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Unearthing Ancient Secrets

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Find out what modern day forensics is helping us learn about our dark past.

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AIRED ON 1/29/2013

Season 2 : Episode 8

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  • A Warrior's Autopsy

    Warrior's Autopsy: A more likely reconstruction as follows: Warrior was immobilized in the supine position. Attacker stood to the left side of the warrior's upper body, facing towards the warrior's lower extremities. Attacker, leaning forward over warrior's upper body and holding an edged weapon in his right hand, made 3 consecutive thrusts into the upper abdominal cavity below the breast plate, which were expertly aimed at the center portion of the torso. After penetrating the soft organs, the edged weapon struck the anterior surfaces of the 3 vertebrae, evidenced by full impact of the tool on the top of each vertebrae with diminishing force as the blade followed a consistent downward trajectory, the angle of which is consistent with the arc of the assailant's right arm. After striking the anterior surface of the lowest vertebra with full force the blade strike tapers down the left side of the vertebrae with diminishing force. The downward force of the blade is abruptly stopped by the adjacent vertebrae. The close proximity and consistent angles of the three impacts on the bones are indicative that neither the warrior nor the attacker moved from their initial positions.

    Hypothesis: Warrior felled from his horse and lies prone stunned or unconscious. Attacker seizing the advantage steps to the left of the disabled warrior's side and bending diagonally over the warrior makes three precise thrusts from below the breast plate into the center torso region, thus ensuring the death of the warrior. The fact that the warrior was carefully laid in a grave with his weapons beside him and the coin place on his mouth indicates that he died a praiseworthy death and was accorded an honorable warrior's burial. From: Retired Crime Scene Investigator


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