Undressed - Season 2

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  • Episode 230
    Episode 230
    Episode 30
    Renzo/Carla written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by Dale Roy Robinson Renzo admits to Casey that it was a mistake sleeping with Carla, and she hears this. Renzo and Carla do not speak to each other, But Casey and Paige set them up to play Casey's bowl of truth (remember Renzo's bowl of fantasies?). They say all this sappy stuff, and one question appears, "Do you think, Your falling in love with me?" and Renzo tells Carla yes. In the end, they decide they are right for each other. [This segment ends] Josh/Marreth written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by Dale Roy Robinson Amelia shows up and Josh's place which pisses Marreth off. Amelia tells Josh to leave them alone for a moment, and he does. Amelia talks to Marreth, where they have a good time. Josh returns home, and Marreth forgives him. With all the thinking he done, he think their relationship cannot work. In the end, they kiss each other goodbye, ending their relationship. [This segment ends] Jamie/Denise, Vanessa/Eddie written by Jennifer Johnson & Steven S. DeKnight, directed by Dale Roy Robinson Vanessa tells Jamie about the kiss with Denise. He confronts Denise about kissing Eddie, and she tells him it's nothing. He doesn't buy it, and she argues with him about who to trust... Vanessa who cheated on him, or Denise, who really does like him. That's when Eddie and Vanessa come out of the school's gym, and Jamie punches him. They try to fight with each other, but the girls stop them. Vanessa still can't believe that Jamie is choosing Denise, over her. Jamie chooses Denise, and drives off in his car. Vanessa is unsure about her relationship with Eddie, and it ends as they dance, knowing that they can work it out. [This segment ends]moreless
  • Episode 229
    Episode 229
    Episode 29
    Renzo/Carla written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by Dale Roy Robinson It's orgy time, and Renzo notices he isn't hard any more. Despite not being hard, they still attend the "strike." Renzo, and Casey, find Carla, and Paige alone in the bathroom. Renzo asks when the others will come, but Carla tells him later. Carla asks the same, and he tells her the same. Thanks to a broken pipe, they are forced to strip in their underwear because it is so hot in there. Casey and Paige can't take the heat, so they decide to "look for some thing" to turn it off. Renzo and Carla isn't surprised that they both brought "bag of tricks" and they find both find out that they played each other to have what they wanted, more men, and more women. They are turned on by each other sneakyness and They proceed to make out on the floor, and Casey and Paige wants to see how they are doing, but they leave, upon seeing them making out. Josh/Marreth written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by Dale Roy Robinson Marreth decides to sleep over Tess's home because she can't handle the pressure. Josh decides to go to a bar, where he picks up Amelia (From Episode 618) to get a girl's POV how she fells about sex. Amelia doesn't think that he brought him here to talk, but to have sex. He tells her about the whole situation with Marreth, and she coaches and "whips" him to moan what he wants. He moans Marreth's name where she rushes in, asksing him who is this other girl. Jamie/Denise, Vanessa/Eddie written by Kate Rosen & Neil Landau, directed by Dale Roy Robinson Denise and Eddie has history together, and they want to push things aside. Denise convines Eddie not to kick Jamie's ass, and they decide to test each other's love. By not kissing each other, they have pasted the test. They end up kissing each other, and Vanessa's friend Allison spots this. Denise then leaves, and Allison makes up this lie, so that she could talk to Vanessa alone. Eddie leaves, and Allison reveals everything to Vanessa. She is shocked, and Allison tells her to take Jamie to the prom.moreless
  • Episode 228
    Episode 228
    Episode 28
    Renzo written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by Dale Roy Robinson Casey reveals that someone is trying to make the bathroom single again (men and women seperate) but that's just one of his problems. Renzo's hard on can't go down, and he tells Carla about it. She asks him why don't he just masturbate in to make it go down, but he reveals that it can't go down, unless if he has sex. Carla helps him bag a girl, under one condition, she has sex with Casey. Renzo tries to lure Casey but it doesn't work. Renzo and Carla decide to set up each other and they will strike against the petition by having both men and women in the bathroom. Renzo plans on bring no guys so that he could have all the girls to himself, and that his hard on would go down. Jamie/Denise, Vanessa/Eddie written by Jennifer Johnson, directed by Dale Roy Robinson Eddie finds Vanessa in Jamie's car, and puts down Denise, by calling her a slut. Jamie wants to fight Eddie, and they make a note durning prom. Denise finds out about the fight, and is surprised to see someone defending her. Jamie makes a note that she is his girlfriend. Josh/Marreth written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by Dale Roy Robinson Josh and Marreth tries to keep their relationship, by not having sex... 20 more days to go. They try to talk about non sexual stuff, but sexual things are bumpin into the way. They spend a night seperate, with Josh sleeping on the couch while Marreth sleeps on the bed.moreless
  • Episode 227
    Episode 227
    Episode 27
    Renzo/Carla written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by Dale Roy Robinson Carla is upset that Renzo is masturbating frequently so she decides to teach him a lesson. She tells her friend, Paige, to pretend to like him, while Carla gives him "stay hard" pills. Renzo takes 8 stay hard pills (4 times the recommeded doage) and heads over Paige. Just before ripping each other clothes off, Paige stops, and tells him that she needs time to think with breaking up with her boyfriend and all. She leaves Renzo with a raging hard on. He tries to make his hard on goes down, but it doesn't work. Josh/Marreth written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by Dale Roy Robinson Marreth figures out that she and Josh has too much sex, and they come up with these rules to test their realtionship if it's true to who they are. They do have sex, and she gets upset. She comes up with an idea to not have sex for a month, and if they do break the rule, she thinks she made a mistake. Jamie/Denise, Vanessa/Eddie written by Kate Rosen, directed by Dale Roy Robinson Jamie really likes Denise, but doesn't show it... until she shows up. Denise comes over, and asks why he didn't call her. He tells her he was going to, and she forgives him. They start to talk about the prom, and she reveals that she doesn't have a date. She shyly asks him, but he turns her down, saying that it was his bond with Vanessa to go with each other. She is upset, and leaves. Vanessa then comes over, and tells Jamie that she will be going to the prom with Eddie. He gets mad, and brings up Denise. He tells her that they had sex, and that they are going to the prom together. Denise returns, saying she forgot something, and Vanessa leaves. She peeks her head, as Jamie asks her to the prom, and she says yes. Jamie catches Vanessa looking at him, so he kisses Denise to make her jealous.moreless
