Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2011 on A&E

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  • An intriguing start!


    The show itself averages out to a standard procedural, but as we know each show gets its own 'twist' to get its start. This show has a fairly unique one (its only been done once (see Dr. Reid)). To be honest what I was expecting was a show about a female Spencer Reid as a lead. Instead I got a character that was far less interesting (to me) than that but still fairly compelling.

    What I really enjoyed was the visualization of her 'recalls' they actually place Poppy in the scene with herself almost as if she was in a Star Trek episode watching her memory. That is a pretty cool story technique that works really well to describe the situation going forward in the series.

    The surrounding characters are trouble some however, never is this more emphasized by the final scene where each of the detectives seems to be wearing sunglasses of each and every pop culture phenomena out there today and none of them seems to fit the persona of the characters involved. "I don't always wear sunglasses but when I do, I prefer to look down on those wearing bro sunglasses". If you see the funeral scene you will know what I mean. I could continue but I really want to hit up another episode before passing a final judgement on the show.

    Here is the final word:

    Bottom line I think CBS has another strong procedural in the mix however it suffers from a lack of solid cohesion from the ensemble cast. The twist is cool but not unheard of and the introduction of it is a little sketchy.

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