Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2011 on A&E

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  • Itsundoubtedly just like any other cop show.. but the crimes are solved in a diff manner.


    meaning that.. the other detectives do almost nothing but.. show their badge and ask questions ........while miss ghost whisperer goes on wondering on her mind wondering wtf happened... kinda lame

    anyways... this episode made me loss a couple times, i actually had to watch it like almost 2 times because i lost interest and in the end i saw who got caught but didnt know why?? so yeah.. i think thye need to come up with better cases.

    glad that the girl with the 1341TB of memory RAM has good psychological experience and its so patient and great detective.. other wise.. the show would be like... more boring.. but it kinda makes me wonder why does she always have to realize about things so much later when she shouldve realize sooner... uknow like shes retarded or some.

  • Enjoyable Episode


    If I had to pick the two new shows I enjoy most so far (I know it's very early on), Unforgettable would be one of them and A Gifted Man the other.

    Unforgettable is unique in its premise and I think can find a niche for itself. I like the fact that it doesn't move at the breakneck speed some of today's shows do as the viewer has time to reflect on the solving of the crime. It's good to have the time to observe along with Carrie and to see how she processes and puts together disparate pieces of information.

    What I liked most about today's episode was the way in which Carrie was able to relate to Max's experience because of her own. It helped her empathize with the boy and get him to open up to her in a way no one else could.

  • To be honest...


    This episode really gave me the feeling of just another cop show, it isn't that special and I'm not convinced it will keep up with some of the other ones

    I just don't get the feeling of a likable character and that is mostly the only thing that keep cop show running these days, cause there are just too many of them...
    I'm not bored when I watch it but well dunno if I will keep being interested