Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 10, 2012 on A&E

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  • They really think we're stupid...

    ...do they?

    Well, while it wasn't the best episode to date, I still like the show, and not only becasue of Poppy Montgomery and Daya Vaidya, but I think the whole hyperthymesia thing gives it quite a different spin, and I also think they're doing that part quite well.

    On the other hand what I don't get is that they have effed up the order of episodes for a second time, admittedly, not that it really matters, but I am certainly nerd enough to let it bother me.

    Somewhere in the beginning (first four or five or six episodes) a DA is involved, and the next week Carrie doesn't know him any longer and they're both introduced. Last week Carrie and that Steve character are seen having dinner at the end, and this week he invites her to said dinner.

    Things like that are a little bit annoying because it makes the producers look like if they don't care.