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Season 3 Episode 1

The Talent Show

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 10, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

When Jake takes an offer to work with someone else for the talent show, Addie gets mad as she wanted to do it with him so she decides to mess up the show for everyone.

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  • I thought this episode was about average....I still kind of expected more from this episode, but it was still good. It was aslo SO nice to see Jake and Addie as a couple!moreless

    I expected MUCH more from this episode, but it was still good. Jake is really sweet, unlike Nancy in this episode. If Nancy could say "I Love You" to Geena, why couldn't she say it to Addie? It doesn't really make sense, Addie has done a lot for her. Jake's friend really creeped me out, she's really freaky, at first I wanted to stop watching the episode because of her. It was also so nice to see Jake and Addie as a couple after all this time :) Yeah, this episode was average, nothing much to say about it, really. I hope the rest of Season 3 is even better!moreless
  • It was a good episode.

    This was a good episode but want amazing. I think they just thought of anything just because Miranda Cosgrove was in it. She did very well though. Nancy was clearly the star od the episode lol.. but she kind of scared me when she spoke! And she kept grining which made her look ugly. But anyway shes only a dog! The ending was quite clever. It was all twisted and you didnt expect it. But u did know that something was going to go wrong. Its kind of funny that Nancy said I love you to Geena but not Addie. And they won! Ha! The advery plot was kind of stupid and the ending was even stupider but.. hey, what can u do. Zack didnt really do alot in this episode except locking Cosmina in a closet but oh well. He has had a lot of lines in some other recent episodes. Like I said Miranda Cosgove was good and showed some good acting! It was kind of weird to see her play an evil charactor even more evil then Megan on Drake and Josh but, yeh she was good.

    Overall it was an average episode.moreless

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    • Cosmina: (talking to Zac) If you ever lock me in the closet again, I'll make your face disappear.

    • Addie: I've got to call Zac. He borrowed something and forgot to return it.

    • Cosmina: Is this your dog? The one you're using for your act? NANCY? AWWW. Look at you. You are so ugly.

    • Jake: This is Cosmina. We've been friends since Kindergarten.
      Cosmina: When we were 5, Jake ate all my crayons and spit them on my lap.
      (Jake and Cosmina laughing)
      Jake: Cos, this is Geena, Zac and Addie.
      Cosmina: (talking to Geena) ADDIE! Jake's told me all about you.. but you're even prettier than he described.
      Addie: Umm.. I'm Addie
      Cosmina: Oh! HI!
      Addie: Don't you go to a different school.. shouldn't you be there, like, now?
      Cosmina: It's a teacher work day.
      Jake: So I told her she could hang out with us.
      Cosmina: I thought it would be fun, even though your school is in such a bad neighbourhood. GEENA. I love your outfit. Did you make it yourself?
      Geena: Ahaa.
      Cosmina: I can totally tell.
      Zac: Cosmina... that's an interesting name. Where are you from?
      Cosmina: I was born in Romania, like Dracula.
      Addie: Wow. Romania. That is so cool.
      Cosmina: You play basketball?
      Zac: Yeah. I'm the team captain.
      Cosmina: I always thought it was kinda a stupid game. But that's totally great.

    • Addie: No...I'm totally ready for the talent show. I just need your help with one teensie little part.
      Zac: Sure, anything. Shoot!
      Addie: I need you to lock Cosmina in a closet at the night of the show, and don't let her out until it's over.

    • Addie: The talent show is in 2 days, and I still haven't got Nancy to say "I love you." She's never done it perfectly, and that's totally what's going to win the contest.

    • Addie: I've got to get Nancy to say "I love you." I want to practice tomorrow afternoon, but my dad's making me do this tv commercial. Can you do it Wednesday?
      Jake: Actually, I need to ask you something.
      Addie: What?
      Jake: I just got a call from an old friend whose entering the talent show too, doing a magic show we use to do when we were 5.
      Addie: A magic show...How cute!
      Jake: Yeahh.. her partner got sick, and she kinda asked me to fill in.
      Addie: Ohh...does she have a name?
      Jake: Her name's Cosmina. I told her I'd ask if you'd be ok...but if you don't want me to do the magic show..
      Addie: Nooo...you should totally do it. I mean she's been your friend since kindergarten right? You owe it to Colina...
      Jake: Cosmina. (pauses) You're not mad, are you?
      Addie: Noo...I'm totally not mad. I'll just have Geena fill in for you.
      Jake: Thanks Addie, you're the best.

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