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  • Not Bad, Not the Best

    Unfabulous is an underrated series back ten years ago. Hannah Montana ripped off it There is the whiny teen girl with the musical talent, the best friend, the guy friend, a popular guy named Jake, the cocky big brother, and the two mean girls. The series is about a girl named Addie trying to become a famous singer, but she has to deal with her everyday situations as a middle schooler.

    Anyway, the series is a hit or a miss, which depends of the episode. Some episodes were fabulous, others were dull. Addie, the main character reminds me of myself when I was in middle school. Whiny, girly, and stereotypical. Yet, she was not a bad protagonist. The rest of the cast are impressive. The most interesting character was Ben (in my opinion). At least the characters have some serious character development through out the series.

    I like how they bring the problem of the episode in the beginning, then goes flashback. It had good morals, plenty of exaggerated middle school drama, and it had its moments. Also, the series is pretty relatable (to middle schoolers, or people who remember their middle school days).

    No pop stars, not webstars, no rich family. Just a show about a teenage girl going through life in middle school. I wish the series was longer, more developed, and had more complex drama with a mix of humor. Unfabulous is an entertaining with an interesting cast, drama, and is better than today's Nickelodeon shows.
  • Unfabulous

    This show absolutely sucks! I mean come on, she can't even sing! You're meant to have better singing then that at thirteen.. you're only meant to sing that badly at the age of three or something. Plus its kind of unrealistic. I can't relate to this that much. No one can. The only thing you can relate to is the relationship problems, the fact you've got embarrassing moments and weird family. To put it shortly, way too unrealistic, the way Cranberry and the other one talk is just a lie and the way Addie sings.. I don't understand how her surname is Singer. I think I got a migraine from hearing her voice. And Gina cannot be that girly... NO ONE CAN. Unfabulous sucks and those who like it.. it may mean you don't have a life. The reason that people hate this show so much is that its just not realistic enough. You can't find the characters real enough and some of the mean come on! The dog is just way too obedient NO DOG CAN BE LIKE THAT. The dog brings them the remote whenever they ask..

    This is just another version of Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire. Except Lizzie McGuire is better. The name says it is an unfabulous show about a girl with an unfabulous life (the problem is that she's trying to be unfabulous clothes but suprisingly fabulous friends if you ask me. (Who couldn't ever be real) You will like this show at first but when you watch it again in a few months you will realize why it sucks.
  • unfabulous

    Really like this show so far the storylines weren't anything I have seen a dog that is very obedient a girl that sing and can play the guitar really well and knowing what to do in a rocky situation and it was pretty smart for the director by adding the problem at the beginning that way your dragging the viewers attention and people that are insulting this show if you don't like this show than don't watch it but so far I haven't seen a show like this this show didn't deserve to be canceled :-(and ps Addie should've gotten back together with Randy they made a cute couple :-) who are we to judge we are not perfect either god bless one and all
  • cheesy show!

    I hate this show the main character is so whinny.
  • what the hell was this show about ?

    Seriously this show was nothing more that about an obnoxious 13 year who with two annoying stereotypical friends that by the way cant act the only thing they can do is be self centered and only care about themselves as you know this is the formula for nick and disney shows these days with a barrage of bad acting bad writing and stupid characters i mean this is just as bad as Hannah Montanna if not worse oh and how obvious that one of her friends is obsessed with fashion yeah well thats what tv shows are now accurate stereotypes of real life people this show is terrible i mean crap.
  • Okay I guess.

    It had some big downside. But still very bearable to watch.

    Plot: It's about a 13 year old girl Addie Singer, who always sings about her problems every day. But she makes it up every day and ends up pretty good. What bad about this is it's too whiny, cheesy, and unbalanced.

    Characters/Actors: Everyone is great, except Addie Singer, she has a bad concept and characteristics. Emma Roberts is not the right actress for this. She has potential. Her character is very emotional and straightforward. Too cliche. The other actors are also nice at acting.

    Drama: They added too much drama on this one. Too much. They made it very whiny. The whiny nature of this show can't make the dramas in this show looking good. They haven't thought of that. Their drama is just not complex IMO.

    Show Value: Show value is below average because of the down nature of the show. They should have balanced the show concept.

    Overall: 5.5. They should have improved this while cancelling it. This show also has it's own potential like Emma Roberts.
  • okay....