  • Episode 226
    Episode 226
    Episode 26
    Annika/Mark/Elliot written by Kate Rosen, directed by Dale Roy Robinson "Friends & Lovers" written by Jennifer Johnson & Neil Landau, directed by Dale Roy Robinson Jamie/Denise, Vanessa/Eddie written by Kate Rosen, directed by Dale Roy Robinson
  • Episode 225
    Episode 225
    Episode 25
    Annika/Mark/Elliot written by Kate Rosen, directed by George Verschoor "Friends & Lovers" written by Jennifer Johnson & Neil Landau, directed by George Verschoor Laura/Clyde written by Jennifer Johnson, directed by George Verschoor
  • Episode 224
    Episode 224
    Episode 24
    Annika/Mark/Elliot written by Kate Rosen, directed by George Verschoor Annika and Mindy drops in when Mark and Elliot are talking in the bathroom. She gets an idea for an experiment, to see how far guys will go to compete with each other. She set up dates with both guys. Laura/Clyde written by Jennifer Johnson, directed by George Verschoor Laura returns to a sleeping Clyde and Audrey. Audrey leaves, and Laura is anxious about the results, that will be announced later on durning the day. Denise comes over, and hits on Clyde, which does not please Laura. Denise kisses Clyde and leaves. Meanwhile, Laura leaves for the school to find out the results. She returns home, to find Clyde with all these signs saying "Laura is the winner", "Laura Rules", etc. Clyde tells Laura that if he didn't miss school today, he would of vote for her. This upsets her, and she tells him that it was her goal to be president. She is really upset at Clyde because she lost by one vote. "Friends & Lovers" written by Jennifer Johnson & Neil Landau, directed by George Verschoor Daniel asks Quentin to move to their own place, leaving Rex by himself. Rex seems okay about it but deep down isn't okay with it. While in bed, Quentin says Rex's name, which upsets Daniel. That's when Rex comes home, and Quentin runs to him, leaving Daniel in the room. Daniel leaves, while Quentin and Rex talk. Rex finally reveals that he likes Quentin, and Quentin asks why he didn't tell him. Rex tells him that he didn't want to ruin their friendship. They look into each other's eyes, and they proceed to rip each other's clothes off.moreless
  • Episode 223
    Episode 223
    Episode 23
    Laura/Clyde written by Jennifer Johnson, directed by George Verschoor Laura dresses up Clyde before his "serious" date with Audrey. Laura gets jealous when Audrey wants to make out with him, in her own house! Audrey tells her to go upstairs, and Laura does... but she watches them on the stairway for their actions. Kim/Miles/Wendy written by Neil Landau, directed by George Verschoor A drunken Wendy shows up at Miles apartment, and he puts her in his bed, after she babbles about picking her. Kim comes over, and Wendy steps out. Miles explains it's nothing, and Miles chooses Kim, over Wendy. Wendy leaves, and Miles chooses a song for them, "I Try" by Macy Gray. [This segment ends] Renzo/Sidney written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by George Verschoor Casey is quite upset at Renzo, and Sidney explains that girls too like sex. Renzo tries to explain that nothing did happen between him and Sidney, but Casey doesn't want to believe it. Renzo gets upset, and blurts out, that he loves Sidney. That's when she walks in. Casey finally let it sink in, and leaves. Sidney asks Renzo to the Junior Prom, but he lets her down, respectively. He tells her that she is too young, but if she was older, he would date her. She takes this compliment, and tells Renzo, as she leaves, she know what college she'll be attending. [This segment ends]moreless
  • Episode 222
    Episode 222
    Episode 22
    Renzo/Sidney written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by George Verschoor Last night, Renzo slept on the couch in the lounging area, and one of Casey's friend saw him. Casey who is not mad at Renzo tells him he knows everything, and is okay with it. Casey then explains that he has to write the paper, and will be back later. In Renzo and Casey's dorm room, Sidney is hungry, and Renzo goes to get her some pizza. Sidney finds one of Renzo's love potion that he had made yesterday, and puts it on. She lies on his bed, and tells him she feels a tingle. She then tells him if she doesn't get a kiss, she will lay on the bed, until Casey comes home. He kisses her, and she gets up. Sidney tells Renzo that her skin is burning. Renzo finds a shampoo bottle on the ground, and guides her to the bathroom where they could wash it off. Casey returns to the room, only to find one of the love potion empty. He figures out it is Renzo, and he finds them in the bathroom. He sees Renzo washing his sister's back, and punches his face. Kim/Miles/Wendy written by Neil Landau, directed by George Verschoor Wendy and Miles decide to go out, see a movie, as friends. Wendy obviously wants Miles back and will try anything. Miles explains that she broke up with him, and will never break up with Kim just to get back together. Wendy leaves, and Kim returns. She questions about Wendy, because she has a feeling that she was here. He says yes, and explains nothing happened. She leaves upset, because she think something happened. Laura/Clyde written by Jennifer Johnson, directed by George Verschoor Clyde is one of Laura's friend, friend, and he tells Clyde that it's okay for him to stay at Laura's place. Clyde is a slacker, who likes to eat cheetos, while listening to his walkman, and watching TV. Laura is a hard worker, and is running for president for school. Laura has this thing going on with her job and needs help, but her friend, Denise (Yes, "Double D" to be exact) tells her she can't make it. So she forces Clyde to help him. He helps her, and Laura tells him that noticed him talking to a girl, Audrey, who asked him out. Clyde tells her that maybe she asked him because word of mouth was he is a good kisser. She brushes it off, and hours later, he falls a sleep on the couch. While making her signs, banners, and buttons, she puts a button on him, and he surprised to she her face an inch away. She leans in and kisses him. She is ashamed, but he brings her lips back to his, and they kiss. She teases him that the kiss wasn't that great.moreless
