Season 2 Episode 13

The Last Day of 7th Grade

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 16, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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With the end of seventh grade upon her, Addie attempts to not think about Jake, and also to avoid mischievous eight graders.

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  • End of 7th Grade. Secrets are finally said.

    I hated and liked this episode. I liked the fact that Addie was gonna tell Jake her feelings but really bummed when she chickened out. I think she deserved that she was left chasing him. I liked that Jake rescued her, i mean, what girl wouldn't right? It was sweet. And I really liked that Jake confessed her feelings for her in the yearbook. I was thinking how they were gonna do it. I think that it did the job. As for Addie, when's she gonna change right? Carpe Diem. I will recommend this episode coz it's fun to watch.moreless
  • It's Grad Week, and Addie and her friends are just trying to avoid the Eight Graders. And Addie still doesn't know what she wants to write when she sign Jake's yearbook.moreless

    NOOOOO!!!! I can't believe this is happening. I personally could not believe it when the car was going down the road and Addie was running after it, I tell you people, is this any way to end the episode????? NO. It isn't. And coz of where I live, i don't even think I'll be able to watch the Perfect Moment. NOOO!!! And did Jake have to go so far away, and for the whole summer? At least Cranberry and Gina bonded a little in this episode by not getting creamed by the eight graders and giving them fashion advice instead. But Maris is being her usual ****** self. (sorry, cant write that word down. Hint: ends with Y) She gives the eight graders the seventh grade buddy list map and plans. STUPID MARIS!!!

    Overall this was a good episode. Ended sadly. Oh well.moreless
  • This show is about a girl addie who sings and has an unfabulous life!in the beginning of every show ther show the end of that episode and then throughout the show they show how they got to that point!moreless

    This episode is soo awesome!This is my favorite episode!I love the whole idea of Jake and Addie not Addie and Randy!I love this episode because it shows them trying not to get pullvarized by the 8th graders and addie trying to avoid her feelings for Jake!I hate the end though,i wish Addie was able to tell him how she feels,but oh well!It sucks that he is going all the way to Canada!But hopefully in season 3 it will be much closer about Addie and Jake!moreless
  • ok so addie has feelings for jake and wont tell him but jake also has feelings for addie and addie never knew untill he writes a note in her year book that addie could never like jake as more than a friend and that he was the one addie kissed at a party !moreless

    this episode is so tottaly amazing i sure do hope addie and jake start dating but then their relation ship wiould be kinda sorta wierd but the make such an adorable couple i mean its still to bad that addie and randie broke up but im so glade that addie took it the right way not the wrong way like some people would\'ve
  • OH My gosH!

    NERVE WRECKING! I hate how the writers ended this. But luckly he\'s not going to live in Canada so maybe when he comes back, she can be all i love u to! and they can all live happily ever after. Well hopfully. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO i cannot wait until the next episode comes on! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! So like yeah! HMMMM>> i think i\'m laking Jake alot better than Randy but isn\'t it weird shes not popular but all the popular guyz like her!

    HMMMMMMmmMMM MMMMMmoreless
Teddy Chen Culver

Teddy Chen Culver

Mr. Ward

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Rachel Henderson / 8th Grade Girl

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