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  • Season 3
    • The Best Trip Ever
      Episode 12
      Addie thinks she finally has the key to becoming fabulous: planning the best 8th grade trip ever! And what could be better than a three day cruise? The trip is sure to be a success... until Addie learns about Zach's secret crush on Geena. Fearing this potential romance will ruin their perfect friendship trio; Addie sets out to end the budding relationship before it starts. Unfortunately, Addie's plotting and scheming threatens to ruin their best trip ever.moreless
    • The Best Trip Ever
      The Best Trip Ever
      Episode 12
      Addie decides that throwing the best end of year trip ever will make her more popular. She decides on a cruise which goes down well. Once on the trip Addie finds out about Zach's plans for Geena so she and Jake try to keep them apart to save their friendship, or so she thinks it will.moreless
    • The Test
      Episode 11
      Addie's chances of being on the school paper are put in jeopardy by Ben so she plans her revenge, and luckily she comes across something she can hold over him. Meanwhile, Zack is becoming increasingly jealous of Geena.
    • The Quest
      Episode 10
      It's Career Week so the class are each given job assignments to complete, but when Addie's doesn't go as planned, she starts to worry that her future might not be very bright after all.
    • The Guilt Trip
      Episode 9
      During gym class, Addie fails to pay attention to Maris while Maris is on the balance beam and she falls off and sprains her wrist. Addie tries as best as she can, but Maris will not forgive her. It will take all Addie's got to get her usual enemy's forgiveness. Meanwhile, Ben is faced with a daunting task-looking after a younger boy who causes nothing but chaos until Ben decides to get even.moreless
    • The Birthday
      Episode 8
      Addie is preparing herself for her 14th birthday when she finds a letter she wrote when she was 7 listing everything she wants to achieve by the time she is 14. With only 3 days to go until the big day, it'll be a tough task to complete all 82 items!moreless
    • The "L" Bomb
      Episode 7
      When Jake says "I love you" to Addie on their anniversary, Addie doesn't know what to do. Then Addie later finds out what he really said or was it really I love you? Meanwhile Mrs. Singer is at the fair and tries to win a game which Ben is running. When she can't seem to win, Ben fixes the game so they won't lose all their money.moreless
    • The Two-Timer
      Episode 6
      After Addie is accused of being somewhere she's not, she discovers her ex is going out with her "twin".
    • 10/7/07
      Addie's eighth grade life is a well oiled machine until Jolene (from Pink Guitar) gets kicked out of St. Agnes, and transfers to Rocky Road where she becomes Addie's new bestest, best friend. Addie's life is turned upside down, so she plots to get Jolene kicked out of school.
    • The Song
      Episode 4
      When Geena tells Addie about a singing competition with the prize as a song with the one and only "Rob Hottie" (whom they both adore), Addie immediately thinks of competing. But Jake begins to show strange behavior, causing Addie to believe that if she enters, it will make Jake jealous and ultimately ruin their relationship. Zach and Geena talk to Jake about it, but Addie still thinks he doesn't want her to enter. Meanwhile, Zach enlists Ben to go on a date with Eli to see if she will cheat on him or not as he sees the two of them studying together.moreless
    • The Toot
      Episode 3
      Addie, Geena and Zack are now in 8th grade, and everything is going fine with Addie. She is Jake's girlfriend and her new teacher prefers her better than Maris, but things soon will get noisy when she accidentally releases a gas. Meanwhile, Ben and Jen make a bet that he will be accepted in an university and Maris has her own reality show.moreless
    • The Auction
      Episode 2
      In the third-season opener, Addie hopes to take Jake to the school dance by winning a date with him in a charity bachelor auction.
    • The Talent Show
      Episode 1
      When Jake takes an offer to work with someone else for the talent show, Addie gets mad as she wanted to do it with him so she decides to mess up the show for everyone.
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