  • Episode 221
    Episode 221
    Episode 21
    Eddie/Vanessa/Jamie written by Jennifer Johnson & Kate Rosen, directed by George Verschoor Eddie goes back to Vanessa where he tells her that he really likes her. He then explains he never felt like this in a long time. He never allowed himself to fall in love again, because he had a tattoo after his last girlfriend, who broke his heart. They kiss, and they start to make out, but that's when Vanessa's Dad catches them. [This saga ends] Kim/Miles/Wendy written by Neil Landau, directed by George Verschoor Miles runs into his old girl friend, Wendy. Kim knows that Miles will have an "old friend" over, but she didn't know it was his ex. When she calls to see how everything is, he tells her, and she quickly goes to his apartment. Kim and Wendy meet, and Kim is upset that Miles didn't tell her in the first place. Wendy then leaves, and Kim doesn't want to spend the night at his place, due to her job in the morning. Renzo/Sidney written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by George Verschoor Casey's little sister wants to visit the college he is at to see how it is, just before she graduates from high school. Renzo sees this girl in lounging area, and takes her home. Casey is shocked to find that her little sister is making out with Renzo. Renzo tells Casey that he will never try to hit on his sister, every again. Sidney finds Renzo cute, and tries to hit on him by any way she can. Casey has an important paper to write, and Renzo is shocked to find Sindey in his bed, half naked.moreless
  • Episode 220
    Episode 220
    Episode 20
    Dominique/Pilar, Jonathan/Mona written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by Danny Salles Jonathan is sick of Mona and Dominique are fighting. So he doesn't want to choose anyone. Dominique goes to Joy for advice, and Joy knows that Mona just wants Jonathan as a friend, not a lover. Things cool down with Mona and Dominique, and she tells him she will back off from Jonathan. Jonathan enters, and Mona leaves the room. Jonathan tells Dominique that they need time off, he then jokes about dating a only child, and leaves. Mona goes to Joy where they decide to try things out again, and Joy reveals that she told Pilar to keep away from Mona or she'll put crabs on her bed. Dominique decides to move out, so they could have their space. Dominique and Mona has a panty war, by toss each other lingerie to each other. [This segment ends] Eddie/Vanessa/Jamie written by Jennifer Johnson & Kate Rosen, directed by Danny Salles Eddie comes over where he receits "Jamie's" letter, and Vanessa reveals that she had a kiss poem before, and Eddie kisses her... twice on her face. That's when Jamie sees this. He was sneaking in her room in order to see her. Jamie gets upset, and it is revealed that he didn't write the poems. It was Eddie all along. Eddie decides to leave, so that Vanessa and Jamie could discuss the situation. Jamie tells her to choose, and she says "What IF I choose Eddie." Jamie takes this as a break up, and leaves disappointed. Vanessa says softly "I said if." Ethan/Amelia written by Gregg McBride & Kate Rosen, directed by Danny Salles Amelia us out of control and has an idea to have an foursome with George and Josie. This is too much for Ethan so he decides to talk to her. He tells her that he was so faithfull to her for over two years, and she reveals that is not ready to settle down. They decide to break up, and she tells him if he wants sex just go to her (but in a nice way). [This segment ends]moreless
  • Episode 219
    Episode 219
    Episode 19
    Dominique/Pilar, Jonathan/Mona written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by Danny Salles Pilar, and Jonathan goes to Dominique and Mona's dorm room, where they proceed to go on their dates (have sex rather.) Things go well with Jonathan and Mona, and they do have sex, although Mona doesn't look to happy. With Dominique and Pilar, it doesn't look like it is going to well, because Dominique is straight. Pilar knows that it won't happen, and Dominique questions about her sister. Pilar gives her that look, where she knows something will happen. Dominique rushes back to her dorm room, only to find Mona and Jonathan sharing a pint of ice cream. Correction, Jonathan's and Dominique's flavor of ice cream. Dominique is really pissed, and tells Mona to choose. It's either her or Jonathan. Ethan/Amelia written by Gregg McBride & Kate Rosen, directed by Danny Salles Ethan once again tries to have sex with Amelia, but she reveal that she can't do stuff, without a computer (remember they met online). So he gives her laptop, and they proceed to cyber, right next to each other. She tells him something so raunchy, that he leaps for her. Of course, she is not ready, and she then turns back to Josie. Josie let the animal out of Amelia, and Amelia and Ethan have sex. Amelia is super charged, super pumped, and is ready for lots and lots of rounds. Ethan then comes out of his living room, and asks Josie for help, because Amelia is out of control. Amelia then comes out with this whole leather get up, and whips her whip. Ethan goes back to he before mouthing "help me!" to Josie. Eddie/Vanessa/Jamie written by Jennifer Johnson & Kate Rosen, directed by Danny Salles Jamie sends Eddie, his friend, over to Vanessa's home to give her some pizza, which she eats. He then gives her a letter saying that Jamie wrote it. She reads it and finds out that it's poetry. She asks for some privacy, and Eddie leaves for a few minutes and comes back after she is done. He presumably takes it back to Jamie, where he writes her another letter. They go back and forth on writing letters, and Vanessa reveals to Eddie that at point, she got letters like this from a stranger. Eddie then leaves, and Vanessa calls Katrina. She reads her the letter that Jamie wrote. Outside, we find Eddie reciting the poem as Vanessa reads it.moreless
  • Episode 218
    Episode 218
    Episode 18
    Dominique/Pilar, Jonathan/Mona written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by Danny Salles Mona tells Jonathan the truth, and Mona and Jonathan decides to try out their relationship. Pilar finds Dominique crying, and Dominique tells her what happened. Pilar then tells her to do the same... with her. Ethan/Amelia written by Gregg McBride & Kate Rosen, directed by Danny Salles Amelia is this hot chick from Europe, and he just flew in to meet this guy she met online, named Ethan. Ethan's friends, Josie and George tells him to calm down before jumping to sex. Amelia wants to have sex but is nervous, so Ethan tells Josie to give her some advice. Brad/Katrina, Ruddy/Allison, Jamie/Vanessa written by Gregg McBride & Kate Rosen, directed by Danny Salles The girls, give the lingerie to Denise. Jamie then goes back to Vanessa, and tries to apologize with her. She tells him about not wanting guys, and he reemerges as Girl Jamie (Which was really funny). She tells him that she can accept him as who he is, and he takes of wig, and they proceed to make out under the covers. They get UNDRESSED, and that's when Vanessa's father walks in on them. [This Saga ends, Spins off with Jamie/Vanessa/Eddie]moreless
