Season 2 Episode 3

Day of the Jackie

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 11, 2013 on CBS

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  • Unforgettable.

    High flyer Paul Dirksen is found murdered in his hotel room in one of the exclusive suites, so there are no security camera's to be found. So Carrie works her magic and notices that some of the amenities has been moved on top of the chest of draws since they were there 2 hours ago. Just above the chest of draws Carrie notices an air duct and finds something inside, some kind of sensor device that can copy and download everything from your cell phone to your computer. The intended target wasn't Dirksen, but someone from the suite above his, Kevin Purcell works for the UN and is assigned to Dr Okoro Dimka from West Africa. Jay has footage of people coming and going from the hotel and they come across Jacqueline Mikhailova aka Jackie who is wanted by interpol and who is a professional assassin. They try to set Jackie up, but the operation fails and while Jackie escapes she gets a very good look at Carrie and does her own investigation on the computer and finds out all about Carrie Wells. Al and Carrie find out where Jackie is staying and with the help of the police bust down the door, but Jackie is way ahead of them and interestly left clues to fool Carrie which at first Carrie falls for. Back to the speech at the university given Dimka which doesn't go so well, Carrie does her magic again and finds out exactly where Jackie is going to be. So Carrie tells Al where she thinks Jackie is going to be, meanwhile Dimka starts to give his speech and sure enough Jackie is on the catwalks behind the banner. Meanwhile Dimka is taken of stage and Carrie and Jackie are trading blows and Carrie gets the upper hand and Jackie says something like its all about preparation. Jackie all through this episode was wearing a ring, which had some kind of chemical in it and if you took enough it would kill you. So Jackie did use the chemical, but not enough to kill herself but just enough to get in a ambulance which never arrives at the hospital. Then Carrie remembers something that Joanne had said earlier, in small amounts this chemical can make you seem like you're in a coma. They finally catch up with Jackie in Bogota. So they basically cannot find her. Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up CBS.
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