Season 2 Episode 7

The Dark Side

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Oct 29, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Addie finally thinks she's had the perfect kiss after playing spin the bottle at a costume party for Halloween. The trouble is there is more than one Darth Vader impersonator, so who did she actually kiss?

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  • This episode proves that Addie's first kiss was with Jake, not with Randy. One thing that disappointed me is that Jake didn't tell her that he kissed her right at that moment when they where in the closet! If he did, she would have been with him earlier!moreless

    Even though this episode is above average, Jake really disappointed me. We've waited a LONG time to see Jake and Addie as a couple, and if he told her that she kissed him right that moment we would have seen them as a couple earlier. But don't get me wrong, this episode was still great to watch. Ben was hilarious in this episode, and so was Jen. After she scared Ben I couldn't forget about for a week and I kept on laughing about it. I love Halloween also, it's one of my favorite holidays. This episode was one of my favorite episodes!moreless
  • geena teaches addie to be a spin the bottle expert but soon finds out that she may of kissed the wrong guy when theres 3 dark vadars

    at first addie didnt get invited to maris and cranberry halloween bash but because randy her boyfriend wont go without her they cave in but warn her if she doesnt play spin the bottle the security wil throw her out addies worried shell have to kiss someone other than randy so geeena teaches her to be a spin the bottle expert and when at the party she goes in with who she at the time beleived to be randy and has the most amazing kiss of her lofe and finds out afterwards that it may not of been randy but instead it might of been jake! she goes to geeena who says if its randy then you know your with the right guy but is it? this episode is one of my faves it rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Not many good episodes like this one...

    This episode is one of the few episodes of Unfabulous that i actually like. It was interesting and cute. In ths episode its Halloween. At a Halloween party Addie and her friends play Spin the Bottle. It lands on someone who is dressed like Darth Vader. Addie thinks this person is Randy. They go into a closet and kiss. After the kiss Addie says that was the best kiss of her life. Then she finds out there are 3 Darth Vaders at the party(Randy, Jake and Ellie). With the help of Geena and Zach, Addie tries to find out who she kissed in the closet.moreless
  • Maris and Cranberry had a Halloween party. Everybody played spin the bottle and Addie went into the closet with one of the 3 darth vaders thinking it was randy but it was really JAKE!! Also ben had a girl over for movies and he got all scared.moreless

    I watched this show in New Zealand when i was on holiday. That was such a great episode I loved the whole three Darth Vaders thing it was a great plot. It was hilarious that Ben was absolutely frightened over the stupid scary movie and the "trick or treaters". I liked the whole thing of Jake telling Addie it wasn't him she kissed that was a really great and nice thing to do so she thought she kissed Randy. It was a little bit disappointing that Addie and Zach both kissed people the liked (or at least thought it was who they liked) and Geena didn't but it was such a great episode and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.moreless
  • Jake really likes Addie, but dusnt want 2 ruin Randy and Addie's Relationship

    But Jake is the perfect guy! addie said afterwards: the best kiss etc etc and Geena says: you know ur with the right guy So, in short: Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha ! Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha Addie and Jake need 2 get 2getha Addie and Jake need 2 get 2gethamoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Since Halloween usually takes place on October, we find out that all of season 1 and the beginning of season 2's episodes/storylines all happened in August, September, and early October since the gang are still in 7th Grade and August/September are usually the months when students go back to school after summer break.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Darth Vader: Are you OK?
      Addie: (talking to herself) Oh no! Which Vader is this? OK, if there are only 3, then Darth Elle is #1, and she has Randy's helmet. Which means Randy has her helmet. Darth Vader #2 is over by the sundae bar wearing Jake's helmet, which means Darth Vader #3 is Randy!
      Addie: Yeah, my wing stabbed me.
      Darth Vader: Costumes are a pain sometimes.
      Addie: Totally. (Addie stares back at the Spin the Bottle game)
      Addie: Hey, do you wanna play?
      Darth Vader: I don't know.
      Addie: Me either, let's just cut to the chase.
      (Addie drags him over to the closet, and Zach & Elle come out of the closet)
      Zach: (Looking very happy) Spook-tacular!

  • NOTES (0)


    • Episode Title: The title of this episode refers to "The Dark Side" in the Star Wars Trilogy, as Jake and Randy were all dressed as Darth Vader, a Star Wars character from "The Dark Side" of the galaxy.