  • Episode 217
    Episode 217
    Episode 17
    Brad/Katrina, Ruddy/Allison, Jamie/Vanessa written by Gregg McBride, directed by Danny Salles The guys are set for the underwear party, only to find their girlfriends there. They are surprised, and the girls decide to go naked, and asks them to do the same. The emerges in robes and takes pictures of their willys. Other girls then start to take pictures of them, and their girlfriends tell them that they had to be taught a lesson. The pictures then will appear on the internet. Everyone then leaves, except the guys. Dominique/Pilar, Jonathan/Mona written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by Danny Salles Dominique is trying to be like her sister Mona. Dominique and Joy becomes friends, and Mona and Jonathan becomes friends as well. Mona and Joy are playing a game of Othello, and Pilar, Joy's new roommate shows up. It is revealed that Pilar is bi. Mona is interested, but Pilar isn't. Pilar then spots Mona and Jonathan talking, and he leaves. Pilar sheds an interest, and Mona tells him that he is free. Dominique then finds out about it, and asks Joy for advice. Joy tells her she should play with Mona's mind. Dominique does and tells Jonathan as well as Mona that Pilar is kind of cute. Back in their dorm room, Dominique still plagues Mona's mind. Mona tells Dominique if she goes after Pilar it means war, and that she'll tell Jonathan that they switched on him. Corey/Bryce written by Tom Crehan & Jennifer Johnson, directed by Danny Salles Bryce throws the questioning round, making them to cause the whole game. Corey is mad, and leaves, presumably to Russell. Bryce rips up the check from Russell, and she returns, she finds the check, and confronts Bryce about it. That's when Russell walks in. They make her choose, and she chooses no one. Donny, then returns for his camera bag, and asks Corey out. [This saga ends]moreless
  • Episode 216
    Episode 216
    Episode 16
    Brad/Katrina, Ruddy/Allison, Jamie/Vanessa written by Gregg McBride & Kate Rosen directed by Danny Salles The girls, decides to call Denise (a.k.a. Double D.) and asks her about the truth. She tells them that nothing happened... with her. Katrina then puts her down, and we find out that it was Katrina that gave the nick name "Double D." in the first place. Denise tells them it wasn't easy for her to survive the fourth grade, especially being developed early. They somewhat forgives her. The guys then talk about how they should just get laid, since their girlfriends dumped them. Denise then gets a call from Brad, who tells her that they will be having a "underwear" party. Allison gets an idea, and tells Denise to accept. Milo/Kitty written by Kate Rosen, directed by Danny Salles Milo is upset that he found Kitty with Dale, and Eileen, tries to clue him in that she could be a girl for him. That's when Kitty comes, and asks to talk to him. Eileen calls him stupid. Their was a sub plot with Terry and Kitty about moving into the sorority house. She doesn't want to move in, and that's when Dale comes in. He is furious about the artcile that Milo and Kitty wrote. She explains their is more to it, and he forgets about it. Dale then tells Kitty that he will take Terry to the luau they are having, but as friends. Kitty doesn't mind at all. Kitty alone in her dorm room, finds Milo visiting her. He asks why she didn't join the sorority. She tells him that she wanted to be with him. [This saga ends.] Corey/Bryce written by Tom Crehan & Jennifer Johnson, directed by Danny Salles Corey and Bryce is sick of the Love Pest (a.k.a. Donny) following them around, just for publicity stunts. While intimate in their cost free hotel room, they get a knock on the door. Corey and Bryce decides to flash the person, thinking it's the Love Pest. Instead the flash Russell, Corey's girlfriend. They then get dressed, and Russel and Bryce talk. Bryce and Russell have a little arguement about Corey. Russell knows about the sexual attraction between them, and gives Bryce a check for $25,000 to throw the game and to break up with Corey.moreless
  • Episode 215
    Episode 215
    Episode 15
    Brad/Katrina, Ruddy/Allison, Jamie/Vanessa written by Gregg McBride & Kate Rosen directed by David Fickas The guys tries to apologize to the girls. Each couple goes to another part of the house, where they talk. All but Brad/Katrina make up. Katrina catches Jamie/Vanessa and Ruddy/Allison, and calls them slim. She starts to explain that Brad told her everything. He then walks in, and Ruddy tells him, why he told Katrina. He explains he didn't, and she reaveals that she was just bluffing. The girls then tell them they will go dateless to the prom. Corey/Bryce written by Tom Crehan & Jennifer Johnson, directed by David Fickas Corey and Bryce are this pretend couple that won in this game show called "The Love Nest." They are accompained by Donny, the photographer/reporter. Donny forces them to be in bed, where they he asks them to kiss for the photograph. They kiss, and things start to get intimate. He then leaves, as they presumably have sex, undercover. Milo/Kitty, written by Kate Rosen, directed by David Fickas Kitty (or Kathryn rather) start to get to close to Milo. Terry teaches Dale, the sensative talking side. He takes this as a come on, but she tells him, that's how easy you can get them. She then tells him that Milo has been doing that to her. When Kitty and Milo is about to kiss, Dale interrupts them, and brings her back to her dorm room. Where he works the magic. While Milo is working on the article, his friend, Eileen tells him that Kitty is waiting for him in her dorm room. He quietly peeks in, only to find Dale and Kitty making out. He then quietly leaves.moreless
  • Episode 214
    Episode 214
    Episode 14
