Season 1 Episode 2

The Secret

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 19, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Addie takes things too far when she makes up some rules for Zach and Geena after they keep lying to her, and Ben is attempting to avoid doing work wherever possible.

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  • summary:geena and zack have been lieng to addie e.g zack lied about his first kiss being with cranberry. so addie makes an honesty policy which ends in diaster and pie all over there facesmoreless

    unfabulous episode The Secrect was interesting because we learnt some secrects about the charactors and how all people tell little white lies. but i must say it wasnt the best episode but it definately was one that really showed what each charactors personality was and that Addie, Geena and Zack must fight alot because Addie sure has wrote alot of mean songs about them (especially Geena). my overall review is this one of the most interesting episodes but also one of the bad episodes my rate for this episode was 6.9 which average (fair) but there are plenty more better ones.moreless
  • I think that this episode is alright finally they got each other's dirt!

    I think that this episode is alright finally they got each other's dirt! Well what do they say honesty is the best policy as much as we say that we should keep secrets but sometimes as much as it appear as a lie it comes out without a warning that always happens so better tell the truth!
  • although alot of people are putting this episode down i dont think it was two bad

    addie dosnt like the fact that geena and zach lie to her and so they sign an agreement to never lie to each other, and then tell each other all of their secrets. then they fall out and have a huge rowe in the classroom which ends up in a cream pie fight and they have to pick up litter on saturday as their punishment. then jake speaks to addie and says hello and that his sorry he missed the boston cream pie fight and that boston cream pies are his favourite! i think that is the first indication that jake might just like addie!moreless
  • Addie discovers that Geena and Zack have been lying to her and she adds drama and makes a huge deal about it. Meanwhile, Ben has his own problems. Dad wants Ben to work at the sporting goods store, while Ben wants to work at Juice so he can meet girls.moreless

    Ehh, pretty boring. A little funny, but boring. They couldn't think of anything better to do? Addie finds out that people lie? Oh, what a big surprise! Of course they lie! But Geena and Zack fibbed so they wouldn't hurt Addie's feelings. She should at least consider that.

    It was funny when all the "hatred songs" about Geena poured out of the closet and when she showed Zack her huge binder of stuff. You'd probably think she'd have more stuff about Geena because they have more things to argue about, so that part was pretty predictable. It was okay.moreless
  • This ep actually was ok. Not!

    This episode is about lies and friendship, Genna and the wimpy one, Zach, were making fun of one of Addy's songs, Addy gets pissed saying is this the first time you lied to me and of course it isn't the first time! So Geena, Addy and Zach agree on some stupid rules about lying and they aint down with that.

    Overall, I think they have to be some of the wimpiest people I've ever seen. "Slangitonary"?

    Some of the lies were funny, like whe Geena told Addy that she actually ate a bug. But, Addy needs to find a hobby besides writing and singing, who can write that much? The pie fight was some what funny, You kinda knew that when Geena brought in the pie that something was going to happen.

    And last thing, I thought that pushy-principal legs don't work? She is fully standing up like nothing!moreless

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    • Maris: And maybe if Geena's lucky, she'll land herself a rich husband. (along with Crandberry) Burn!
      Geena: That wasn't a burn. It didn't even make sense!
      Maris: Shut it, Butsy Ross!
      Zach: Now, that was a burn.

    • Geena: Well, it's possible that Betsy Ross knew the value of keeping her mouth shut every now and then.
      Addie: That's not what Randy Klein said. (class goes ooh and starts laughing)

    • Jeff: Was it my night to pick up dinner?
      Sue: Honey, it hasn't been your night to pick up dinner since you ripped the label off an old ketchup bottle, and told us it was marinara sauce.
      Jeff: Aww yes, Addie still gags when we say "spaghetti." (Addie gags)

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