decide to play strip poker, before the girls come, so they could "warm them up", and upon seeing them naked, they would want to play too. So they are all in their underwear, when the doorbell rings. Kyle answers, and it's Tina! no! She asks why is he in her boxers, and that's when the four party girls arrive. They ask about the party. Kyle tells them, their is no party and Tina leaves mad. He goes back, put his clothes on where the guys ask him about the girls. He explains that they are going to a party, and the guys are mad that Kyle didn't try to stop them. He then goes off, trying to chase after Tina. [This segment ends, but it spinoffs with the actual Kyle and Tina plot now in the next episode.] "Love It Or Leave It" (Annette/Todd) written by Steven S. DeKnight. The day finally comes, they are just casually talking about it, and they start to make out. All their clothes are off, when the door opens, to find another couple. It's that dam Ross again! They preach about being faithful to each the other couple. Only to be preached back by the other couple, where they just explained that Sophia, and Justin (their partners) did it in the moment, and evidently meant nothing. The couple leaves, and Annette and Todd, gives each other a final goodby kiss, and leaves Ross's apartment. [Annette/Todd's segment ends, spinoffs with Ross, the owner of the apartment.] "The Odd Couple" (Cliff/Evan) written by Graham Flashner. Cliff is little upset that he didn't get laid, and rags on Evan a bit. Cliff then tells him that he didn't except Evan to be gay, because he is not as they said it, "the swooshy type." Evan takes offense, and decides to dress "swooshy", and make their dorm room openly gay, with feathers, and posters of men. While playing basketball, Cliff's friend comes, and sees all of this. He then leaves, and Cliff tells Evan that he only did it because he called him "swooshy." Cliff also could tell that Evan was just trying to piss him off a bit, but he could tell that Evan hates all these things. A petty fight about moving out also happens, but fails because the singles are all full.moreless
  • Episode 106
    Episode 106
    Episode 6
    "Strip Poker" (Kyle/Tina, Doc, Z, Jared, Liz) written by Tom Crehan The three guys, Z, Doc, and Jared, plan their night for losing their virignity for themselves, over a game for strip pokoer. Kyle tells Tina's sister, Liz to tell Tina do not come over tomorrow but Liz does the opposite. The three guys then call 4 girls (including one for Kyle) to have fun tomorrow night. "Love It Or Leave It" (Annette/Todd) written by Steven S. DeKnight. Todd is having second thought, but Annette taunts him with a picture of Justin. He does the same with a picture of Sophia. They finally proceed to do it, and Ross, the owner of the apartment finally comes back. They blame it on him that each other's partner cheated on each other. He brushes off, and they explain their whole situation about sleeping together to balance it out. He tells them if they want to, use his place if they want to. "The Odd Couple" (Cliff/Evan) written by Graham Flashner. Cliff brings home two girls, Nikki, and Jeri for him and his roommate Evan. But while the two girls go to the bathroom, Evan tells Cliff that he is gay. Nikki and Jeri return, and Nikki and Cliff make out on top of the bunk, while Jeri and Evan talk. Jeri kisses Evan, and Jeri sense and knows that Evan is gay. Jeri tells Nikki that Evan is gay. Nikki goes down, and Nikki and Jeri starts to Evan about everything. Cliff tries his best to try to get Nikki back in the sack but it doesn't work, making both girls wants to leave after a huge amount of talking. They then leave, and Cliff is disappointed that he didn't have sex tonight.moreless
  • Episode 105
    Episode 105
    Episode 5
    "Strip Poker" (Kyle/Tina, Doc, Z, Jared, Liz) written by Tom Crehan Kyle house sits (or apartment sits, rather) for his sister, Katie, while she is away. Kyle tells the guys how he feels about Tina, a girl who he really likes, and they tease him about it. The answering machine goes off, revealing that she is out for the weekend. The guys start to plan about losing their viriginity over the weekend, expect Kyle, who plans on spending the weekend with Tina. "Mark-Kiki-Avellian" (Gina/Mark, Kiki) written by Jennifer Johnson. Kiki gets jealous when Gina has a boyfriend, Mark. While having dinner in their dorm room, Kiki invites herself to be with them (or to make trouble