Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 04, 2013 on CBS

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  • Unforgettable.

    Interesting case when Carrie goes undercover for a Bank Heist, but in order to this, they have to arrest one of the members. Eve Steele is a chemical expert and is part of this four team and the person who is behind this team (The Brains So To Speak) is a guy called Kilbourne. The problem is no one knows the identity or who Kilbourne really is, they manage to arrest Eve and thats how Carrie takes her place. The interesting thing about this operation is, that no one knows who is who in the four man team, with all of them including Carrie using fake names (Carrie Works Her Magic and Gets On The Team). Everything goes as planned with Burns and Murray in another room in the hotel, so they know exactly what is going on. The unknown Kilbourne sends up room service to the team and gives them all new alias' by order of who arrived, Arnold, Willis, Philip and Pearl. Back at HQ, Jay works his magic on the identities of the other three with all wrap sheets as long as your arm, Jay makes a disturbing discovery. With a photograph of Kilbourne's fingerprint, Jay runs it through a computer and the real identity of Kilbourne is known, it happens to be Arnold and all along he knows that it is Carrie Wells. The Bank Job goes to plan (With a Little Few Problems Along The Way) at the the end Carrie' cover is blown Kilbourne shoots Philip and Willis, Carrie' gun is loaded with blanks, so her gun is useless until Al shows up. Carrie is taken hostage by Kilbourne and Carrie remembers that Willis has a knife tucked in his boots and stabs Kilbourne in his leg and she grabs the gun. Fantastic Episode. season - 2 Is Shaping Up To Be a Fantastic Season. Thumbs Up.
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