    Devon/Rick, Mareth/Josh written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by David Fickas They decide to try Devon's plan, and while with each other, Devon talks about Rick, and Vice Versa. Over dinner, they decide not to do it but rather be with the original pair. [This saga ends] Brad/Katrina, Ruddy/Allison, Jamie/Vanessa written by Tom Crehan, directed by David Fickas Ruddy brings Jamie over, and forces him to be single around the sluty girls that he brings home. They are watching the horror movie, and strange stuff is happening. It turns out that it was Allison and Denise, scaring Brad and Ruddy back. Denise hears voices in the closet, and is upset when she finds the three slutly girls locked in there. Milo/Kitty, written by Kate Rosen, directed by David Fickas Dale and Kitty's sex life is going bust, like most of the couples potrayed on this show. Kitty then talks to Milo, a writer for the schools paper and collabrates with him to write and article. They go back to her dorm room, and Kitty's roommate Terry catches them. She calls him gross, and leaves. A few hours later, In the bathroom Terry confronts Milo on being gross. Dale is right now side, and she hides in a shower stall, the one Milo was in, after hearing them come in. Dale enters and finds both of them in the shower.moreless
  • Episode 213
    Episode 213
    Episode 13
    Casey/Megan written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by David Fickas Casey finds out that all the fantasies they performed was Renzo. Casey then finds Megan, and they argue. He finds a list that she wrote, about his bad acts. He is really upset and tells Renzo about it. Renzo spies at Megan in the bathroom, and she sees him. He then gets caught, and he explains that it was his fantasies they were acting out, and that Casey found the list. Megan rushes back to him and they make up, and they decide to be a couple again. Brad/Katrina, Ruddy/Allison, Jamie/Vanessa written by Tom Crehan, directed by David Fickas Brad and Ruddy decides to try the horror movie experiment, and it works. But it doesn't raises Katrina's hormones up, but it makes her scared. The movie features spiders, which she is afraid of because she almost died from a Black Widow. Ruddy then makes a comment on how she is not giving loving to Brad anyway, and they argue, and the girls leave. Devon/Rick, Mareth/Josh written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by David Fickas Devon forces everyone to have dinner due to the tension, and she reveals everyone's true feelings and decides that they should switch partners.moreless
  • Episode 212
    Episode 212
    Episode 12
    Casey/Megan written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by David Fickas Casey and Megan is ready to play out their fantasies but they decide to go out for dinner first. Renzo then comes back with Lucinda, and he notices the paper untouched. He then decides to look what they wrote, which was really lame, so he decides to write up his own fantasies. Lucinda is all worked up, but leaves, and Renzo leaves too. Casey and Megan comes home, and they try out a fantasy. Casey picks the first fantasy and it is Megan should massage Casey's cheeks (not the butt!) with her feet (which is really funny!). Megan than picks up one, where it says to paint a circle around Casey's nipples with red lipstick. Casey then picks another one, where it says that Casey should throw baloney at Megan while she sings the National Anthem. They do it (which is super funny), and she reveals that she only did this stuff because she loves him, they fight and she storms out. Devon/Rick, Mareth/Josh written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by David Fickas Josh and Mareth aren't to happy about Rick's date with Devon, since she asked. Rick tells Josh that he will break it off with Devon. He goes on the date, and Josh and Mareth look at each other, and kiss. They go in Josh's room, where they proceed to have sex. Devon and Rick come back and they also proceed to have sex in Rick's room. Josh looks for a condom but remembers it's in his jacket, and goes to it outside of the hall, where he also sees Rick. He asks about Devon, and Rick says that he broke it off. That's when Devon comes out of Rick's room and asks if he found a condom. Josh then argues with Rick, and that's when Mareth comes out of the room. Devon says this should be interesting. Brad/Katrina, Ruddy/Allison, Jamie/Vanessa written by Tom Crehan, directed by David Fickas Brad's girlfriend Katrina is not giving him any action. He explains to Ruddy that he rented a romantic movie so they could probably do it. Ruddy then explains that the movie is too romantic, and man can't be Brad, which makes them mad. He explains that they should of rented a horror movie. That's when Denise, a so called slutty girl, comes over, and they try the experiment. They watch the horror movie, which makes Denise scared, (also Ruddy too). Brad scares Ruddy and he leaves for the bathroom. Denise and Brad end up kissing, and she leaves. Ruddy then comes back and tells him that the experiment did work.moreless
  • Episode 211
    Episode 211
    Episode 11
    Devon/Rick, Mareth/Josh written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by David Fickas Rick acts out his role, and it is revealed that Devon is allergic to seafood products. Josh calls Mareth over, and she cooks up a storm. Josh tells Rick to keep Devon busy, and he does. Devon figures out that Rick is not a butler. They talk, and she hits on him. She also reveals that she was just doing her friend a favor, so Josh wouldn't bother her or her friend anymore. The food is ready, and Devon asks Rick to eat, in which he does. Rick and Devon leaves, and Josh is devistated that Rick took Devon home. Josh complains to Mareth that he took his girl. They look at each other and they presumably has sex. Casey/Megan written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by David Fickas Casey (a guy now!) and Megan's sex life is going nowhere. So Renzo (From the last episode) tells him that they should play sexual games. Casey surprised Megan with Strip Battle Ship (so lame), and Renzo hears the commotion in Casey's dorm room. He opens the door, and that's when Casey pulls up his boxers. Casey gets smacked with the Battle Ship board and pieces when she finds out that Casey told Renzo. She also throws the other set outside the door, almost hitting a guy who is passing by (which is really funny). Renzo then explains that the games they should be playing is to live out your sexual fantasies. He gives them a paper to both of them, and tells them to write ten fantasies they had. He then gives them this bowl, where they put all their fantasies in it, and they should pick it one by one, acting out their fantasies. Max/Cassidy written by Greg McBride, directed by Charlie Call Max and Bonnie returns to the high school, to look for his crown, as well as Max, wanting to break up with Cassidy. Monica finds them first, and she insults Bonnie, and Bonnie insults her back. Max is pretty sure that he wants to be with Bonnie, but Bonnie says "It's your life." Bonnie constantly puts herself down, because others do. Max looks for Cassidy in the gym, but That's when Cassidy shows up, and sees Bonnie. She notices that she didn't change clothes. Max then comes out of the high school, and sees Cassidy. Cassidy notices that he too, didn't change. She thinks that they slept with each other. But Max tells Cassidy that they were just talking. He then breaks up with her, and he goes to Bonnie where they are a new couple... Officially. [This saga ends]moreless
