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episode 17, the beginning, CPR, at least here in California, the rules are clear

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    Being a former police, I watch some shows for the blatant mistakes, otherwise it would bore me, and I need to realize it is TV.

    But the beginning of 17 where the male detective is giving CPR, and Carrie tells him to stop as he is dead. Well, as a safety tip,to keep people from a large civil suit, at least here in California, if you are trained in CPR, and you have the knowledge of the law, supposedly, once you begin CPR, you are legally to continue unless relieved by another certified person, or a doctor tells you they are dead, and can stop, otherwise you are open for a lawsuit. A few things left out, probably intentionally, is the way officer's thrust their gun forward, this is to keep the gun in the face shot, which is important for tv. But in reality, this is dangerous, as reaction is quicker than reaction and placing a weapon in ones face is the easiest way to get it taken from you. when someone is reacting to grabbing a gun, the trained will turn the gun inward, and pull. The person with the gun has to view the movement, that has to go from the eyes to the brain, and back to the hands, which takes a long time. Another fact, it is quicker to draw and fire than it is for an individual already holding the gun at you to react and fire. Last point, you never, ever put your gun away, that is policy, under no circumstances. This arose from "the onion field" situation in which the officers gave up their guns. Also, when a person is holding a weapon to an individuals head, the training is to get the suspect talking, and then take a head shot, which makes a ragdoll, with no ability to pull a trigger, and the reason for getting them talking, is that it is impossible for one to either slit a throat or fire a weapon. Just policy, a suspect is to never allow a suspect to leave with a hostage under any circumstances. There is only one way to rig a gun against someone and get away. I wont tell anyone here how to do it, but it can be done. Oh yea, what is an "unsub" "perp" iv'e never heard it.

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    You should be proud...being so much smarter than the average viewer....noone cares.....
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    Enjoyed reading your comments. I'm have no law enforcement training whatsoever and there are still times when the characters in the shows I watch do things that drive me crazy. I understand that the writers have a limited time to get their characters to a certain situation, but come on. Sometimes the good guys will do some thing so stupid, that I start rooting for the bad guys. I can only imagine how hard it is for someone with training.
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