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... Elisabeth Hasselbeck is going somewhere her views will be more appreciated. The very Republican and conservative blonde is leaving ABC's The View, where she's been perched since late 2003. She'll start a new job over on Fox News, where she'll join the morning show Fox and Friends in mid-September. Hasselbeck's last day on The View is tomorrow. Bye, Liz! Have fun being "fair and balanced!" [NY Post]


... Fox has ordered a pilot for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Kevin O' Neill. Said league is made up of extraordinary gentlemen from fiction, including Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The graphic novel was adapted into a mediocre movie starring Sean Connery in 2003. It sounds like Fox doesn't want ABC's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to steal all the "superhero" thunder, and the timing of the pilot order means it isn't too late for it to join the 2013-2014 schedule. [EW]

... HBO will air a documentary about the fight against Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative that banned gay marriage (the initiative was recently put down by the Supreme Court). Filmmakers Ryan White and Ben Cotner had behind-the-scenes access to the legal team that fought Prop 8 for two years. The documentary will air next year on HBO. [HBO via press release]

... Meredith Vieira is getting her own talk show, courtesy of NBC Universal. The syndicated chatter will eye a 2014 launch, and will be lighter in tone and whatever, is anyone else still reading this or have we all moved on to the next item and the terrible/awesome pun I have waiting in the next header? [Deadline Hollywood]


... CBS has put all of Unforgettable's first season online. The series stars Poppy Montgomery as a detective with a sponge-like memory that doesn't forget a thing. You can watch the episodes over at before Season 2 starts on July 28. []

... AMC will marathon one of my favorite shows of the year so far, Sundance Channel's drama Rectify, this Sunday, July 14 starting at 9am. Rectify follows a man who's released from Death Row nearly two decades after he was first incarcerated, when DNA evidence says he didn't do it. It's only six episodes long, so set your DVR and save it for a rainy afternoon or just get your Sunday off to a great start and watch 'em all. [AMC via press release]


... Jamie Hector, who ran parts of Bodymore, Murderland in HBO's The Wire as gang leader Marlo Stanfield (and also had super-strength in Heroes), is joining Cinemax's cool-sounding pilot Quarry. In the potential series, a Vietnam vet sniper (Logan Marshall-Green) returns home from the war to find the doors of opportunity shut in his face and ends up taking work as a contract killer. Hector will play his best friend. [TV Line

... Starz's upcoming time-traveling romance Outlander has found its hunky dreamboat. Scottish actor Sam Heughan will play Jamie Fraser, a 1700s Scot warrior in the Highlands who starts a thing with a portal-hopping WWII nurse. Heughan was previously seen in the U.K.'s Doctors. Look for Outlander in 2014. [TV Line]

... Wayne Brady will return to CBS's How I Met Your Mother in a recurring role, reprising the character of Barney's brother James. The upcoming season is the series' final, and will be set entirely during Barney and Robin's wedding weekend. [TV Line]

... Ryan Seacrest is in talks to host NBC's The Million Second Quiz, an experimental game show that takes place over the course of two weeks, with contestants playing for hours and hours at a time. He'd also join the show as an executive producer. See? Seacrest has like five jobs, why do you complain so much about your ONE job? Lazy. [Variety]

... We knew it already, but Jenna Elfman has been confirmed as the female lead in NBC's upcoming comedy Growing Up Fisher. She replaces Parker Posey, who left the series after starring in the pilot. [NBC via press release]

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