  • Episode 210
    Episode 210
    Episode 10
    Max/Cassidy written by Gregg McBride, directed by Charlie Call Bonnie finds out that Cassidy told Max to go with her to the dance, called the "Spring Fling", just so that he could have sex with Cassidy. He rushes off, but Max chases after her, and tells her that he went with her not Bonnie. They kiss, and Monica, is happy that the perfect couple is breaking up, so that she could have Max all to herself. Jim/Annie written by Tom Crehan, directed by Matthew Leutwyler Renzo leaves Jim in Annies's room, and she questions him on what he is doing there. He reveals that Renzo stole his wheelchair and she laughs about it. He then apologize saying that he was a jerk for yesterday, and reveals that it's his first time to be with a girl after the accident. She then reveals that she was also nervous because she wasn't quite to sure if his penis still could function correctly. They presumably hook up, and they have sex. Renzo peeks in the room and cheers out in the hall when he helped a fellow friend. [This saga ends, Spins off with another friend of Renzo] Devon/Rick/Mareth/Josh written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by Matthew Leutwyler Josh wants to impress this girl that he somehow brought home, a rising star named Devon. He tells Rick, his friend, to be his butler, for their date tomorrow.moreless
  • Episode 209
    Episode 209
    Episode 9
    Chuck/Jane/Peter/Sisca written by Jennifer Johnson, directed by Matthew Leutwyler Sisca as well as Peter goes to Chuck's apartment, with Jane already inside, to discuss their problem. Sisca then reveals that she was the cause of this. Chuck returns home, and pees, and yells. He goes out, and reveals he doesn't have Gonorea. Sisca is upset, and leaves, and Peter follows. Jane tells Chuck that it won't work out, and she hooks up with Peter instead. [This saga ends] Jim/Annie written by Tom Crehan, directed by Matthew Leutwyler Annie decides to go out with Jim, and they have a great time together. They proceed to make out, and she stops. He then tells her why not, and she tells him that she isn't a slut. He thinks that she doesn't want to have sex with him because he is a wheelchair. The reason Annie doesn't want to have sex is that she isn't a slut, and he just assumed that she would have sex with him. She leaves. Max/Cassidy written by Gregg McBride, directed by Charlie Call Max pushs to go to the dance with Bonnie, only because Cassidy pushs him to do it. This has to do with the whole female is dominating thing. After a few tries, Bonnie accepts Max's offer.moreless
  • Episode 208
    Episode 208
    Episode 8
    Chuck/Jane/Peter/Sisca written by Jennifer Johnson, directed by Matthew Leutwyler Jane calls Sisca to come over and tells confronts her about the Gonorea. They have a little petty fight about Sisca cheating, but she doesn't admit it. She leaves and Peter shows up. He asks if they want to break up. She tells him she doesn't want to and asks him to sleep on the couch. Sisca calls her other boyfriend, Luke, and tells him that he must of given it to her. Jim/Annie written by Tom Crehan, directed by Matthew Leutwyler Jim and Annie has a date set, but just a few hours before, Annie finds out that Jim is the one in the wheelchair. Jim is set to go, but when Annie was applying her face, she has second thoughts when her friend Carla asks her about sex. She then decides to have a rain check with Jim, who doesn't seem surprised. Max/Cassidy written by Gregg McBride, directed by Charlie Call Monica, what seems to be like to be like Cassidy's best friend, want to break up th pefect couple, Max and Cassidy. She makes a comment how even a unpopular (fat) girl named Bonnie, could take Cassidy's spot as Prom Queen. Cassidy plays with Max's mind, and tells him, "no sex" unless if you take Bonnie out to the dance.moreless
  • Episode 207
    Episode 207
    Episode 7
    Chuck/Jane/Peter/Sisca written by Jennifer Johnson, directed by Matthew Leutwyler Chuck finds out that he has Gonorea, and tells his girlfriend, Jane about it. He leaves, and the guy who she been sleeping with, Peter, shows up. She then reveals that Chuck has Gonorea, and that Peter gave it to her. She asks if slept with anyone else. He tells her that he also slept with Sisca, his girlfriend. Jane wants to find out if Sisca was the start with the Gonorea. Kip/Rebecca written by Neil Landau, directed by Matthew Leutwyler Kip and Owen make up, and Rebecca shows up. They make up, and he reveals the truth about the pimple on his nose. They proceed to go out. Jim/Annie written by Tom Crehan, directed by Matthew Leutwyler There is a huge party at the dorms, and everyone is attending, except for Jim, who is sitting on the couch outside the party. He is also handicap. Jim is visited by Renzo, his friend, who plays with his wheelchair. Renzo picks up a girl named Lucinda who is also going to the party. A girl named Annie notices Jim, but goes to the party. Carla, Annie's roommate, takes notices, and Carla tells Jim that he should try make his move, since everyone else is. She then reveals that Renzo ran over her toes, and calls him cute, but flawed because he is handicap. Annie then comes over and asks him if he wants to dance, but she is unaware that he is crippled. He tells her no, flirts a bit, a bit, and Jim plays hard to get. Annie is interested in Jim.moreless
  • Episode 206
    Episode 206
    Episode 6
