Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 28, 2013 on A&E

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  • I'm glad that this is back too.. despite the weird reboot

    I agree with other reviewers... this reboot wasn't needed. I suppose they wanted to make some basic changes and ended up with this. I don't like the big operations room. Reminds me of the Person of Interest machine somehow. Usually only spy shows come out with this type of technology, I think I like it better when it's cops with a board full of pictures. Easier to believe. But the main couple and the funny lady from forensics are still there and it might work just as it worked last season. Let's see!
  • Yay its back!!!!

    I didn't see why it needed changing but I guess I'm just glad its back.
  • Back, but not forgotten!

    An unneeded reboot that rips out the homeliness and adds sterile technology and hard lines.

    Some clunky dialogue that was occasionally unintelligible.

    Tedious, kidnapping plot, with twists a five year old would wince at.

    However, it is well acted and Poppy & Dylan have a good chemistry together.

    Jane Curtin is a hoot as the spiky medical examiner.

    Overall despite a drop in standards it's still head and shoulders over the majority of dross that spews out our TVs.
  • It's Back

    It's good to see it back, it needed the jump in story and direction to give it some impetus, hopefully the season won't completely revolve around Carrie's sister or every week's case have emotional ties with her murder. If they do then give us more than snippets like season 1. Find it strange though that in her memory recollections she has brilliant eyesight, she manages to magnify the smallest of details.
  • back!!!

    I loved this episode!