Season 1 Episode 8

Lost Things

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2011 on A&E
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Carrie and Al investigate the murder of a public defender. They soon find out that the killer has bigger plans that may include a second death.

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      • Carrie: I looked all over the house. In the attic, in the garage, in my mother's car. But she didn't lie. Rachel's things were gone, lost. And I decided in that moment... that I would never lose anything again. So, I sat down in my room... and started remembering the way things were. Where Rachel and I kept our-our troll collection... pictures... the unicorn she won at the county fair that she said was half mine... Our mood-lighting scarf... all of it. Everything that had been in the room... down to the last book she read... the button that had fallen off the sleeve of the last coat she wore... everything.
        Roe: Wells, it's... it's like a novel, almost. Must be great. I mean, I've seen you in action. But it must suck sometimes, too, huh?
        Carrie: Yeah, sometimes.

      • Carrie: Let me ask you a question, all right? What date was his trial?
        Joe: January 27th.
        Carrie: When did it end?
        Joe: March 3rd.
        Carrie: And what was the best vacation you and your dad and your brother ever had?
        Joe: (pauses) We went... fly fishing... in Canada... when I was in High School.
        Carrie: It took a while to get to it, didn't it? Joe... Joe. Memories are funny things. Trust me when I say, the bad ones can start to weigh down the good ones, and if you kill him, your good memories, that part of your family you still have left, they will be harder and harder to get to, and eventually... they'll slip away. And you'll be alone and everything that mattered to you will be gone, I promise you. Put the gun down. Joe, put the gun down. He's not worth it. (Joe puts the gun down)

      • Roe: Good morning, Wells. You, uh, running out of wardrobe? You wore those jeans like, what, five, six days ago?
        Carrie: No, I didn't.
        Roe: True. But I made you think about it, and that makes me happy.
        Carrie: Oh, that's sad.

      • Al: Making any progress on your sister's case? Convenience store suspect.
        Carrie: Ah, lot of dead ends. You know I, I keep trying to remember the exact store. I mean, I know I must have been there with my mom. Problem is, before Rachel's murder my memories aren't sharp. They're just...
        Al: Just like the rest of us?
        Carrie: Yeah. I often wonder, how do you mere mortals possibly manage?
        Al: We write stuff on our hands.
        Carrie: Ohhh.

      • Al: (on the dead woman's roommate, a potential suspect) The roommate is 6'4".
        Carrie: There you go, drunk big guy with a crush. That's a country song with a bad ending.

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      • Featured Music:
        "Love Song" by Adele (Carrie tells Roe and Al about her first time remembering everything)

      • Original International Air Dates:
        Canada: November 8, 2011 on CTV
        Czech Republic: February 15, 2012 on AXN
        United Kingdom: February 28, 2012 on Sky LIVING/Sky LIVING HD

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