    Really like this show so far the storylines weren't anything I have seen a dog that is very obedient a girl that sing and can play the guitar really well and knowing what to do in a rocky situation and it was pretty smart for the director by adding the problem at the beginning that way your dragging the viewers attention and people that are insulting this show if you don't like this show than don't watch it but so far I haven't seen a show like this this show didn't deserve to be canceled :-(and ps Addie should've gotten back together with Randy they made a cute couple :-) who are we to judge we are not perfect either god bless one and all
  • I see no quality in this show at all.

    Unfabulous stars a thirteen year old girl that is in middle school, but has many hardships to take on in her average typical unfabulous life. Emma Roberts is another actress i like and think she's nice, but let me tell you what is wrong with the character she plays as in this cheesey live-action show: First off the character looks to be quite emo, and is kind of annoying as she always wants her life to be perfect, but no one has a perfect life. So there's also a lot of cheesey drama i see. The singing is mediocre at best as well. This show also fails at having something new with great twists, as it is about the same thing every episode, there's something that catches Addie's interest, then a plan to try and have/get/acquire it, fails at it with some brief depression, and then sings a mediocre song about it, and then a few events happen to try and have it a happy ending. So this was another show that was kind of boring and the characters were also annoying in my opinion (but not all of them, i like Zack, Addie's Brother, and the dog.) That is about it, as the setting and background for this show is just blah along with some of the character designs, it got boring after a while so i am glad this show is canceled now and hardly shown, though for those that miss it, at least there's some reruns on rare occasions. but since it is only once in a blue moon they show this, that proves this show lacked in quality and isn't very popular. I do think Emma tries her best though, and all of the other people were good to have in the show, it just loked as if they could have used some more acting training. This show was not that good in my opinion, as there was many errors in it that i could see, Emma is nice though and in this show i could at least see some sort of effort, she also did a good job in Aquamarine, i am just saying that the main idea of this show was bad and bored a thirteen year old girl like me quite easily. Just an average to mediocre storyline that didn't catch my interest. Have a great day everybody.
  • whatz up?!

    i know you don't like unfabulous, but how about the people who does? how about the people who enjoys it? before asking to cancel unfabulous, think first what if you're in our place and the movie you really love would be cancelled... how would you feel?
    If you don't like it, don't watch it, find other shows that you might like... if half of the people hates unfabulous, the other half loves it... To unfabulous, love your show, keep the seasons coming more... love addie's new look on season 3! but i wish addie had other series than unafabulous, so it would be fun right?
  • Mediocre at best and I'm so glad this show has ended.

    Unfabulous stars Emma Roberts as the main character where everything revolves around her and is always looking to be little ms. perfect. Her life is Unfabulous and I think the title fits this show perfectly, this is a cruddy cheap and low quality live-action show that showed a lot of drama and middle school bullies. This is not a good show as a lot of epsidoes didn't seem to have a whole lot going on and there didn't seem to be any amazing acting. This show sucks I hate it. The reason I say that was because there was very bad graphics and quality to this show and it didn't really have anything special except for maybe Addie's dog Nancy. I see Emma Roberts is trying to shoot for stardom and being a good actress, she reached being an actress, but hopefully I can see her achieving something truly great and amazing sometime in the future. I actually didn't see Addie smile in much episodes for this show, it may have been because of her character and what emotions to show that are said from the script but she could have also been not happy being in the show because she knew that Unfabulous is a crappy live-action sitcom. But that's another thing as I also did not find much comedy in it at all. So this show also featured a lot of relationship themed stuff and how things are gonna work out between girls and guys. Nick did the right thing of canceling this show like CN did of canceling Out of Jimmy's Head. Its gone now but I just remember seeing this show and wanted to write a review about it, but seeing as there hasnt' been any new reviews (besides this one) since the first of August then this might be the last review for this show for many, many months. Maybe Emma will get a better and more well-thought out show on Nick in the future.
  • Chick Flick on TV= Unfabulous

