Season 2 Episode 6

Line Up Or Shut Up

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 01, 2013 on CBS

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  • Enjoyed this episode

    Enjoyed this episode, although I knew Lukas was the bad guy from the start. The actor who played Profilers answer to Red John couldn't be anything but the villain!
  • Unforgettable.

    So Nadal was killed by Lucas Emminger because he didn't approve of his daughter being in love with Nadal and the fact they were going to go away together to India. So Nick Castagin who owns Heritage Classic's deals in fake cars if found dead by Al and Murray at his place of work and when interviewed by Carrie and Al earlier, Carrie discovers that Castagin is getting his cars from a company called Krinkowski LTD. When Carrie and Al go to Krinkowski, Carrie remembers someone leaving Castagin place of work a guy by the name of Mullins who just happens to work for Krinkowski LTD, but he only killed Castagin not the young guy Nadal. But Eliot thinks the case is solved, but Al and Carrie aren't so sure and Joe makes a discovery when doing the autopsy on Nadal that he had vaccins in his body meaning he was going away to another country. Then Carrie remembers that Lucas Emminger's daughter Selene also had an injection in her arm covered up by a band aid so when Carrie and Al arrive at the Emminger's Carrie talks to Selene and she reveals everything about Nadal and their relationship on how they wanted to just get away and lead normal lives, but Emminger wasn't going to have it so he used his daughters cell phone to meet Nadal and thats where he shot Nadal point blank range. Then Carrie has to talk Selene from killing herself with a knife and Carrie manages to do so and Emminger is arrested but thinks he has Diplomatic Immunity but he hasn't Eliot managed to pull some strings. Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up. (I Wish The Cast Was Posted Up For Each Episode, Not Sure I Even Got The Names Right).
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