Season 2 Episode 14

The Perfect Moment

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Oct 07, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

After spending her whole summer pining for Jake Behari, who has been away at camp in Canada, Addie finally gets the chance to admit her feelings to him but first she has to track him down in Chinatown, where he's attending a wedding, but more surprises come when she learns Jake's back together with Patty, his old girlfriend. With the help from Gina, Zach, and Ben she will track him down no matter what. Meanwhile, Gina wants to move to Paris cause there's no boys here anymore but she meets a handsome waiter who likes her. Zach goes to a restaurant to free a crab, but Addie's parents are there and Ben tries to get back together with Jen and ends up in jail.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Jeff: Gung Hay Phat Choy - dumpling
      The subtitle, which translates this as "Happy New Year - dumpling" is wrong. Roughly translated "Gung hay phat choy" means "may you have good wealth." "Sun lien fai lok" means "Happy New Year."

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Addie: (after kissing Jake) Perfect.

    • Fortune Teller: You too are looking for something.
      Addie: Yeah.. I'm looking for a wedding, do you know where this is?
      Fortune Teller: What you seek cannot be found where you are searching.
      Addie: What?
      Fortune Teller: The bells will lead you to your heart's desire.
      Addie: Right.. the bells. Gotta go, bye !!

    • Zac: I'll have the lobster.
      Waiter: Excellent..with butter?
      Zac: Ah, NO! Alive.
      Waiter: Pardon me, sir?
      Zac: It's the new diet craze. Live is the new rah...
      Waiter: Yes, sir, right away, sir.

    • Jake: Addie!! What are you doing here?
      Addie: I kinda crashed your cousin's wedding. I really need to talk to you.
      Jake: Really? Cause last time we talked you said you hated me.
      Addie: Oh! What, no that was just..
      Guy: Jake! They need you for pictures.
      Jake: I gotta go
      Addie: Well.. come find me when you're done.. I'll be here.

    • Police: All right, nobody moves! You all under arrest for underaged tattoing.
      Guy: I knew you were not 26!
      Ben: You reported me?!
      Police: No, son. We could hear your screams down to the precinct.

    • Guy: Jen fever.
      Ben: Forever! It says forever.
      Guy: How old you said you were?
      Ben: 26?
      Guy: (makes a face of whatever) Mhhm. Pull up your sleeve.
      Ben: (very nervous, bite his finger)

    • (Ben and Kurt are pushing each other)
      Ben: Ahh, my tattoo.
      Kerk: A tattoo? Aren´t you like twelve?
      Ben: Sixteen!

    • (In Addie's fantasy)
      Jake: I rode on a moose here back to America just to see you.
      Addie: You rode on a moose, how dangerous!

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    What Would You Do?
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