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Unfabulous follows the life and times of teenager Addie Singer. Addie is a big fan of music and at every opportunity will write and sing about her life. The show outlines typical teenage goings on in and around a school environment with crushes, friendships, and plenty of excitement!
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  • cheesy show!

    I hate this show the main character is so whinny.
  • what the hell was this show about ?

    Seriously this show was nothing more that about an obnoxious 13 year who with two annoying stereotypical friends that by the way cant act the only thing they can do is be self centered and only care about themselves as you know this is the formula for nick and disney shows these days with a barrage of bad acting bad writing and stupid characters i mean this is just as bad as Hannah Montanna if not worse oh and how obvious that one of her friends is obsessed with fashion yeah well thats what tv shows are now accurate stereotypes of real life people this show is terrible i mean crap.moreless
  • Okay I guess.

    It had some big downside. But still very bearable to watch.

    Plot: It's about a 13 year old girl Addie Singer, who always sings about her problems every day. But she makes it up every day and ends up pretty good. What bad about this is it's too whiny, cheesy, and unbalanced.

    Characters/Actors: Everyone is great, except Addie Singer, she has a bad concept and characteristics. Emma Roberts is not the right actress for this. She has potential. Her character is very emotional and straightforward. Too cliche. The other actors are also nice at acting.

    Drama: They added too much drama on this one. Too much. They made it very whiny. The whiny nature of this show can't make the dramas in this show looking good. They haven't thought of that. Their drama is just not complex IMO.

    Show Value: Show value is below average because of the down nature of the show. They should have balanced the show concept.

    Overall: 5.5. They should have improved this while cancelling it. This show also has it's own potential like Emma Roberts.moreless
  • okay....

    Really like this show so far the storylines weren't anything I have seen a dog that is very obedient a girl that sing and can play the guitar really well and knowing what to do in a rocky situation and it was pretty smart for the director by adding the problem at the beginning that way your dragging the viewers attention and people that are insulting this show if you don't like this show than don't watch it but so far I haven't seen a show like this this show didn't deserve to be canceled :-(and ps Addie should've gotten back together with Randy they made a cute couple :-) who are we to judge we are not perfect either god bless one and allmoreless
  • I see no quality in this show at all.

    Unfabulous stars a thirteen year old girl that is in middle school, but has many hardships to take on in her average typical unfabulous life. Emma Roberts is another actress i like and think she's nice, but let me tell you what is wrong with the character she plays as in this cheesey live-action show: First off the character looks to be quite emo, and is kind of annoying as she always wants her life to be perfect, but no one has a perfect life. So there's also a lot of cheesey drama i see. The singing is mediocre at best as well. This show also fails at having something new with great twists, as it is about the same thing every episode, there's something that catches Addie's interest, then a plan to try and have/get/acquire it, fails at it with some brief depression, and then sings a mediocre song about it, and then a few events happen to try and have it a happy ending. So this was another show that was kind of boring and the characters were also annoying in my opinion (but not all of them, i like Zack, Addie's Brother, and the dog.) That is about it, as the setting and background for this show is just blah along with some of the character designs, it got boring after a while so i am glad this show is canceled now and hardly shown, though for those that miss it, at least there's some reruns on rare occasions. but since it is only once in a blue moon they show this, that proves this show lacked in quality and isn't very popular. I do think Emma tries her best though, and all of the other people were good to have in the show, it just loked as if they could have used some more acting training. This show was not that good in my opinion, as there was many errors in it that i could see, Emma is nice though and in this show i could at least see some sort of effort, she also did a good job in Aquamarine, i am just saying that the main idea of this show was bad and bored a thirteen year old girl like me quite easily. Just an average to mediocre storyline that didn't catch my interest. Have a great day everybody.moreless

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