Season 3 Episode 6

The Two-Timer

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Oct 28, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Disappointing and pathetic.

    This episode is probably the worst episode of season 3. The plot is horrible, idiotic, and unreal. There can't possibly be someone who looks exactly like you if they're not your twin brother or sister, that's not possible and makes a lame storyline. They could have done better with this episode if the plot was changed. The beginning of this episode was extremely dramatic and exciting, and it kept me watching so I'm rating this episode a 7.2, and of course there was humor in this episode as well just like every other episode. Overall this episode was not as good as the other episodes of season 3, but it was still OK. I wouldn't recommend watching it though.
  • In this tv movie Addie finally gets a chance to tell Jake how she really feels about him, but no one said it would be easy.

    I was so looking forward to this tv movie. I couldn't wait to see if Addie and Jake would end up together. So Addie goes to Chinatown because Jake will be there for a wedding. It took Addie and her friends a while to find where the wedding was being held. Addie soon finds Jake,but she has to go get Ben out of jail. At this point I thought Addie lost her chance, but Addie comes back to the wedding and soon hears bells ringing. It was Jakes cell phone. This is when Addie finally told Jake how she felt and they ended up being a couple. My favorite part was when Addie heard the bells because itled her to Jake. All in all the episode was great. Now I can't wait to see the third season of the show.
  • The Perfect Moment was perfect for Addie and Jake.

    Addie finds out that Jake will be in town for the weekend so she decides to call him, Patty picks up his mobile and says that her and Jake are at his cousins rehearsal dinner together and Addie picks up and is shocked, moments later Geena calls to tell Addie to not panic and that she knows where the wedding is going to be-in Chinatown.
    When they arrive at Chinatown, Geena leaves Addie for a fortune teller, The fortune teller tells Addie \\\\\\\"What you seek can not be found where you are searching, The bells will lead you to your hearts desire\\\\\\\". They leave to go to the wedding, Addie confronts Jake and tells him that she needs to talk to him but she has to leave to bail out her brother Ben who has been arrested for being underage while getting a tatoo. When she comes back to the wedding sadly everyone has left, she is sad until she hears bells, she follows the sound where it leads her to the trash can. She picks up and Jake is on the other line. After the kiss Addie whispers \\\\\\\"perfect\\\\\\\".
    At the end of the episode, Addie gets a text message from episode which says \\\\\\\"Perfect\\\\\\\".
    THE END. !!
  • From what I have looked up on the internet this episode is where Addie discovers that Jake is attending a wedding in Chinatown. She vows to track him down and tell him how she feels for once and for all.

    I am really excited to see this espisode, but to our dismay I think that Addie just may not get the guy anyway because Jake may not want Addie no more or he just might not a \"girlfriend\" while away to Canada . . . .
    If he does still want Addie most likely future episodes will deal with them disliking things and going through harder times than she did with Randy (who by the way isnt all that good looking) Maybe Jake will go back out with Patty or worse go out with Cranberry or that other girl! !
  • Okay well here is the summary: Addie goes to juice finds out that Patty and Jake are back together upset goes to his cousins wedding and finds him after patty tries to get rid of her in any way possible. Then gets her perfect moment and in trouble.

    A excellent story line.*SPOILER AHEAD* with some twists along the way but it works. Patty and Jake back together. Addie can\'t contact Jake who is in Canada (WOOT!). Geena finds out that Jake abd Patty are going to Jake\'s cousins wedding. Addies parents go out for annervirsary dinner. Zach,Addie,Geena and Addies brother go to chinatown(where the weeding is) Ab(addie\'s borther) find Jenn there and tries to win her back. While AGZ (addie, geena and zach) try to fine the wedding when zach wants to save lobster. (2 left) Geena meets cute boy and talks to him. and her and Addie get thorwn out of the wedding. AGZ meet up and find maryferry and they bet money and when after addie kisses a lobster and a turtle (thats sooooo gross eww) AB gets tatto then is arrested (which is what addie uses the money for) then they go back to addies and are caught by parents. Making Addie and ab having to work at their dads shop.
  • the perfect moment.

    its gonna be about addie and jake! yay! i hope they get together in the end. can\'t wait to see it. does anyone know when it\'ll be out in the uk?!

    its gonna be about addie and jake! yay! i hope they get together in the end. can\'t wait to see it. does anyone know when it\'ll be out in the uk?!

    its gonna be about addie and jake! yay! i hope they get together in the end. can\'t wait to see it. does anyone know when it\'ll be out in the uk?!

    its gonna be about addie and jake! yay! i hope they get together in the end. can\'t wait to see it. does anyone know when it\'ll be out in the uk?!
  • Prolly b about Addie and Jake!

    I mean rly the writers left us hanging in The Last Day Of Seventh Grade so they've got 2 get Addie n Jake tigether in this! Btw is this a tv movie or a 2 part episode? O well it will b gr8! Wat if Addie's family goes 2 Canda ironically too? N she sees Jake! Yay! Thtwud b cool, right?? Okay well now I'm just filling space .... um .... yeah. But seriously this eppie/movie w/e it is will be so great and Addie should go 2 Canada in my opinion. I wud b upset tho if they ended up not getting together.
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