Season 3 Episode 4

Cashing Out

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 20, 2014 on A&E
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A city official is murdered and Carrie recognizes the victim as someone she played poker with at an underground casino. She then puts her career on the line by admitting her illegal activities and volunteering to go back to the tables undercover.

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  • Carrie goes under cover playing poker

    Carrie goes under cover playing poker.
  • Poker Witch

    Carrie knows all the kids names in the park. Lulu asking if she was a witch? Her replay, "That would depend on who you ask!": lol Very true I guess. Commissioner Scott Standley being murdered made me think at first it was his employees, Larry Boreman or Suzie Hochen. But with us seeing Larry finding him it is hard to say he did it. It was for the cameras benefit not someone elses. But finding out that Carrie knew him from a Poker Game made us know that she would go undercover. I do remember as we see in her memory that she was in a card game on a previous episode. Maybe Season 2? Al and Eliot trying to help her kick that addiction is good. And Eliot whispering that he can't cover for her forever. So I guess we will have an episode that she gets in trouble? Or will it be her talking about getting help. We saw this season on L&O:SVU where Rollins had the gambling problem she is working on stopping. Observant Carrie spotted the entrance to the back room Casino pretty easily.

    Molly McGinty who led them in, I at first didn't suspect her. I figured she was just like she had told Al in the diner. She owed them and was scared of Dean Gray and "Germ" Charlie Thornton. The was Germ and Carrie bantered at the Poker Table I figured he had more to do than just being a patron. came into play later. Was the photo machine supposed to have their faces on record so the Casino could use it to find out more info? When Charlie Newman(Al) talked to Gray about his "marker" and Dean told him about false names, I thought maybe he suspected Al. Cindy Campbell (Carrie) kept calling Al "daddy". I know he was supposed to be her sugar daddy. I was surprised Murray was outside in the car alone. I don't think Al and Carrie were packing. I know Jay had to be at HQ to watch and listen. They should have had it stated that SWAT or PD was parked up the street to or something. Or they need a couple part time Detectives to help out like that.

    Like on The Mentalist, they had CBI Ron and CBI Karl. Between them they were only on 19 episodes(out of 139) but were there when needed to back someone up or deliver a suspect or files.

    It took a bit to understand that Kirby Monroe(sunglasses guy) was using Gray to pressure Standley to put the subway extension though land he bought on Wolcott St. But instead Standley went with the better Carrol St. They didn't go deep enough into that to make it stand out. So he was killed over making the right choice. Molly came on my radar after they had said she was going to help Al. Either her in alone would get her bumbling and nervous and Al/Carrie would have to save her, or she was in on it.

    The call to PD made it seem like they had someone on law enforcement. Maybe they did. But when Al/Carrie go to Lonnegans' to get her and the file out I knew something was up. I thought the room was empty. They go in and first room was storage then you find the game room is still there. I thought it would have been moved out and storage room again. When Molly fell after we see Gray dead and Germ shooting it out with them I thought she had to have something to do with it. Then we see Carrie rendering her memories. I was surprised though that when shots were fired, either SWAT would hear it and rush in, or Al would call to get them in there.

    They could have come in first to like they did sometimes on CSI:NY along with Al and Carrie. I also had hoped that when Molly ran out with the bar patrons that instead of Carrie running after her that Murray could have snagged her even if she had to wait for Carrie to yell to stop her. But Al got there quick when Molly and her Guard got in her Caddy. Again surprised other officers were not in pursuit Also was funny at end that Carrie again didn't like to give back the money used in a sting. Previously, Simms made her burn the money she got from the Counterfeiters. But I didn't get the arm wrestling match for charity or Caribbean Cruise with her winnings. It was more like holding hands as Carrie pointed out. Maybe with out Simms around, Carrie sees that they are good together? Or did she know that Al was right on where it should go?moreless
Morgan Spector

Morgan Spector

Dean Gray

Guest Star

Constantine Maroulis

Constantine Maroulis

Chuck 'Germ' Thornton

Guest Star

Yaya DaCosta

Yaya DaCosta

Molly McGintee

Guest Star

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    • Al: You're nuts running on a day like this. Ever heard of heat stroke?
      Carrie: I barely got started running before you called me and I'm trying to beat my 10K record.
      Al: Proving what, exactly?
      Carrie: Proving that I'm better now than I was in 1993.
      Al: Just competing against yourself.
      Carrie: Yeah, well, you got to beat the best to be the best.

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