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For those who say cancellation was surprising...

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    [1]Dec 29, 2012
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    ... well, NO.

    Good news is that the show will be back for 13 episodes, but if you guys actually know how CBS works, you wouldn't say cancellation was "surprising", you wouldn't say 12 million viewers was a "solid" number.

    CBS does it every season: they launch 2 or 3 similar shows and they later cancel one (or two) of them. Remember a few years ago, they cancelled Eleventh Hour at the end of season 1 despite it was actually doing around 11 / 12 million viewers, just because the other similar show (The Mentalist) was doing a few million viewrs better.

    Before talking, it would be great if you get to know your networks better. CBS does this every single year. Other networks would kill for 12 million viewers, but this is CBS, they're the #1 network in terms of audience, and you need a little more than 12 million viewers at the end of season 1 to get a 2nd season.

    Still, they own the rights to air the show; if they decide 12 million viewers is not enough for a renewal, they can shut it down if they want. Those are the rules and it doesn't matter if we like them or not.

    Hope no one gets mad at me for this post, it is not intended that way.
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