Season 2 Episode 11

The Set Up

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 29, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Despite having the best intentions, Geena and Zach fail miserably at helping Addie get over her breakup with Randy.

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  • After her breakup with Randy, Addie feels fine however Geena and Zach misinterpuret her and make up 'Brian' the secret admirer. Addie does become depressed when she thinks her friends think that shes a 'complete loser'. She realises just because you're almoreless

    Yet another FABULOUS episode! I LOVE THIS SHOW! There is great acting skills and Addie (Emma Roberts) captures what its like after a breakup perfectly. Geena and Zach are also good actors. Jake Behari was not in this episode and I need to see him more often! beautiful LOL and him an Addie should definetly get together!!!
Michelle Bonilla

Michelle Bonilla

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Mark Myers


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    • Addie: Can you believe this? Another letter.
      Geena: Really?
      Zac: What's it say?
      Addie: This is hilarious. (laughs) These are the worst jokes I have ever heard. Listen to this (reads) You remind me of the school because you have so much class.
      Teacher: Addie? What's so funny about that?
      Addie: Awww.. Nothing.
      Geena: I disagree, I thought it was very funny.
      Teacher: Well, then maybe we should share it with everyone.
      Geena: Yeah. Let them decide.
      Teacher: (reads) Girl.. you are hotter than a sunburn.
      Dwayne: Somebody wrote that?
      Addie: It wasn't me.
      Geena: It was from her UFO... Unidentified Flirty Observer!! Come on people.
      Teacher: You look like you want to be anywhere but here.
      Addie: YEH!
      Teacher: GREAT! How about the principle's office?
      Addie: WHAT?
      Teacher: No reading notes in class.

    • Addie: (singing) Who could this boy be? Who writes bad poetry, who secretly likes me. I'm not sure I really want to know you. Is it you? Is it you? Is it you?

    • Teacher: Let this be a lesson to you all. Males can be aggressive, and temperamental during mating season.
      Geena: Females are the same way during prom season.

    • Zach: Addie? We're really sorry. Would it help if Geena shaved her head?
      Geena: No!

    • Ben: (takes a hair off his shirt) Mom!
      Sue: What is it?
      Ben: A hair on my shirt!
      Sue: Oh, you´re just like Uncle Louie.
      Ben: I don´t wanna be Uncle Louie!
      Sue: Oh, there´s again! Classic Louie. (she turns around)
      Ben: (seeing to the mirror) Oh, I gonna be bald!
      Sue: Ah! Uncle Louie talked to the mirror, too.

    • Zach: All right, I have two great plans!
      Geena: Okay, bring it.
      Zach: We should use a monkey, c'mon nothing's funnier than a monkey.
      Geena: No monkeys...
      Zach: Okay. So the other way is that you should shave your head. Imagine a bald Geena, Addie would just want to look at you. Come on, at least I didn´t be with that beginners' jokes of secret admirer or something...
      Geena: That´s it! A secret admirer.

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