Season 1 Episode 12

Butterfly Effect

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 2012 on CBS

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  • Still stumbling on.

    I love to hate to watch this show.. i want it to be better and more clever in it's use of the time rewind gimmick but it can't quite get there.. and yet i watch it every week and rather enjoy it.

    The side characters are mostly colourless.. esp when it feels like The Closer (which had some great and distinct characters... even if they were under developed they were fun).

    This episode felt like it was stolen from an 80's Columbo epic.. (in fact it did share a fair number of elements of a Columbo episode but without the clever deduction sadly) and with so much focus on the police the victim and criminal kinda pale and you really don't care about them being stopped... there's little feeling of danger all round. They need to make us care about the victim and fear the criminal.. when you don't feel like the baddie could be a threat to you its hard to care.

    As the series goes on you start to note where she is going to have to rewind back too.. but it doesn't feel clever as it always is to see something they never showed you the first time.. which is like the literary equivalent of *oh! btw i forget to say the butler owned the gun that killed everyone* on the last page of the book.

    That said I watched the show.. and re-watched it.. its likable if bland.. potential to be clever but a little unsatisfying.
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