Season 2 Episode 4

Memory Kings

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2013 on CBS
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When a murdered scientist turns out to be Dr. Eugene Lustig, the man who helped Carrie understand her gift, she sets out to find the other study subjects in the hopes of uncovering something that will help her solve the case.

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  • Pretty average episode

    Nice to hear more about Carries past, but a pretty average episode overall. Great show good episode, but not one of the best so far.
  • Unforgettable.

    This case really hits home for Carrie as her Teacher / Mentor Eugene Lustig is found dead, apparently he committed suicide which doesn't sit well with Carrie. As it turns out Lustig was murdered, back in 2004 Carrie was part of a study group which Lustig had taught with other people with the same mental capabilities that she had. One person in Carrie's study group seems to stand out, Alwyn Pierce had some issues with Lustig before his murder, but she claims she had nothing to do with his murder. Jay receives some security footage from the campus where Alwyn works, breaking into the lab and stealing a box from Lustig's cabinet. When the team arrive at Alwyn's apartment she has also been murdered, but Carrie finds the missing box which contains video's of study sessions of Lustig and Carrie, but the video thats missing, is the one of the group study with all of them. Before Alwyn was murdered she contacted some of the people from Carrie' old study group Todd Blasingame, Ruth Meaney and Dale Parsons. So while the rest of the team investigate, Carrie and Al start to investigate Dale Parsons who turns out to be very interesting, meanwhile on her way back from talking to Ruth, Carrie is nearly run over and with the missing video they don't really have anything to go on. Except Carrie has the whole recorded session in her brain word for word, with all the information recorded as Carrie recalls it, Carrie remembers something that Parsons says that doesn't add up. Lustig had said something to Carrie in on of her sessions (too much adrenaline, it erases the memory, like amnesia). As it turns out the team links a number of murders to Dale Parsons, so during the interrogation Carrie catches Parsons out in a couple of lies. Parsons did murder all those women and Lustig, it was his way to cope, adrenaline erases the memory like amnesia, but when Parsons started to remember he had to kill again. (Addicted To Murder). Fantastic Episode, To Go Back Into Carrie's Past and To Know That She Wasn't The Only One. Thumbs Up.moreless

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