rather). They fight over Mark, and Kiki kisses Mark, making Gina getting up and leave. He runs after her, and moments later, Gina returns alone, and confronts Kiki. Gina is disgust with Kiki, and Kiki reveals that she is moving to a single, that she applied to. Mark then returns to Gina, as the kiss and make up. "Love It Or Leave It (Annette/Todd)" written by Steven S. DeKnight. It's Annette and Todd's night, but they are real nervous. They then talk on how much they love their other love one, and they come up in order to balance things out, they must do this. When Todd tries to kiss Annette, Annette quickly freaks, saying that they shouldn't enjoy it, because they will no better than their love ones. They then start to make a list of rules of what not to do.moreless
  • Episode 104
    Episode 104
    Episode 4
    "Look What The Kate Dragged In" (Katie/Dave, Ollie, Veruca) written by David Silverman & Marcy Gray Rubin. Dave and Katie's relationship is going bust, and Dave decides to leave, seeing that he can't have an open relationship with Katie. [Katie's segment ends, but it spinoffs with her brother Kyle in the next episode.] "Mark-Kiki-Avellian" (Gina/Mark, Kiki) written by Jennifer Johnson. While masturbating, Gina gets interrupted by a guy name Mark, a so called geek, who knocks at her door. She is flattered, when he starts to say what she does and wear in a rotation. He then asks about Kiki, and notices her coming back. Kiki enters, and it seems that Mark would do anything for Kiki, even write a paper for her. He leaves, and Gina lightly bashes Kiki for not liking him. Kiki then explain that she wouldn't go after a geek in another world. Another night is her, and Mark comes over again, and Gina tells him to play "I Never." She explains the rules, and within the game, they end up kissing. "Love It Or Leave It (Annette/Todd)" written by Steven S. DeKnight. Todd arrives at a guy's apartment named Ross, where he meets with Annette. You see Annette and Todd's partners, Justin and Sophia has slept together, by the help of this named Ross. Annette and Todd fight about it, and Annette comes up with this plan. To balance things out that happened to them, they should sleep with each other.moreless
  • Episode 103
    Episode 103
    Episode 3
    "Er, Um Love" Rory/Jana (Doc) written by Jeff Goode Rory and Jana start to make out and Rory asks her if she broke up with Doc. She takes offense, when she thinks that she would just make out with any guy, calling her a slut. They start to talk about their problems, and if they still want to be together. It ends with Jana leaving, questioning him. After she leaves, Rory softly says "I Love You..." [This continues at Episode 118 with a 15 episode break in between.] "Batteries Not Included" Kiki/Gina (Eric, Tony) written by Marcy Gray Rubin Kiki dresses up to see Eric, but breaks up with him and starts to see his roommate Tony. Gina is still having orgasm problems, so Kiki lightly jokes about her being gay. While Kiki and Tony are having sex, Gina starts to fantasize about Kiki, and uses her vibrator. While getting ready for bed, Kiki confronts Gina about the vibrator going off. Kiki is pleased if Gina needs to fantasize about her, by all means but she had to get one thing straight. Kiki doesn't swing that way. They start to fight, which leaves Gina all alone in their dorm room. Gina uses the vibrator, and ba-bam! Orgasm city. While Gina is studying, Kiki reemerges, and they start to talk. Kiki reveals that she broke up with Tony, because Eric had threatened him. Kiki then reveals that she is now seeing Tony's older brother. Gina is not pleased, and Kiki tries to play "I Never" with her. Gina doesn't want to at first but gives in anyway. "Look What The Kate Dragged In" Kate/Dave (Ollie, Veruca) written by David Silverman While Katie decides to pierce her nipple, Dave comes in with Veruca, a women who also has piereced nipples. Dave and Veruca proceeds to go to the bedroom, where they end up having sex. Veruca doesn't look to pleased, and in the middle of the night, she comes out of the room, for a drink of orange juice. Katie and Veruca chat a bit, and Veruca reveals she also has a piercing down there. She asks Katie if she wants to see it, but Katie jokes about not falling for that again (remember with Ollie?). Veruca shows it to her, and they start to make out. Ollie silently watches Veruca and Katie go at it. He creeps out, and wakes up Dave, to watch them. After Veruca and Katie are done, Dave reveals that he only brought Veruca home, so he could cheat on Katie, but it didn't actually work.moreless
