Season 1 Episode 1

The Party

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 12, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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It's the start of 7th grade for Addie and she wants people to notice her as an indivudual, not just as her hot brother's sister. Addie gets the opportunity when she is able to have a party...as long as she doesn't mess up.

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  • This was an excellent episode.

    I really liked this episode a lot. I wish they would play it more, I only see it like once a year. This episode was a great way to start the show because it explained the meaning of the show and I started watching the show more and more often and now I absolutely love it. I hope the future episodes are just as good as this one because I will be very excited to see what will happen. The Party was very excellent and I like it for all the reasons i have stated above. This episode is awesome.moreless
  • Absolutely fabulous!

    Absolutely fabulous! But I kinda got tired of it in some way because I have watched this like several times and I wish that I just in some way see another episode again well this was a great episode and this was a great pilot for this show actually this is not much of a pilot for me but this is the first so that is why it's like that y'all!!!!!!moreless
  • this was great!

    i think that this episode ruled because it show\\\'s that Addie Singer is just like any other teenage girl with all the same worries and it\\\'s funny how everything she was looking forward to got cancelled!

    this si the beginning of a great show and i was hooked because although all the bad things happen to her, she is stil really cool and a great guitar player! she is really telented and emma roberts can go far as an actress! i also like addie\\\'s friends Geena and Zach ,they were cool but i didn\\\'t like the boy called Eli he was annoyin!moreless
  • The first episode ever of Unfabulous starring Emma Roberts. This is a pilot episode that shows all of the main characters.

    The first ever episode of Unfabulous wasnt the greatest of the first season I've scene, but it was reasonable. Randy Klein, the most unlucky person in class, breaks his leg in a water skiing accident. Now Addie wants the party at her house, but she first has to go to the 'party review board'. Luckily one of the girls on that board has the hots for Addie's older brother, Ben, and agrees for it to be at her house. Just before the party, she questioned the party, but it went ahead. During the party, the episode shows glinpses of upstairs, where Ben and her parents are looking at the party through Ben's webcam. Addie then on her way over to Jake, tripped over the webcam cord and fell face first into the punch bowl.moreless
Hart Boykin

Hart Boykin


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Tim Kahle

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Dean Marchiano


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Carter Jenkins

Eli Pataki

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Bianca Collins

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    • Eli: (over the P.A. system) Good morning, Rocky Road Middle School! Known for such classics as No Running in the Halls and Spit It Out in My Hand This Instant. Here's Principal Brandywine!
      Principal Brandywine: I am a principal, not the opening act at the Ha-Ha Cafe.

    • Geena: Have you guys seen any new kids? You know, the kind that starts with "B" and ends with "oys"?

    • Geena: I don't get it. We've been here for twenty minutes, and no one has noticed my skirt.
      Zach: Someone has noticed your skirt.
      Principal Brandywine: Ms. Fabiano, must I remind you this is a hall of learning, and not the Hoochie Coochie Room at the Rock and Roll Motel? Nothing says back to school like a crisp, new pad of pink slips.

    • Maris: Hi, Muddy. I mean, Addie. Can't wait for another one of your fabulous performances at Randy Klein's party. Nick Russo is giving five-to-one odds that you'll land in something wet.
      Cranberry: It's a ten-to-one if it causes a permanent stain. (along with Maris) Burn!
      Geena: And what are the odds you'll pop a breath mint? Just because we have to hear your stupid jokes, doesn't mean we have to smell them to.
      Zach: Now that was a third degree burn.

    • Addie: Uh, Zach, why aren't you wearing shoes?
      Zach: Dude, shoes aren't natural. They were just created by those shoe companies for profit. My ten little piggies are free-range!
      Geena: It's be better to write thoughts like this down on a little notepad. That way, you don't say them out loud, and risk ruining our social life.

    • Ben: (while talking to Tara on the phone) This is way scarier than any Chucky movie. We did not look like that when we were 13.

    • Addie: Oh, no. Nobody is coming! This is a complete disaster!
      Geena: Easy. It´s just 5:00, and the party starts at 6:30.

    • Patty: Hello, she's got a hottie brother!

    • Geena: I'll be in charge of the flying unicorn on rainbow wings.

    • Addie: What kind of friends are you? Why didn't you stop me?
      (friends roll their eyes)

    • Ben: Have you heard of anything called, civil rights?

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    • Ben says that he and Tara rented all the Chucky movies. Chucky is the central character of the Child's Play horror series. It's about a "Good Guy" doll that is possessed with the mind and soul of a mass murderer who used voodoo to transfer his soul to the doll. There were 5 movies throught the late 80's and early 90's, the most recent being Seed of Chucky, released in 2005.