    Burke/Lori written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by George Verschoor Burke calls his sister Natalie and tells her that he will pay her $40 to make an appearance. He thinks that she will also go in bed with Kevin as an act, so that he could show Lori that she is actually cheating on him, so they could break it off. Natalie shows up late, and demands her money. Lori is confused, and bursts open the door to find Kevin and the blow up doll. Lori is pissed, and Burke explains that he just knows that she wanted him because he had a girlfriend. Burke is devistated but gets a call from Lori to meet her in the bathroom (which is co-ed if you didn't know this by now), and she tells him that she already has a boyfriend. He is crushed, but is happy when she responds that he is her boyfriend. [This saga ends] Hope/Alex written by Neil Landau, directed by Matthew Leutwyler Tess blows off Alex, because she met someone new, and makes up all these excuses to Hope that she was her bestfriend, etc, and she lets him have Alex. The thing is that Alex told the guys at the station, to not accept calls from Hope. So Hope decides to disguise her voice as Tess (a really good impression.) And Alex shows up at Tess's apartment (number 15) but Hope answers the door. Alex asks her about if she is sure about this whole thing, and she says yes, and they head over to her apartment (number 12). [This saga ends] Kip/Rebecca written by Neil Landau, directed by Matthew Leutwyler Armed with a lot of facial products, and he puts on a facial cream on his pimple (which is on his nose) but panics and hides when Rebecca shows up early. He puts on a bandage on his nose, and Rebecca asks what happened. Kip blurts out that he fought with Owen. Owen then makes up a whole convincing story, and Kip gets mad when Owen stands up to himself. Kip punches Owen in the face, and Rebecca calls him a jerk, and walks off. Owen then gets up, and tells Kip that even when pretending, he still doesn't let him win. He agrees what Rebecca says and walks off too.moreless
  • Episode 205
    Episode 205
    Episode 5
    Burke/Lori written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by George Verschoor Lori spies on Burke while she thinks Natalie comes over, but Natalie is really the blow up doll, and it bursts. Lori then gives up, but Burke shows up. He tells Lori that they could work, and he calls up Natalie. He is actually calling up Kevin, and breaks up with Natalie. Lori is shocked, and tells Burke, how can you break up with someone you really loves, and tells him it can't work. Hope/Alex written by Neil Landau, directed by George Verschoor Tess wants to meet this guy that Hope is dating. While Alex is in Hope's apartment, Tess sets the smoke alarm off. Alex, and Hope walks out, and Tess meets Alex. He then tells everyone it's a false alarm, and that he is a fireman. Hope quickly brings Alex in her apartment, and Tess knocks on the door. Tess confronts Hope on stealing her date. and they make Alex choose by a flip of a coin, heads Hope wins, tails, Tess wins. It lands on tails, and Tess is happy, but Alex notices Hope's attitude. He asks her if that's what she wants. She says yes, and Tess tells Alex to pick her up at 8. Tess and Alex leaves, but Tess tells Hope that she doesn't want to talk to her again. Kip/Rebecca written by Neil Landau, directed by Charlie Call Kip likes this girl named Rebecca, and meets her. He doesn't want her to see his face, because he has a zit on his nose. She then challenges him to take off his mask, and he lets her win. Kip is ready to take off his mask, but Kip's friend, Owen interrupts them. Owen says that Kip has a convertible. Kip asks her on a date, and Rebecca accepts. Rebecca looks forward on their date, and she can't wait to see his car, and leaves. Kip is nervous because he doesn't even own a car.moreless
  • Episode 204
    Episode 204
    Episode 4
    Hope/Alex written by Neil Landau, directed by George Verschoor Hope and Tess, from episode 3, have their own saga now. Tess is very excited on a date she has coming up, and tells Hope about it. Her date is a firefighter named George, and is suppose to meet her at her apartment, 15. She leaves, but their is a mix up, when the numbers of all apartments are taken down, due to retouching everyone's doors. George shows up at Hope's place, and she invites him in. Thinking that she is the real Tess, He then gives her flowers, and asks if this is number 15. Hope then goes outside, and kicks her apartment number 12, under a sheet. They start to talk and he reveals that is name is really Alex, and she reveals that her name is Hope, not Tess. He uses the bathroom, and Tess then shows up, telling Hope that the guy stood her up. Hope wants to get rid of Tess, and tells her that a guy is over. Tess then leaves, and Alex returns. He wants to know about how she works. You see, Tess was a phone sex operator at one point. Hope calls Tess, and asks her how she did it, and Tess gives her "tips." Alex is ready to call it a night and is ready to leave, but Hope notices some activity outside her door, and looks in the peephole. She sees Tess trying to spy on her, and Hope quickly tells Alex to spend the night over. Burke/Lori written by Steven S. DeKnight, directed by George Verschoor Burke really likes this girl named Lori, but he is convinced that the only reason she likes him because he has a girlfriend named Natalie. But he doesn't actually have a girlfriend, the picture that Lori seen is actually a picture of Burke and his sister, Natalie. Lori really likes Burke and wants to test to see if he is really faithful to her, or just having some fun. She wants to meet Burke's girlfriend. Burke needs to come up with a person, and looks at his roommate, Kevins', blow up doll. Jamie/Sabrina written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by David Fickas James (Jamie) arrives at Vanessa's home, saying that he really likes her. Sabrina shortly arrives and wants to see girl Jamie. That's when the Eric arrives, and wants to see girl Jamie, because he saw her bike outside of Vanessa's home. Jamie goes into drag, and comes back. (S)he wants to talk to Eric alone, in which (s)he does. (S)he tells him if he is ready for marriage, but Eric reveals that maybe they could just fool around. Girl Jamie, then gives him back his jacket, and he leaves. Jamie then reveals to Sabrina that (s)he is actually James. She is surprised, because she is the master of lies, and deceit. She tries to kiss him, but he doesn't want to. He wants to kiss the girl he likes, Vanessa. It ends as they presumably go out. [This saga ends]moreless
  • Episode 203
    Episode 203
    Episode 3
    Dominique/Mona written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by Matthew Leutwyler Dominique really feels guilty about what she did and wants to come clean. Dominique and Mona tells Jonathon, if they switched, would he have a problem with it. He tells them now, and Dominique almost tells him, but with a backhand from Mona, she doesn't. They then talk to Joy, who surprises them that she knew they switched. Jonathon then returns, seeing that he wants more sex, and Dominique, being her first time with him, tries it out. Joy and Mona laughs about straight love. Kim/Miles written by Neil Landau, directed by George Verschoor Still attached together, Hope, Kim's roommate come shome, and Kim tells her to get the key. She does, but she wants to know what happened. Miles quickly explains it, and Hope's friend, Tess, walks in Kim's room too. To find out Miles has slept with Tess, and didn't call her back. She asks why, and Kim wants to know too. Miles explains that he just didn't feel the magic with Tess, but feels it with Kim. Presumably Tess, and Hope leaves, and