Season 2 Episode 5

Past Tense

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 25, 2013 on CBS

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  • A soldier with PTSD

    A former soldier with PTSD killed a taxi driver who he is convinced killed his solder friend in Afghanistan. It's up to Carrie to find him before he kills a florist and make him remember thr truth. A fairly good episode.
  • Unforgettable.

    Interesting case for Carrie and Al and really sad, so a cab driver is found murdered and his name was Bashir Sajadi. Apparently the suspect is an american ex soldier John Curtis who did several tours of Afghanistan and can speak pashto very well. But also Bashir was working for the police in exchange for a green card so him and his family could get permanent residence. Anyway back to Curtis in his last deployment he lost his best friend to a suicide bomber and came back with serious PTSD but there's more to it than that. Curtis blames himself for his best friends death because he couldn't save him and because of it, he built up his own guilt, defense, whatever you want to call it anything to block that memory and the only way to heal is to remember what happened that day. (Not To Take Anything Away From Bashir' Death, But Those Men and Women Who Do Serve In These Hell Holes Are All Hero's In My Book and Should Be Treated As Such When They Come Back Home). Back to the story so Carrie figures out that Curtis is going back to find Ritchie's killers which in this case is all in Curtis' mind. Then Carrie remembers something at the flower shop that Mo has a wedding to do today and thats where Curtis will be as well to take down Mo and sure enough Curtis does show up. So Carrie and Al and the police arrive and Carrie decides to go in unarmed and try to talk to Curtis, but by this stage Mo has explosives strapped to his body and is hooked up to a cell phone. Carrie starts talking to Curtis and trying to explain that Mo isn't the guy who murdered his friend, but Curtis doesn't want to hear any of it. Carrie starts a dialogue with Curtis by asking him to remember the events of that day in Afghanistan and at first it doesn't really work out, but Carrie is persistent and asks Curtis to remember step by step every detail. Carrie tells Curtis that the same thing happened to her, that she lost someone very close to her and says to him that she was wrong when she remembered what really happened. Carrie gets the truth out of Curtis on what really happened that day, its really sad. Fantastic Episode Again. Thumbs Up.
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