Season 1 Episode 14

Carrie's Caller

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2012 on A&E



  • Quotes

    • Al: So, according to the cop covering the switchboard, this guy asked for you by name.
      Carrie: There was nothing personal to me on that call. I mean, I was quoted on a case in the Post last week, maybe he got my name from there.
      Al: Either way, we should do some due diligence on your past cases, just to make sure.
      Roe: How come I never get my name in the paper?
      Carrie: Well you gotta have something smart to say!
      Roe: Huh? (laughs) I think it's the red hair. I'm thinking about dyeing mine a light pink, maybe a blond.