    Nickelodeon started playing this show a lot when it first came out. It's an ok show, it's kinda boring at times which is why I wasn't really suprised or disappointed that this show got cancelled. They should at least show reruns for the fans. If they don't.... too bad.... there's still youtube. I suggest you stop reading this review 'cause I'm done. La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Take off your pants and jacket.
  • wow what a crappy show

    not even mildly entertaining This show is an example of abysmal viz media and what they think people want. Sitcoms that have children as the main star nowadays such as this are nothing but a feeding pool for idiots. The main point of the show is hypocritical. Its sad that most channels think we want this unfunny garbage. Shows like this icarly drake and josh reanimated zoey101 unfabulous survival guide naked brothers band life with derek Zixx ect are examples of bad programming.
    There is no plot or point to these sitcoms and are nothing but a waste of space. The there are the dumb cartoons they have on now such as squirel boy jimmy neutron mr meaty the new american dragon get ed gym partner munky ect. I miss the old good shows. Sadly i avoid watching anything on disney only cause their a racist steriotype. TO them all white jocks are good at anything they try. I also don't watch any shows on nick except for avatar the last airbender and ocasionally spongebob
    On cn i only watch naruto and bleach until onepiece made by funi is done. Sadly all three of the great cartoon channels have spiralled down hill into an abyss
    I'm sick and tired of sit coms on kids channels. They call them kids channels cause their ment for cartoons not shows like south of nowhere degrassi icarly ect.
  • One of the most boring shows on Nickelodeon.

    I think Emma Roberts is a good actress. The sad thing is, this show isn't that great. It's pretty cheesy, has really lame storylines, and wouldn't reach out High School students like me. I'm a freshman in High School, and I'm glad Junior High is over with because it sucked big time for me. And TV-Show wise, Junior High has two much petty drama. That would be unappealing to people older than 8th Grade (or 9th Grade depending on where you live). I admit, we all have rocky times in our lives. I like how symbolic the name of the school is, Rocky Road. A Rocky Road is exactly what Addie goes through practically in the series. But other than that, the show is again, cheesy, and sucks. I hope this review helped.
  • I fantastic show.

    This show is so great and very relatable. I like how they try to relate to teens but they don't really try that hard. Like in Hannah Montana they say that people can relate to Miley/Hannah but they really can't. But I know alot of people that can relate to Addie Singer. She's a normal teenage girl going threw life. She has to deal with freindships, breakups, crushes,relationships, parents, older sibling, money, and queen bees(aka really mean popular girls.)And a whole lot more. It's just a very good show. The only thing that really annoyed me in the series was the whole Addie Randy thing. I just want to say for the record that they are not a good couple. They look horrible together and they didn't really seem to have much of a connection. But thank goodness Addie finally got together with Jake. I was so pissed off in the season one finale when Jake dated Patty. The song that Addie sang at the end of the episode always makes me want to cry when I hear it.
  • Unfabulous....is FABULOUS!

    I really liked "unfabulous". It was basically like a more teen and more dramatic version of "Lizzie McGuire" The directing, and acting was really good. I appreciate this show because in other teen shows, the lead character always likes someone new, but Addie likes the same guy throughout the whole series. I also liked it because in other shows trying to appeal to teens they try to make the parents young, but in unfabulous her parents had gray hair and age spots. The only thing that I didn't like was Addie really wasn't a good singer- at all. I still think they should bring this back.
  • A lot of people hate it, but I actually liked it!

    Unfabulous was a comedy-drama kids' series about a girl named Addie Singer who sings about a daily problem she has in every episode. With her to help are Geena, her best female friend who doesn't exactly make great wardrobe decisions, Zack, her hip best male friend, Ben, her mathlete older brother, and her parents, who are kind of embarrassing but still loving. This show was actually great! I can see why so many people hate it, but it's actually a good show aside from the songs in every episode. I'd have to say my favorite season was the first one, although there's episodes in the other 2 seasons of the show that I like. Plus, Ben and Zack are pretty cute...
  • .....Well apparently this show has been cancelled in 2007! Probably because it wasn't very popluar...to say the least!

    Okay, this show was a horrible job of graphics and it was kinda boring, plus a lot of the characters didn't look good...maybe it was the outfit designs...I know it was something! Emma Roberts was one of the few reasons why I wanted to watch this show, I think she can be a good actress, she's young too...and apperently there's a lot of tastes of Emma Roberts and some think she looks like Medusa, but I'm just saying that I saw a few reviews where some people think that, because I think she's pretty (dare I say to others who see this) I know I definitely don't think she's ugly...but anyway for the show Some episodes had good storylines I guess, and the dog was cool. But other than that this show had the setting and characters with poor graphics and these big-shot writers and creators of this show did a horrible job and not the best ideas for this show that's for sure! I feel bad for the actors that were featured in an unappealing show that to perhaps thousands fell WAY short of expectations when either it first aired, or when future episodes were made in the later seasons. The show I agree wasn't very good, but I think the actors at least deserve some respect, because they weren't the ones who thought of this show. So I'm hoping in the future that these writers and graphic lay-out personnel of Nick can think of a better show with a more "Fabulous" role and maybe bigger for the "Growing up" Emma Roberts, because this show was just like the name implies "Unfabulous" and (even though three years isn't too long) still perhaps should have been cancelled completely off the air quicker so to dislikes of this show wouldn't have to keep seeing this TV story and script gone wrong Medusa, so therefore I'm hoping again that Emma Roberts will be freatured in something better, because I also have seen Emma in past commercials where she gives these certain people advice, so that is showed that Emma Roberts is a very nice and good person who is also an Actress. This wraps up my review of how this show had errors and was highly disliked. A fortune Cookie one time also said I'd make a good lawyer!
  • Unfabulous. It´s ridiculous and I like it.