Miles talk to Kim about how they should just try to have sex, and see if their is something without the handcuffs. They do it, and they don't feel anything. Kim asks Miles to leave, and she goes to take a shower. Kim returns only to find Miles, sitting there. He explains he just didn't want to leave, and he wants to try something. He handcuffs her and him to the bed, and they talk. He explains that it was her, who did all of this. She denies this at first, but realizes it's the truth. They start to kiss, and they start seeing each other. [This segment continues Episode 621; Spins off with Hope and Tess] Jamie/Sabrina written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by Matthew Leutwyler The guys, Leo, and Eric comes over, along with Sabrina. They have a little get together. Sabrina asks girl Jamie if she would go to the bathroom with her, and (s)he does. Sabrina reveals that she is just seeing another person, and wants to get out of there. Sabrina lies to Leo about her mom falling down, and she leaves. Eric then feels the magic with girl Jamie, and offers his football jacket. (S)he takes it, and Vanessa is surprised, and shocked. The guys then leave, and Jamie is all exhausted in being in drag, and Vanessa confesses her undying love to him. She tells him that she was helping him to get any girl he wanted, and that she is sick of it. Jamie is left on the bed shocked.moreless
  • Episode 202
    Episode 202
    Episode 2
    Dominique/Mona written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by George Verschoor Dominique wants to have fun with Joy, but Mona disapproves. Dominique still wants to do it, and Mona goes with it, but she will go out with Jonathon. While making out with Jonathon he grabs her thigh, and she tells him that she will be right back. She rushes to Dominique who is getting ready for her date with Joy, at reveals that she shaves her pubic hair. She tells her that she needs to shave it off, or Joy will find out that they switched. Cut to Jonathon and Mona who is making out, Jonathon goes down on Mona, and she seems bored. She gives him a few pointers, and she enjoys it. Cut to Dominique who just came out of the shower. Joy arrives at the bathroom, and tells her that she was excited. They retreat to the shower, where they have sex, and it's presumably that it's Dominique's first time. Jamie/Sabrina written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by Matthew Leutwyler Sabrina arrives at Vanessa's home where she meets James/Jamie (as a guy). Jamie wants to reveal his true self of Sabrina which he fails on doing so. Sabrina wants Jaime, and not James. Jamie goes and comes back as girl Jamie. Sabrina is excited, and she tells them a little news with her boyfriend, Leo. She then calls Leo, and his friend over, to party, in which Vanessa doesn't mind. They arrive, and they start to play spin the bottle. Eric, a football jock, is interested in girl Jamie. Eric spins the bottle and it's lands on girl Jamie. Jamie doesn't want to do it, and they almost tell the truth about Jamie, until (s)he blurts out that (s)he is a lesbian. They kiss, and Vanessa spins the bottle landing on Eric. They kiss, and girl Jamie spins the bottle landing on Vanessa. Vanessa who seems to have a crush on her friend, Jamie, kisses him but (s)he kisses her on the cheek. Leo and Eric isn't satisfied, so they demand more, and Vanessa gives a real kiss. Sabrina's turn is next, and it lands on Vanessa. Vanessa panics and looks at girl Jamie. Eric wants to see more girl on girl action, but girl Jamie tells them if they have to kiss, Eric and Leo must kiss inorder to be fair. They then stop the game. The three leave, and Jamie still wants to express his true feelings to Sabrina. Kim/Miles written by Neil Landau, directed by George Verschoor Kim's boyfriend Donny stops by, and catches them. He doesn't care about it, all he wants is Kim's heart back. She tells him no, and he leaves. Miles then drops the key, and she gets very upset. Armed with a pillow, She fights for it, but loses. Miles want to talk, and she doesn't want to. Miles then tosses the key, inorder for them to talk making her more upset.moreless
  • Episode 201
    Episode 201
    Episode 1
    Dominique/Mona written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by ?? Dominique, and Mona, Identical twins. Dominique, is a hard working, uptight girl, as her sister describes her as. Mona, the easy going girl, and a lesbian. Dominique has a test, and asks Mona what is she is getting for the class. Mona tells her she's getting an A, despite her wildness. Mona gets the idea, to switch places, so Dominique could pass, and Mona could get a car from her parents. Dominique agrees, and they began to switch clothes. There is a catch, Mona tells Dominique that she needs to help her girlfriend Joy, at the PFLAG booth on campus. Dominique is sketchy about this, but says yes anyways. Everything goes find, and Jonathon bumps into Mona thinking that she is Dominique. He tells her that he wants to talk about sex, and she quickly agrees. Its presumably that Dominique and Jonathon didn't have sex yet, and he questions Mona if she is ready. She is ready, and what is seems, she gives him a blow job. Meanwhile Dominique and Joy are brushing their teeth, which Joy reveals that Dominique is a uptight girl, and Mona is very open and loose. Dominique feelings is hurt, but hides it well, and Joy talks about having sex in the bathroom. Dominique then agrees to because Mona is wild. They began to kiss and that's when the real Mona walks in, and stares at them. Jamie/Sabrina written by Lizzy Weiss, directed by ?? At Vanessa's place, Jamie tells her that he has a drama assignment where he has to be the opposite. He spots Vanessa's lipstick and tries it on. Vanessa tells him she kill to see him in a dress, so he tries it on. The next thing he knows, is that he is putting on make up, and a wig. Jamie then explains that the girl he likes, Sabrina, and a friend of Vanessas' will never go for him because he doesn't fit the jock sterotype. That's when Sabrina walks in. Jamie introduces herself, and Sabrina talks about her top. She tries it on, and asks Jamie (now a girl/in drag) her advice. Jamie tells her that her boyfriend, Leo would like it. Sabrina then have a wicked idea, to have a slumber party tomorrrow. Vanessa seems is a bit upset, when Jamie annouces that she too will be attending. Kim/Miles written by Neil Landau, directed by ?? Kim and Miles wake up next to each other, handcuffed, after a night of hot sex! They can't find the key, and Miles needs to go the bathroom. After peeing, He finds the key, but doesn't tell Kim. They began to talk about personal stuff, and friendship is building up between them.moreless
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