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Poppy Montgomery stars as an NYPD detective who has a medical condition that gives her the ability to remember everything.

The original series on CBS was canceled after one season and revived by CBS as a summer series for Seasons 2 and 3. After CBS again canceled the show, A&E picked it up for a 13-episode fourth season.


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    A&E Put a Premiere Date on Unforgettable's Fourth Season

    Poppy Montgomery's coming back and using her noggin to solve more crimes on a new network.


    A&E Couldn't Forget the Twice-Canceled Unforgettable, Has Ordered a Fourth Season

    The CBS drama was most recently axed in October.

  • Poppy Montgomery

    Poppy Montgomery

    Det. Carrie Wells

    Dylan Walsh

    Dylan Walsh

    Lt. Al Burns

    Kathy Najimy

    Kathy Najimy

    Captain Sandra Russo

    James Hiroyuki Liao

    James Hiroyuki Liao

    Jay Lee

    E.J. Bonilla

    E.J. Bonilla

    Det. Denny Padilla

    La La

    La La

    Delina Michaels

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    • Will never forget unforgettable.

      I really miss unforgettable and I am very disappointed that they canceled it again. I really wanted to see new episodes but I will never forget about this show.
    • I Remember This!

      I'm not sure if any show has had quite the roller coaster ride of whether or not it even existed quite like this one. First it airs for a season, then it gets cancelled, then it is brought back for two new seasons before being cancelled again before being brought back again and then cancelled once more. Did you get all that? Meanwhile, it can be hard to keep track of what the overall plot is supposed to be. They started out with Carrie trying to solve the murder of her sister (the event that caused her to stop forgetting things), but I don't think that they ever wrapped that up. It didn't seem resolved after the first season ended and the next two seasons seemed to ignore the story entirely. I'm not sure if the fourth season address this or not as I was not able to see it. I don't know how the show was different on A & E, although I imagine that a cable network would do things differently then CBS would. Regardless, if they had kept out the recurring story line of the first season, the show might have been better since you wouldn't have people like me wondering why you never resolved it. The show is a bit different then most standard dramas, but sadly most are different in some interesting way and it doesn't really set it apart from most shows. What I'm trying to say is that I liked the overall idea of the show and was disappointed that they didn't care enough about the original plot from the first season when it came back to the air. They owed us some sort of resolution and they gave us none. Most of the episodes outside of that story line were pretty good, even if they were mostly just standalone episodes with no other link to them. In the end, I think that this show was better than a lot that I've seen. I just wish they could have explained the death of Carrie's sister.moreless
    • Should have had more life as a series

      I'm not happy that it's been cancelled again. The premise works and, even though there are dozens of police procedurals that monopolize the networks, this one had legs if someone in the higher production ranks had the stones to push the premise and the writing. I think the producers gave up on it because they had no skills for seeing value in a well-managed property... let alone managing a property. I'll miss this intelligent and very human series.moreless
    • Come back please

      I agree this show should not be cancelled again and if ae know what's good for them, they'll renew it soon. I need another season if only for an ending that it deserves, there is still so much to uncover. I am the first to admit that sometimes this show has episodes that are not to the standard I know they can but this is one of the best original shows still on the air and definitely on aetv. It has been saved so many times, it just shows how great it can be. Give it another chance and I bet it will be just good as it can be. More please. If not, it's petition time everyone. We can save it again if we have too but lets not fight, just renew it. It deserves it.moreless
    • Don't cancel

      This show is amazing!!!! And you can't cancel it right after the big finale! Please whatever you do PLEASE don't cancel this amazing show!Don't listen to these haters listen to the people that want the show back we love unforgettable!!!!

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