    It is a cool show. They only have 28 episodes counting the "TV Movie" of two episodes, in more than 2 years of lifetime. Why they take so long to make episodes? Besides the show doesn´t has so many special effects. The season 2 was great, yeah was insane! but now has passed its time. It´s time for a new season.
    I think that many persons who watch this show are dissapointed right now, for the time to wait for air the new season.
    I watched this show because is "ridiculously funny", and for Emma Roberts.
    It has all that ridiculous and funny stuff that I like in a show, but with sense. And it makes me laugh, very much sometimes.
  • A girl struggling through middle school, expresses herself in song.

    Unfabulous is a show that I am sad to say its name says it all. The summary of the show is something I would like to watch, about a girl, 13 who has embarassing moments. (Who doesn't that relate to?) But though the plot all together seems good, the actors aren't. Addie Singer played by Emma Roberts doesn't seem real to me, I don't think she embraces her character, it just seems like bad acting. It seems really fake, and that's why I have stopped watching it. I don't believe this show should be a returning series... its better unfabulous. :(
  • I like this show and at the same time I don't.

    This show is about a 13-year old girl named addie Singer who writes songs about her daily life. Joining her are her best friends Genna Fabiano who is intrested in fashion and makes her own clothes and the environmental, basketball player Zach Carter Schwartz. They all attend Rocky Road middle school in an east Cost city. Addies older brother Ben Singer works at Juice a smoothie bar where Addie and her friends attend. The hole series focuses(except for 2nd season) on addies crush on Jake.

    I personally don't get this show at all. I really don't like the actors but the show and storyline are great.
  • Very,very unorgininal

    "Unfabulous" is a sitcom about 13 year old girl, Addie Singer played by Emma Roberts. Its good but unorginal. i cant tell you how many shows ive seen like this. It brings twists to old storylines though which I really like. She has friends and enemies and tries to suceed at being popular among her peers. In the end, she succeeds in all her goals. She likes to play guitar when something is bothering her. It helps her express her feelings somehow. Thats a twist right there. This show is now on the brig of being canceled and I hope it makes it through
  • I like it, dare I say

    I like the show, but I will probably get some hate PMs because of this review. Okay, so it centers around a girl named Addie Singer. I know the acting for any of the characters is nothing special and pretty mediocre, but the scripts are pretty good. The characters are loveable, the show's plot it self is pretty good. Once again I say, I know the acting was nothing special and really mediocre. As a matter of fact, I hated the whole cast, they really sucked at acting. But I looked at the plot, and the scripts, and I became an Unfabulous fan.
  • i edited this review

    This show is fine. It used to be my favorite show of all time, lol. Um, I personally like the older episodes better though, but I do like most of their episodes though. I used to say that I hate this show, but I kinda like it to be honest. I have to say that it's a guilty pleasure of mine. However, I didn't like a few episodes, but the rest are good. The relationship between Addie and Jake is getting tiring but I guess that's what makes the show what it is, lol. So to make this short, This is a [good] show and it's one of my guilty pleasures.
  • Unfabulous main character is 13-year-old seventh grader Addie Singer, who writes songs about her life in junior high school.

    The name says it all Unfabulous is Unfabulous. Nick did nothing good for itself airing this show. I have absolutley no idea what so ever why this show is under comedy. It has none humour at all. It should be placed under Children, it is childish, no depth, extremely shallow. I hate it. Hopefully it goes off the air very, very shortly. This show is terrible, I have no clue why anyone would want to watch it, it does not interest me one bit. Overall I would say Unfabulous is very Unfabulous and on my worst shows list. Over and out!
  • The name goes great with the show, don't you think? It really is unfabulous!