  • Episode 102
    Episode 102
    Episode 2
    "Er, Um Love" Rory/Jana (Doc) written by Jeff Goode Hanging out in the van, after their first date, Rory and Jana talks about why Doc was there. Jana explains that she never really broke up with Doc, they just fought. She wants to go home, but her seat buckle is stuck again. He then tries to help her with a screwdriver but hurts his hand instead. He then goes to the back, and they talk about where they have stiches. Jana then show her stiches on her shoulder, from an accident when she was younger. Rory starts to touch her shoulder, and their lips fuse together. Jana decides it's time to go home, but Rory tells her to break up with Doc so they could officially be a couple. "Batteries Not Included" Kiki/Gina (Eric, Tony) written by Marcy Gray Rubin Kiki tells Gina try to fantasize when masturbating because Gina didn't have an orgasm before. They start to play Kiki's "I Never" game before, and one thing leads to love. In the midst of sex, Kiki asks her boyfriend Eric, if he loves her. He then walks out after having that question. The next night, Eric doesn't return. "Look What The Kate Dragged In" Kate/Dave (Ollie, Veruca) written by David Silverman Ollie watches the tape of Katie and Dave, and Katie catches him. She turns the it off, and they start to wrestle of the remote. Dave then walks in, where Katie just explain that they were watching TV. He turns on the TV, and presto! the sex tape with Katie and him is on. Dave tries to pick a fight with Ollie but Katie explains it just happened. Dave and Katie decides to talk in the room, in which she explains that they should see other people on the side, while seeing each other. In the midst of the night, Dave emergees from the room, for water. Ollie then asks for a glass, and they talk. Dave tells Ollie about seeing other people, and Ollie's reply is, you should play her game.moreless
  • Episode 101
    Episode 101
    Episode 1
    "Er, Um Love" Rory/Jana (Doc) written by Jeff Goode Doc asks Rory to drive Jana, Doc's girlfriend home, after finding another girl. Rory proceeds to drop Jana home, and she complains to Rory that all guys are jerks. They then start to talk about stuff, and tension build up between them. Jana decides it's time to leave, Rory being the gentlemen opens the door for her. She doesn't budge, she has trouble with the seat belt buckle. Rory then helps her, but they look at each other, and proceed to kiss. Suddenly, after kissing Rory's feet started to fall asleep. While sitting next to Jana, ge puts his arm around Jana, and proceeds to ask her out. She says yes, where their lips are met for a second time. At that moment, Doc drives by and see the two kissing, and shakes his head is disbelief. "Batteries Not Included" Kiki/Gina (Eric, Tony) originally written by Jill Cargerman, rewrite/credited by Marcy Gray Rubin In college, Kiki has casual sex with her current boyfriend, Eric. Her roommate Gina who is under them (the both of them has a bunk bed) complains, and throws a stuff animal up there. Kiki then tosses back the stuff animal with a condom stuff on it's nose. The next day, Kiki and Gina talks about relationships. Kiki then decides to play the game "I Never" with Gina. "I Never" works like this, One person says something that they never don, and if the other person has done it, they have a point, and the person with the most points, loses. Gina then reveals that she never had an orgasm. Kiki then gives her a 7 inch "personal massager" (a.k.a. a vibrator). One day, Gina then tries it out with Kiki is out, and Gina throws the vibrator on the ground, as it didn't please her. "Look What The Kate Dragged In" Kate/Dave (Ollie, Veruca) originally written by David Silverman, rewrite/credited by Dave and Katie's sex life have been going down hill. He tries to spice it up by taping them having sex, which she disapproves. The next night, Katie wants to go out, but Dave doesn't want to. She goes to a bar, and meets the bartender, Ollie who has a lip ring. She invites him home, and all of them three talk. Katie and Ollie drinks beer, as Dave slowly disapproves but sees it as nothing. Dave decides to go to bed, leaving the two behind. Ollie reveals to Katie that he had his penis pierced. She wants to see it, and he lets her to. Drunk and Horny, Katie kisses Ollie.moreless