    Yes we can all clearly see a teen "comedy" is supposed to be funny. Well, this show doesn't meet that. It is cleary a disgrace to Nick! I like all the shows on TeenNick, but this is one of the bad shows. They put this ugly girl that can't sing on this show that revoles around nothing! It is so boring, and it makes me feel like I shouldn't have gaven up Dora! That's how bad it is. The name fits the show just fine, and that's the only good about. Worst show on TeenNick and the NBB is better!

    Final Score: Big Fat F
  • What was Nickelodeon thinking?

    Wow! A teen show on Nickelodeon about a teenage girl with serious teenage problems. How original.

    Seriously, though, what was Nickelodeon thinking when they greenlit this? I mean, many of the plots range from OK to lame and this show isn't that awful, but it just that the characters annoy me. Emma Roberts, while with some potential, doesn't have enough talent to carry any show. And add that with her singing along with her guitar. SHUDDER

    This show is just dull and uninspired. It doesn't come near the genius of Kenan and Kel. Heck it doesn't come near Drake and Josh either.
  • Quite possibly the worst show I have ever seen.

    This show is in a word: insecure. It's about a self centered, insecure, egotistical teenager named Addie Singer. The whole show is spent with her panicing about how other people think and fell about her and quite frankly, IS BORING. She spends a quater of the show screwing up, another, wallowing in her own self pity, another about solving it ASAP( because she has nothing better to do), and then the last quater singing a dreadful song about it. It also frankly amuses me that the dog seems to be smarter than she is. This show truly is Unfabuolous. Thank You.
  • No wonder why It's Called: Unfabulous! That's what it is Indeed Literally!

    My 69th review after another terrible live action show on Nick, "Zoey 101"

    OMG even worse then Zoey 101! It's about some Cruddy 13-year brat who goes to Junior high school and makes Horrible songs on her Broken Guitar! Literally! This show has no good Quatily to the Graphics to this show, AT ALL. Nobody should watch this. Not even girls 7 and over. It teaches kids and mostly girls to be Spoiled over Money, Get things every day and waste their parents Money and Most Important Being full of Sex. This show gets an F--. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: F-- 0.0/10.0 What the Filp?!?!??!?! This show has Deaf Voice-acting! They swallowed BIGGER crock-holes then the Zoey 101 Chracthers Did!

    Graphics: F-- 1.0/10.0 Very Ugly and on Very Low Definition. This show is the reason why all our good shows from the 1990's Got cancelled becuase of this Crock!

    Sound: F-- 0.0/10.0 *Left Ear Pops* Right Ear Pops* AAAAHHHH!!!!! My ears! This show's Terrible Rock n roll music got my ears popped!!!

    Dialouge: F-- 0.0/10.0 What's that? i still can't hear!! My ears are still Popped!!!

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.7/10.0 Total None.

    Overall: F-- 2.0/10.0 This show is just Pathetic. This show should be hated by Girls 7 and older and just about everyone around the Solar System! That's all I have too say about this Crock Show. Cancel this show forever!!!!
  • This show is so annoying...

    First of all, this is a show about Addie Singer trying to live her life. And she's really emo. She doesn't look like it, but she is incredibly emo. She's so emo, it makes My Chemical Romance more perky than Rachael Ray, Mickey Mouse, and Mr. Rogers combined. Not even the promotional images or the music can hide it. Nothing can hide the super-emotional angst that the writers have given her. With her is someone named Geena, she's one of those stuck-up kids that care about clothes and all that stuff. There's Zach, who's incredibly obsessed with the environment. She also has a family that seems perfectly reasonable. Oh, and Addie has some crush on a guy, but she can't get him. Sadly, her emoness has made it so we have to be reminded of her crush in every episode. Please just watch a show that can handle emotions more realistically, or a show that's funny and not like this show.
  • A pretty big disappointment.

    Unfabulous is a show about a girl named Addie who is going through life as a teenager. The problems? There are quite a few. For one Emma Roberts....not such a great actress. Britney Spears drunk could do a better job. Another thing I noticed was she doesn't really act like a normal teenager would. School is kinda like being in a frat party for them (not saying there is any drinking or anything). I think the show had good intentions to be a funny show about a klutzy girl trying to live her life, but it just wasn't even funny. Addie personally seems really self centered, and her friend is like that girl at school who thinks she's really popular and yet isn't. Bottom line unless you wanna see bad acting and snoody characters don't watch this show.
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